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Monday, April 29, 2013

Adventure 2 Roster

Only because it's been asked - here's the layout of who's who in the party.

Accurate as of 9/10/16

Active Members
Sir "Flimflam" Warwick Gaboikya Murkor Zull Waywocket - Male Gnomish 6th Level Druid of Demeter
Sir Wizard-Lord Marcus of Woodhelven - Male High Elven 5th Level Fighter (retired)/5th Level Wizard
Tranis Fistlorn - Male Human 5th Level Ranger of Artemis
Steiner Sidaerius Tyson Whoreson - Male Human 5th Level Cleric to Apollo
Casius Avidius "The Fox" Gratidanus - Male Human 5th Level Thief
Caidius - Male Human 4th Level Thief/3rd Level Fighter

Geld - Female Human 4th Level Warrior/2nd level Fighter (Teamster), Follower of Hestia. Formerly charmed by Marcus. Changed into a woman during a Hestian ritual.
Viridia - Female Human 4thLevel Expert, Employed by Tranis, Formerly a member of the First Sons of Shakun. Skilled in crowd working and locks.
Taulib - Male Human 15 y/o 3rd Level Commoner/0 Level Druid, follower of Demeter. Employed as Valet by Flimflam. Former stablehand at the Roaring Treant Inn. 
Fermius - Male Human 4th Level Warrior/1st Commoner, Employed by the party. Formerly a member of the First Sons of Shakun. Used to be in the Shakun Militia. Crippled left arm has his duties reduced to inactive/Castellan for Tower and Hall.

Benievre "Ben" - Mid-20's Human 3rd Level Warrior - Shieldbearer
Urthar - Mid 30's Human 2nd Level Expert- Porter
Etterig "Link" - 14 year old Human 3rd Level Commoner - Linkboy/Torchbearer
Encrinus - Late 30's Male Halfling 3rd Level Warrior - Slinger
Vestanus - Mid 30's Human Male 3rd Level Expert - Porter
Funis - Mid 40's Human Male 3rd Level Warrior - Light Footman
Liscinia - 20 year old (appearing) Female Half Elven 3rd Level Warrior - Shieldbearer
Caeticcius - Late 20's Male Human 2nd Level Warrior - Heavy Footman

Device Rhyback - Half Orcish 1st Level Cleric of Athena - Fell 90' to death.
"Ironboar" Turkor Avery Ghildry Waywocket - Gnomish 1st Level Barbarian - Fell 90' to death
Chase of Gul - Human 1st Level Ranger of Artemis - Killed by goblin arrows.
Tempi Rhyback - Half-Orcish 2nd Level Fighter - Killed by Kronig, Ogre. Posthumously married to Auri
Fergus Bryan Shelby O'Kain - Male Human 4th Level Paladin to Poseidon - Murdered by Fist'al.
Fist'al Daenir - Male Wood Elven 4th Level Thief - Vengeance/Killed by party after murdering Fergus.
Auri Rhyback - Female Half-Orcish 4th Level Fighter - Died during a raid on a dwarven bolthole by a wight.
Quintus Typhon Helms - Male Human 3rd Level Sorcerer - Died during a raid on a dwarven bolthole.
Zeta Chi "Kai" Stardust - Male Half-Elven 1st Level Fighter/2nd Level Thief - Died during a raid on a dwarven bolthole - poisoned.
Maehdros Curufin - Male Wood Elven 4th Level Thief - Died during fight with Scarene as a victim of friendly fire.

Enthir - Grey Elven 1st Level Wizard - Doing scribe work in Shakun
Bildad "Bill" Brandybuck - Male Hairfoot Halfling 2nd Level Sorcerer - Doing research in Shakun
Sanric - Male Human 3rd Level Ranger of Artemis - Helped hunt down Fist'al. Established group in Ferron.
Mummus O'Donnell - Male Half-Orcish 3rd Level Fighter - Joined Sanric's Group based in Ferron.
"Boomsprocket" Taren Fitzpatrick Udofire Doubleluck - Male Gnomish 4th Level Cleric of Heaphestus - Joined Sanric's Group based in Ferron.
Bull Bowl - Male Half-Ogre 3rd Level Barbarian - Not a good fit for the party, wandered back home.
Kilven - Male Human 4th Level Barbarian - Retired from adventuring, happy to work on a local Homestead.
Erdan Nailo "Nightbreeze" - Male High Elven 5th Level Fighter. After losing a finger and seeing the Kraken, is taking time off from adventuring for now.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Meet 29, Adv 2, 4/13/13

The party was getting picked and nickled throughout the trek across the lizardman area when the decision was made to not follow the breadcrumbs the lizardmen were sowing for us and instead plunge ahead. It turned out to be a better decision because they missed 4 out possible ambush/encounter areas and found themselves well placed @ Korlok's lair.

