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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Meet 79, Adv 4, 3/28/15

And this ends the adventure. Mostly clean up/town stuff. The next meet should be the party getting back to town (Shakun) and continuing on their efforts there in keeping the peace as well as the search more phat lewt.

In reality - the next adventure will be the fall out the party will have to deal with with the 8 months (in game) situations they have been involved with and have not cleaned up yet. It will be a combination town adventure and wilderness one - with a few forays underground to spice it up.

But more importantly, I have a strong suspicion that it will not end well for the group.

Write up follows:

The party waited while Marcus decided on whether he was going to use the “Tremble” spell from Wipztar’s book, or read “Spot” first and try to find the next book. The decision was reached in time and the book was read, followed by the party racing away from the grotto on the Griffanus estate. Looking back we saw the ground lift and roil, rumble and fold over, eventually settling down almost a spear’s length in depth, in a cascaded circular pattern a full bow shot across.

As for the bodies of the supposed militia, we left them as they were, heading back to Heatherfield where we were stopped by a homestead family nearby and thanked profusely for our efforts. They had seen the fight with the floating undead horror and had heard the rumble and our emergence. Also, the miasma in the area had faded and the mist was clearing. While here, Sheriff Nexius and some of his men showed up to “help us back to town”, also hoping to learn what happened to HIS men that had come to the Griffanus Estate.

Between the Sheriff and our subsequent conversations with Lord Gelus Kayzer, Vicar Sans, and even the witnesses at the hospice – the official story was that his second, Adjunct Caltori, was apparently sent (either on his own, or through some order – but there is no order to be found in the militia’s holding, or the Sheriff’s office at this time) back into the evacuation zone and were told stop whoever came out of the cavern – assuming it was to be undead or perhaps the dwarven priest of Hades.

One group of three men arrived first (Veni – the lone survivor and at the Hospice) who claimed they were attacked by a 4 count of archers, one of which was a high elf of some noble mien (as evidenced by his clothing and attitude). He was almost mortally wounded but managed to crawl to safety while the other two men were slain.

The other two survivors (Sevus and Thari) swear that they arrived shortly after this time with Adjunct Caltori and four other guardsmen where they beheld the notorious bandit leader Castus and his men with a “demonic looking larva worm thing” that he lead towards the militia, paralyzing two of them (the two aforementioned guards). Various members then beat them with spear shafts and slain the rest of the militia men, including the adjunct. Castus seemed furious when he and his people left and Sevus and Thari fell unconscious from the assault.

Something was dirty about the entire mess, and Erd was not quiet in his disdain for the Sheriff. We went to the Rampant Griffon Hotel where our time there was comped and we were able to get cleaned, bathed, laid, and fitted for clothes for a banquet tonight at the Lord’s Manor. Tranis returned the sword to the Carayn family. Liscinia, Funis, and Vestanus were all paid for their efforts and were promised a bonus at a later date once we were able to find buyers for some of the magical items we had picked up.

At the banquet, Erd was with Gwendolyn Nexius, the Sheriff’s wife, who apparently was infatuated with the mysterious half elven traveler. They danced way too close and when they wandered out to the veranda, the party ran interference for him, and to head off the Sheriff before something was said or came to blows. As for the Temple of Zeus, Vicar Sans wanted to know if the unused vials of holy water that his temple had provided were being returned, since they had a certain gold piece value and should not be lost in the mix.

We awoke the next morn on the 29th of Watermonth, feeling very happy with ourselves. Some time was spent at the market and the various temples, selling our wares. We went to Scripinius’s family and offered them 5 nobles to cover any costs they might have. At the market, Erd and Gwendolyn came upon one another again where they had an enjoyable time before she was “escorted” away some of the Sheriff’s men. The Lord wanted us to spend a good 2 weeks here in Heatherfield, on his dime, and would pay for half our training if we did so. The idea was that we would travel with the caravan being put together that would be leading horses north to Shakun. We agreed with his generous offer and sought out the various guild halls here to arrange for training.