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Monday, July 7, 2008

Meet 9, Adv 2, 12/1/07

We took off for the Thanksgiving break and rolled back into playing. This was a Larping night - and I had written up the two characters the party was going to play - forcing them to shift gears for a change. My experienced guy was not here this night, so I gave the two LARP characters to two of the others - and they did a really good job.

It was a bit weird to talk with Thadar afterwards and know he was going to be dead the next morning - as the party was getting used to killing without consequences - and here was this family guy with two kids and he was also a horrible slaver.

Write up follows:

The party spent many hours going over the found treasures looted from the K'Tharkian Homewarren, counting and cataloging the riches and gathered goods until it was decided that we would divide it amongst the three representatives: 1) The party, 2) The Orihalcan Dwarves, and the 3) Drywood Clan Bugbears. Some grumblings over the fact that there WAS no fight and division of the treasures followed, with the dwarven contingent voicing most of the difficulty.

The group split the goods as best as possible, foregoing any of the "extras" and leftovers for the dwarves and bugbears in the interests of keeping the peace. At the end of things, Altern Lamatous opted to donate a portion of the treasure to the party for thanking them for this and their efforts. There was numerous mining equipment left over by the K'Tharkian's which the party snubbed into the Orihalcans’ faces by demanding they split the tools by a factor of 3 as well. The bugbears took the picks and shovels and bars and what not - the party left their portion there. There was also an attempt to guilt the dwarves in dividing the mine's output by 3 but it fell flat and that line of pursuit was abandoned.

Roughly 40 of the dwarves stayed behind - knowing there was lots of work to do to get the mine ready for proper use and exploitation - most of them Mountain dwarves. The bugbears left after having some words with the party about potentially moving their encampment elsewhere. The group talked to the dwarves on the walk back to town, getting some of their view of things and some insight on the inner workings of Orihalcus.

At the city the group was greeted by Sir Slaine and a gathered troupe of the populace. We were attributed for ending the K'Tharkian threat and named as Sons of Orihalcus. (Hooray - local fame!) We were informed that Representative Carmon from the Slavers guild had arrived and had a short 10 minute conversation with Thadar before the slaver was returned to his cell. At the trial scheduled for 8 the next morning, we were told that only 1 of us would be allowed in as prosecutor and we would be also allowed one other of us as a witness. With the great interest in this case, Sir Walter and mostly Sheriff Phozarn Trueblade wants to keep this from becoming a dog and pony show.

We went back to our flophouse and spent the rest of the night going over our case; looking at all the journals we had gathered, notes, time frames, everything we could use to strike out against Thadar. Puck went off to Clothier Dellia to try to talk with her and order some clothing and Karis went to speak with Sheriff Phozarn to discuss Thadar and if anything was found on him (we were given a bronze hand stamped wolf's head on a copper chain).

I then assigned Kyle the stats and background on Rep Carmon and I assigned Matt the stats and background on Sir Walter Slaine - and we began the trial (I played Thadar). LARPing began.

We had the trial and Rep Carmon was doing a decent job dispelling enough of the proof against Thadar and Sir Walter kept the peace (while still supporting the group..."Karis! (he barked after the half ogre began lambasting Thadar) I want you to continue!" which got lots of laughs) but what hung Thadar mostly was the link between his children and the journals - and his mounting franticness to get a hold of his son's missives. He confessed his guilt to Representative Carmon who dropped Thadar's case in disgust and the slaver was consigned to death by hanging the following morning.

That night the party was asked by Thadar to come to him at his last meal. He spoke of his family and children and Karis promised to fulfill Thadar's last request to bring back his wolf head necklace to his kids and tell them NOT of what he did for a living - just that he died loving them all.

He gave the party a rough map and directions on how to get to Fulgore Keep, where he was supposed to bring the slaves. About 20 freelance slaver troupes lease space outside the mountain Keep to meet up away from the peering eyes of the Count and his Dragoons. The greater slavers guild does not know of this arrangement. The leader of the Lycos Suns , the troupe that Thadar is a part of, is a man named Vanir. The person who runs the Keep is someone referred to as the Castellan.

The slaver encampment is like a rolling convention and is fairly easy to get into as only those who know where it is should be able to find it.. . Pretty informal, party should be able to get in and out without trouble assuming they don't act stupid. Mentioned the Keep itself is closed to slavers who rent the grounds around it. Only high ranking Guild members talk to the Castellan and Keep is off limits to lower members.

Thadar was killed the next morning and we all went to the hanging. We then quickly went through the xp and leveling details, getting ourselves ready for 3rd level.

And that's where we wrapped it up.

I want to thank everyone for their part as I know sometimes LARPING is and can be difficult to do. There will be more of that in the future as well as some serious fighting coming up. Training will be next week as well as cashing in what treasures we've found and some other things that have come up.

We have two things on our horizon - the most obvious is a trip to Fulgore Keep and examining the camp and having some talk to Vanir and or the Castellan (by talk I mean a sword in the gut and something to do with fire) or taking a side trip to the Fengarth's Tower mentioned on Phozarn's map.

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