The battle with the giant lizardman was terrible and filled with much damage dealing  - the goblin archers really making the most of the combat by continuing to supply a constant and withering concentration of arrow fire which is what made Korlok's death a foregone conclusion.

I hope they remember this lesson in other places of the dungeon as it it beyond required in order to defeat some of the other foes here in Candlewick.

Write up follows:

At the base of the stairs we drew up as best we could into marching order. The problem was the narrow confines of the passage meant having 2 abreast was going to hamper our fighting ability (except for the goblins it seemed). The air was cooler and there was a moistness to the air that was cloying and faintly reeking of algae. The passage stretched on for another 15 or so paces from the base of the steps and then ended at “T” intersection.

Mentally we drew up our map of Candlewick Keep. We knew we were along the southern wall of the keep proper, so a right turn at the “T” would lead to the Courtyard and eventually the outer wall, and a left turn would lead us further under keep itself. If the lizardmen were down here (and they were since they had shot and killed the conjured hobgoblin a few minutes earlier), they would most likely then have retreated to the left.

Fergus took off his helm, put it on his trident, and stuck it out into the hall slowly. WHOOSH! And arrow flashed from the left and passed just under the helm, going down the corridor where it ended with a “crack”. Ok – left indeed. The party began discussing many option of what to do and where to go and how to do it which only made Bill grow bored. So the Halfling rooted around in his bag and drew out an apple pie. Yes – an apple pie. It had pack gunk on it and the crust was a bit nackered, but it looked good and soon the smell of cinnamon and apple and sugar was filling the corridor while the Halfling was busy eating the pie.

Which made about half the party interrupt their important decision making moments and ask him for a piece. So Bill handed out handfuls of pie and the party noisily ate it while Flimflam looked on with wonder at the groups actions.

Eventually it was eaten and we got back to making out way in. We need a distraction and that is where Bill came in again. He wove his hands and summoned another monster – this time a kobold, armed with a light crossbow. He pointed left and told it to charge and shoot and shoot some more. It went with a reptilian bark and skipped ahead, crossbow flashing – and sure as hell it hit a lizardman and knocked him down!

We filled the hall and followed while the lizardman still standing shot the kobold dead. But the summoned monster did its job by taking one out (briefly) and distracting the other, allowing us the race down and engage. The fallen lizardman struggled to his feet while the other one stepped back and continued firing. The two lizardmen were at the corner of a left passage, with the main passage continuing back another half dozen paces and turning left as well.

The battle was halted due to the lack of force we could present at once and the fear of hitting the rest of the party with arrows. It was Fergus and Ben in the front, with one of the goblins and his giant rat up as support. It was some decidedly back and forth combat while the lizardmen slowly retreated and held their own. And then from the left side a blast of pink and the rat was gone. Giant Frog!

The group decided to split their assault, a few of them going left to the frog, while the rest stayed on the lizardmen and the hallway cleared would allow the goblins in the center of the group to bring their bows to play. Hit point frittered on all sides as we plied bow, spear, and sword on the scaled foes. The giant frog swallowed one of the goblins whole. One of the lizardmen went down under fang and claw.

In place now, the goblins along the back of the party fired, arrows flashing. A few of them were too low and hit other goblins in the back. In fact, Fist’al shot one of the goblins with a very poor arrow shot! This in turned angered another goblin who turned and shot Fist’al who in turn was hit. Then Marcus and Fist’al filled one of the goblins with arrows and killed him while the 2nd one looked on. Marcus asked the goblin, “Is there a problem?” and seeing the situation, the goblin shrugged and agreed that there was no issue and returned to the greater melee.

The last lizardman finally backed up around the corner and was gone and we decided NOT to follow him. Instead the combat with the Giant Frog was coming to a close as Ben was now in the frog’s mouth getting bit while he and Fergus stabbed it repeatedly until it fell over and finally died. We tended our wounds and gathered arrows, spreading out the ones we had gotten from the lizardmen. Throughout it all, Fist’al was convinced we were being watched and even Fergus’ paladinial abilities was detecting a faint aura of sibilant evil at the limit of his range. Sisspak? Maybe. But, still the snake-man was not daring to come forward.

Of the two choices, we voted to go down where the giant frog came from first. It was only after 20 or so paces that we noted the increase of water and eventually the hall was filled ankle deep. Not confident, we decided to turn around and go the other way where the lizardman had gone. We drew ourselves up and went down to the more northern corridor. A glance showed it clear.

We traveled slowly down until we noticed that here too was water on the floor, also eventually ankle deep. We proceeded with Care, Ben and Fergus testing the floor with the spears as we travelled. Eventually we noted a side passage to the right as well as a continuation straight ahead to the west. Moving slow we expected more lizardmen, but were instead surprised by what seemed to be two flying compy’s (small lizards, about the size of a cat) hitting the two fighters.

Both were trying to shove the fluttering flying menaces back, while avoiding their foul claws and fetid breath. Scratches ensued and Ben was bleeding pretty badly from the chin before he got a grip on his compy and body slammed it into the wall, effectively shattering the fragile lizard. We heard a whistle from around the corner but Fergus did not let go as the compy tried to escape, instead also managing to smash his into the wall, killing it.

Ben was cut pretty bad and Flimflam was worried that the filthy creatures were probably carrying some sort of disease. What to do now? Go north towards where the compy came from along with the possible retreating lizardmen, or go west? The water was at our ankles and we were getting tired. Bit by bit we were losing hit points and our strength was frittering away.

The party decided to NOT follow where the lizardmen were leading us, and instead went west. And it paid off for in a few minutes we were outside a sturdy door. Fist’al checked it out and convinced us it was both untrapped and unlocked. Was this Korlok? We hoped so. A detection of evil resulted in many targets inside. A battle plan was devised and we shuffled around the corridor, getting ready.

The door was thrown open and we beheld Korlok. He was 9’ tall, plate spines running from his skull down to his tail, weighing in at 1100 lbs. There were two other lizardmen as well as two of the flying lizards. Marcus hurled his hand forward, rose petals flying, and shouted out the final arcanic syllables of his sleep spell…

And everything in the room EXCEPT for Korlok fell over, unconscious. The party pushed forward, Ben a bit surprised. Fergus charged close enough and finished off one of the sleeping lizardmen. A few of the goblins filed in, taking position on the back wall, bows at the ready. Due to the confines of the hall and the sheer number of us, we were all not going to be able to get in. Bill shouted, “There is another door in here!” and our fear was we had to shut it somehow. Tempi had the spikes, but he was not here. How to stop the door?

Fergus volunteered his shovel but was not going anywhere except in front of Korlok who had its massive axe up and ready. Urthar, the porter, volunteered to jam the shovel under the door and hammer it into place, spiking it shut.

Fist’al was convinced that Sisspak was still back behind us somewhere and Bill and Rattireg were bringing up the rear as we tried to fill the room. Arrows flew, stabbing into Korlok, but not doing nearly the same damage that we expected. Flimflam started to cast a spell. Korlok charged, Fergus set to receive with his trident, but failed to get through. The huge axe swung, just missing. It hit the floor with a tremendous crash, another one also passed over his head. The group realized that Korlok was a VERY dangerous foe.

Ben stepped into place, spear stabbing out. Hit! Korlok snarled and drove the party back a fast step. Urthar managed to block the door with the shovel. Fist’al tried to sneak across the battle. Flimflam snaked off Whozea. Whozea and Sanford ran across the room to coup de graced the fallen lizardman and compy from the sleep spell. And then Flimflam faerie fired Korlok, outlining him in purple flames, reducing his armor class.

Arrows flew, frittering away more hit points from Korlok. Spears were flying, none of them hit. Korlok again threw his axe all over, concentrating on Fergus and hitting him. He shrunk behind his shield and the mighty shield burst asunder. Dropping to his knees, he rose up as another blow came across, and Korlok hit Fergus, crumpling the paladin to half damage immediately. Korlok then scanned the foes around him and focused on Fist’al, pointing his axe, and snarled in toothy common, “You’re Next!”

Rats and goblins were at his feet, biting and drawing blood. Fist’al charged Korlok and tumbled through his legs, stabbing up and out – and unable to complete his backstab. Urthar tossed a shield into the battle, Fergus grabbing it and getting it ready. Bill shouted out a call and summoned a demonic mane into the fight! In slavered and raced forward biting and scratching at Korlok.

Goodberries and lay on hands were plied as arrows filled the air again. Korlok was wavering, with over 15 foes arranged about him, he was unable to stay focused on any single figure and was staggering back and forth. The goblins were chanting their battle cry, suddenly filing the air with their voices, giving them bonuses during the battle. Korlok smashed his axe to the side, flattening Sanford the fox.

Spears flashed, none hit. It was now that Fergus was shouting to Korlok about his dead son, Nalifess, which irritated the hell out of him, causing the lizard man to blindly ply axe again and again on the paladin. Hit points continued to fade as the battle pressed on.

Bill shot a ray of frost, frosting the side on Korlok. And then one of the goblins shot Korlok in the head, arrow quivering as he fell over and finally died. The party slowed and drew many ragged breaths as they took stock of the situation with the leader of the lizardmen dead and the party still standing.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meet 28, Adv 2, 3/30/13

Ability Score Damage.

I am not sure when I started using this and then again when I stopped using it, it had to be many decades ago, but I have brought it back to bear recently (last 6 years?) and find it to work out really nice. Your Strength, Intelligence, yada yada represents your "at best" score and potential - the same way an IQ score represents your intelligence quotient - it is not necessarily how smart you are - but how smart you are capable of being. Many things can negatively impact this - and the same goes for ability scores.

I like the idea of the Intellect Devourer - but just don't like the way it is presented, especially in a non-psionic campaign. What I've done is I think, made it more inside the realm of possibility and made it that much more possible for a party to engage and resolve themselves with.

Of course getting brain-smacked down to an Int of 1 just takes all the "fairness" and "resolving" out of the equation. At least for the poor sod who was slapped upside the head.

Write up follows:

After healing and bandages were applied, the party discussed our next options. We were hurt and down some resources, but wanted to press on. Ben and Urthar were going to stay in the main room along with Rattirig and Bill, watching the grand foyer as well as keeping a ready eye at the stairs down and the unconscious Funtarig. From the main entrance chamber on the Lizard Man side (that had fought to from the back way), there were two doors on the north side, one of which had water at and around it staining the floor. We talked about it briefly and decided to check the other door first.
Once Fist’al pronounced it clear of traps, Tempi led the group in and we entered. It was a charnel house. Various goblin bodies were hanging from hooks above and their guts were stung out, stretched on complicated loom and braces to dry, and some crude unfinished bows and arrows were in here.
Tempi noted something on the opposite wall and it revealed itself to be a 4’ ambulatory pulsing brain on what seemed to be 4 muscular leonine legs. Arcanocere! The Half-orc stormed forward and was struck hard, the spectral whips flailing about his face and neck. He stumbled, dropped his sword, and fell barely breathing. The arcanocere then runs to the west, leaps, and hits the wall where it seems to phase right through it. A clattering of junk falls to the ground in front of the wall where it flew and then it is gone.
Flimflam and Fergus try to help Tempi who received a double blast from the Arcanocere. His intelligence has dropped to “1”, and he is effectively brain dead. They help him up and the group now needs to hole up somewhere and quickly, as without Tempi and Funtarig, we have no chance in a frontal assault with any future lizardmen.
Bill goes and checks out the things that the Arcanocere seemed to have left behind, a smattering of coins, a bowl of dog stew, a pipe, very good pipeweed, and a battered ships compass. What the hell? We gathered it up and it was decided that we should hole up somewhere now. What about Funtarig? It’s at this point that Ben (who was watching the front door) reported that he saw the arcanocere running past the Grand Foyer and seemed to phase right through the front door!
Fergus, Fist’al, and the lone goblin that stayed with us (not Rattireg Shoemaker) all hoisted Funtarig off the ground and proceeded to drag him towards the goblin area. Meanwhile the rest of the group led Tempi out of the lizardman area and eventually across the courtyard to the Chapel.
They went first to the priest’s quarters where they looked around carefully, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Listening to the concealed doorway, they did hear some commotion in the chapel itself, leading them to believe the arcanocere had run there. Was it attacking the horses? Do they confront it? They discussed the matter for a bit (while Tempi was staring straight ahead and soiling himself) and then decided to frontal assault the brain beast. Weapons at the ready they tore open the concealed door and rushed the area…finding the horses here, two chickens, and near the front door, 3 bales of hay and a large bucket of oats. The arcanocere had gone.
Meanwhile Fergus and Fist’al had dragged Funtarig to the goblin side of the Foyer. The cart had been ruined, the bracings broken. Lizard man and goblin bodies abounded. A number of goblins were here and they wanted someone to be in charge. Fergus wanted to give Funtarig and leave but the goblins were clamoring for guidance. He gave them some suggestions such as block the door any way possible, maybe get the other door from the lizardman side and install it here, someone take care of Funtarig. Get the lizardman bodies now while they can.
Picking one goblin in particular, he asked his name, learning it was Meridint. And then he intoned by the power of the Doglords and the fact that Funtarig was currently out, Meridint was the new defacto goblin leader and Duuk Garthick should obey him. His charge executed, the paladin and thief tried to leave as fast as they could, getting to the front door where they opened it…
Face to face with the Arcanocere.
It brain whipped both of them, sapping both of the intelligence in the process (Fist’al more than the Fergus). Then it tried to run up the stairs while goblins ran helter skelter and Fergus was shouting at the elf to “Shoot it!” It careened up the steps where something started it with a hissing shriek (Sisspak?!?!?!) and then it came DOWN the other set of stairs with a rolling lope. Fergus swung at it, scoring a shallow cut while arrows rained all over the place. The Arcanocere turned at the landing and leapt – sailing into and through the western wall where it phased into the goblin area.
It dropped a variety of goods and gear, some of them hinges and even a set of master craftsmen tools. Fergus took the tools and then gave the hinges to Meridint with instruction to fix the doors now on to their side and block the entrance any way they can. They the two of them left and returned to the party at the Chapel.
Together again, we talked about what happened and checked on Tempi who was smelling bad and standing around. The party stripped him of his armor and corralled him in a makeshift area surrounded by pews, treating the barely cognizant half-orc the same as their horses. They used the hay and oats to make the horses’ paddocking more healthy and Tempi grabbed one of the two random chickens and proceeded to eat it, raw and alive. Feathers, beaks, and all.
The group locked up behind them and went back to the keep to meet with Meridint and discuss finishing off the lizardmen and Korlok the Devil’s Fang below. In the Grand Foyer the goblins were very industrious, already dismantled both doors from the other side and had dragged them over where they were trying to get them to fit their own side. It was slow and difficult going but they were employing typical goblin ingenuity for making a problem work with whatever they happened to have on hand.
It was during their proud discussion about how one door fits but they were going to shove the oak tree in the other side and brace it there that Flimflam gave a surprised, “WHAT!?!??” and told them that he had given orders to Funtarig never to cut the tree down in the garden. Meridint replied that HE was the leader now and FERGUS had told him to fill the hole any way possible.
Flimflam was wroth and raced down the goblin hall toward the garden, learning that 3 goblins had been sent there already with axes. When he got to the garden though, he found two goblins sitting there sort of wandering about, the third one missing. He told them to go back to the door and help and then looked in the garden. The oak was still there, a single notch was at its base. Creeping up to it, Davers the Dryad stepped out, her leg bleeding and very angry. Wanted to know what happened and Flimflam told her about the change in goblin leadership.
He did another plant growth in the area, growing and strengthening the tree and making the cucumbers and other vegetables go wild in their fecundity. Then Davers wanted more time with the venerable gnome and he felt his will failing as his clothes slipped away. And then he was in the throes of passion and ecstasy with the Dryad and time lost all meaning. Whenever someone wanted to go check on Flimflam, as soon as they got to the garden, they had a change of mind and turned away, heading back the way they came and decided to wait.
The party helped the goblins drag bodies, fix the door, and eat, eat, eat. About 8 lizardmen had died in the conflict in the goblin halls and some 20 goblins met the same fate. The wait for Flimflam lasted this time 8 hours until 7 pm when the gnome druid emerged drained yet very happy. We set up with Meridint that we hoped Funtarig got better during the night and we would regroup for the final assault in the morning about 9 AM.
We went back to the Chapel and checked on Tempi who was still the same. He was terribly foul as he had soiled himself over and over. Strays were drawn…and Fergus drew short one. Sighing the paladin used his knife to cut the half-orc’s clothes free, and then paid Etterig (my name is Link…oh, wait, it IS Etterig!) the linkboy to help him out, one noble! The two of them used lots of water and wiped most of the half-orc clean, noting he was getting rashes and chafed from the mess he was wearing.
The group went to sleep and we rested without issue, waking the next day where we restudied spells, prayed, and went over our equipment for this last assault on Korlok. Tempi seemed unchanged, and Fergus was much better from the Arcanocere’s attack (although Fist’al was still reporting a sort of “fogginess” to his thoughts).
By 9 AM on the 24th of Birthmonth we were at the new doorway of the goblin halls where we met with Meridint who informed us that Funtarig had a relapse during the night and died. Apparently no one had noticed the two knife wounds to the back of his head. Surprised, but not totally shocked at this change of events and leadership, we made the acceptable noises of sorrow and decided to press the advantage from yesterday and demand some goblin help.
Meridint informed us we would be getting 5 goblins armed with lizardmen bows and 1 giant rat. Unlike yesterday’s assault, the goblins would be primarily an archer unit, not a melee unit. This did not go well with the party and we had much back and forth until we got him to agree to each of them taking a spear and shield, with a 6th one coming along as “front line” fighter only.
It was 9:40 when we returned to the lizardman hall and checked out the stairs down. Fergus felt a sensation of evil, the same spotty one he had felt here and there over the last day or two – he suspects it is Sisspak or another of the possible yuan-ti here. It is ahead and most likely in the secret hall. He speaks to it and it is started, moving away until it is gone from his sense.
As for the stairs down, they look dangerous and foreboding. No one wants to chance it, suspecting lizardmen not too far away. Bill solves the problem by summoning a monster – getting a 6’ tall orange-haired green skinned hobgoblin to appear. He points down the stairs and gives it orders to go ahead and engage anyone it finds down there. The hobgoblin snaps to attention and takes off. We follow a few steps until the hobgob trips over some simple alarm trip wire, dropping some metal and wooden pieces propped up there. This signals the foes down the hall and three arrows later he falls over dead.
Knowing that there is at least 1, maybe 2 lizardmen down here, we draw up into marching order and ready ourselves to go down and brace our foes.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meet 27, Adv 2, 3/23/13

Changing plans in mid stream.

The party had a decent plan sorted out for this battle against the Lizardmen, however it was lynch pinned on the fact that they were able to open the back door to the Armory. If they are/were able to do that, then their estimation on spells and assaults and what not would have had the Two-Horn tribe under fire from 2 points and unable to bring their full weight to bear in either direction.

They did have a key, but the door was barred from the inside and it required more time and resources to open it - which meant they were not in place to fire off the much needed sleep spell when the lizardmen came streaming out of their stronghold. It also meant the party had tougher situations to go against as the lizardmen were able to provide a united front against them.

With the goblins at their beck and call, they were well off, but their original plan did get broomed early on.

Write up follows:

While we were going over the plan and our options, we heard a “knock” at the door. A knock, at the door, from the courtyard, where no one should know where we are. Fergus went to the door, identified NO evil outside, had his sword drawn, and opened it to see…Bill.
Fergus and Chase had an erstwhile companion, a hairfoot Halfling from the eastern suburbs of Gul named Bill. They were supposed to meet up with him over a month ago and he just never showed. A Halfling sorcerer with a penchant for stealing pies and in need of shedding a few pounds from his mid-section, the paladin had not thought of seeing Bill anytime soon.
He was here, following our trail (as it was) for a few weeks now. He stumbled upon Kahr Konig, the naked druid, who guided the Halfling in our direction and gave him what advice he could. Arriving maybe half an hour ago, he had snuck into Candlewick Keep and watched the entire debacle with the stirges and Fist’al. Moving slowly and with care, he made his way to the priest’s home and chanced knocking on it before the stirges noted his presence.
We were happy to have him back and we shared our story with him and he with us, during this time Marcus was continuing his writing in his book (Monster Summoning 3) and then the party grew tired and readied themselves for bed.
On the dawning of the 23rd, Fergus was still ill and had to go to the temple to do his toilet while the rest of the party broke their fast, prayed, and readied themselves for the sure to be protracted fight with the Two-Horn Tribe. It was 8:30 when we left the priest’s house, collecting our caltrops and sending a few arrows at the distant stirges to remind them to leave us be.
We came into the main keep and went immediately towards Tindoreg, pleased to see it was closed. We opened the back door into the passage inside the bailey wall and shut it behind us. Link lit the way for us and we made our way to the secret door that lead to the goblin area of the Keep.
We entered, and then made our way to Funtarig, the leader of Duuk Garthic clan. The goblin was having his way with two of his concubines and offered us the chance to partake before the upcoming fight. We declined. At this point we solidified our battle plan and strategy with Funtarig and got ourselves ready.
In this upcoming conflict, we had Fergus, Tempi, Marcus, Flimflam, Whosea, Sanford, Fist’al, Bill, Ben, Urthar, Link (my name is Etterig!), Funtarig, and 12 of his goblin warriors and a handful of their trained giant rats. We were going to launch our main attack through the Armory door (convinced we have a key), and have a diversionary baiting by having the goblins leave their main door open a little, luring the lizard men out and shifting their attention across the keep’s compound – hopefully making our foray into their area swift and decisive.
The mass of us snuck out through the secret corridor into the throne room and then to the main corridor that lead to the back door of the armory. We left Bill, Ben, and Marcus at the corner, with a clear view of the grand foyer. Link was stationed between the three and the rest of the party quietly snuck down to the door in question. Once there Funtarig sent his runner back through the secret area and eventually to the entrance of the goblin section to let them know to open the door. Fist’al used his key and opened the door and the group readied themselves to storm the armory.
And we waited.
Almost 10 minutes passed until we heard the lizardmen open their door to the Foyer, Marcus told Link, Link told the group, and Funtarig roared out a challenge and his group stormed the doors.
And they did not open.
The lock was undone but it was barred from the inside! The plan was quickly unraveling; we HAD to get in through the Armory now. Funtarig was plying the door with his axe and the goblins were howling in fury. We heard combat down in the Foyer. Cursing, Marcus left his spot where he was going to cast the sleep spell and ran to the Armory door, shouting to everyone to “Move, stand clear!”. He recited the words of a scroll he was carrying and pointed at the center of the door. A corrusculating shaft of black energy struck the center of the barrier and seemed to sink in, sending spiderwork cracks throughout the structure.
Nodding at the goblins, Funtarig plied shoulder to the door once again with a bellowing roar and the bracing bar that had been holding it in place from the other side was sufficiently weakened from the shatter spell that the door flew open and the combat raced into the armory. There were three lizardmen in here, one closest to the door, and they were snarling at the mass of greenskins and the party swarming in.
Bill and Ben raced up, informing us that the window to cast the sleep spell had passed and the lizardmen had ran across the foyer and it sounded like there was a massive battle just inside the goblin entrance area! The party grimaced at this turn of events and we decided to keep up with the other part of the plan – assault the Lizardmen from the back of the Armory.
From the hall we had just come from, two lizardmen appeared, bearing bows and started shooting down the hall. Ben stood his ground, shield at the ready. Fist’al from further back shot at the lizardmen while Bill was working fast and furious to summon a monster. The elven scout was barely struck from the fusillade while one of the Lizardmen was missed. Bill was able to summon a giant rat which he sent to assault the lizardman on the left, not doing any real damage but making sure he could not return fire.
Meanwhile in the Armory, Funtarig was leading the charge against the lizardmen, the goblins chanting as they did so, and the party racing behind them. Two more lizardmen came around the corner near the others down the hall and added their arrows down at us. Urthar and Link were raced into the Armory, with Ben walking very slow backwards and Marcus and Fist’al firing back at slow retreat. Flimflam struck one of the lizardmen with a flare spell and ruined most of the firing for this round.
We heard sounds of battle from the Grand Foyer, and it was the roar of Lizardmen and Goblins…and we suspected it was not going well for the goblins based upon what we were hearing.
Inside the Armory, Tempi and Fergus were lending their efforts against the lizardmen, the half-orc hacking one of them almost completely in half. From the other side of the Armory door, leading further into the lizardman area, we heard their sibilant voices but were unable to decipher what they were saying. The 2nd lizardman was taken down by 5 goblins swarming over her, knocking her down where she was then attacked by the giant rats.
We decided to abandon the hallway, Ben going last while the party filled the interior of the Armory. Marcus is hit by one of the many arrows in the hall, just getting inside before the rest of the arrows peppered the hall.
The last lizardman inside the Armory was destroyed just at the door, the goblins tearing it to shreds. From the hall, Bill was able to feel that his summoned giant rat was finally destroyed. Ben stood at the ruined entrance to the Armory, shield and spear ready, Fergus standing with him, listening for anyone who might be coming.
As for the 2nd door out of the Armory, Fist’al came forward with the key ring and tried it out, opening it. He found the right key and shouted, “I got it!” as it turned. The door opened as soon as it was unlocked and two lizardmen with bows were there along with a 9’ tall, 750 lb giant frog. The frog shot his tongue out, hitting the elf, and it struck and stuck to him. Fist’al was able to grip the door frame tightly, preventing himself from being sucked into the gaping maw. The tongue let go but he was struck by 3 arrows! Most of them were light wounds, but it was terrifying to the elf who faded back into the melee while Funtarig and the rest of the goblins ran toward the hall and the new threats.
Marcus added arrows down the hall, peppering the giant frog and Funtarig hit the frog with a thrust and smash of his axe. Flimflam dropped a handful of goodberries at Fist’al who scarffed them down with relief. The giant frog tongue snatched a goblin from the melee and the greenskin flew into his mouth where he was being eaten. The lizardmen fired arrows back, ricocheting around Marcus and missing.
While the assault was going on the Giant frog, Funtarig managed to get past its bulk and brought the fight to the lizardmen behind it. The goblins in the hall hit the frog hard and then sent their giant rats to swarm UP on to the frog itself, biting and clawing as they did so, causing the amphibian to croak maddeningly.
It was at this time that inside the Armory a section of the west wall slid open and two of the lizardmen in the hall were now in the secret passage. One tried to grab Urthar and failed, the porter was able to skip back shouting. The second one grabbed Link, snagging the 14 year old torchbearer and tried to pull him into the passage! With a strength born of terror, the young man was able to keep himself from being taken, slamming his torch into his foe. Tempi and Fergus went to race over and help while Bill realized that he was pretty much the only one close enough, a lone goblin warrior standing with the Halfling.
Bill shot off a Ray of Frost while Marcus pulled out his Chain Rod and hurled it in the lizardman’s direction, wrapping it around the neck and pulling. This distracted him, forcing him the pull. He released the torchbearer and then he was beaten to death by the rest of the party. The lone goblin that was with Bill, identified himself as Rattireg Shoemaker and the two of them (goblin and Halfling) made a pact to stay with one another during the conflict.
The giant frog was finally taken down, goblins all around it. As it dies, it buries a goblin under its weight. To goblins then continued down the hall to the lizardmen still there singly facing Funtarig. From the hall, Ben glances out and catches sight of 1 lone lizardman sneaking down. The blue scaled archer was a mere 12 feet away and getting closer.
Down at the main battle, Funtarig was then attacked from the side hall, Arrows all over the place. One of them struck him in upper stomach/chest area, going deep. Blood was spittled around his lips and the goblin was staggered – but not fallen!! From the hall the blue lizardman was under assault by another summoned giant rat.
As we raced to help out the goblins Fergus was struck by a hidden lizardman, the arrow coming from the secret corridor, striking his shield where he splintered it. Snarling, the paladin grabbed the secret door and pulled it closed just before another arrow would have hit him.
Funtarig was having a rough time, but still standing at this time. The goblins were supporting their leader, filling the hall with spears and aid. The giant rat was ripping into the lizardman who tore the rat to shreds. The press of melee in the hall was keeping the lizardmen from using their bows, forcing them to use teeth and claws.
Tempi charged into the fray, adding his bulk to the combat and driving the battle line forward. At this point we were able to see around the corner and noted another giant frog and three more lizardmen there. We now had 1 in the secret corridor, three around the corner, 1 giant frog, and two very hurt and battered ones at the corner of the hall. As for our party, Funtarig was badly hurt and dying from arrows in his chest and needed healing, and at least 3 or 4 other goblins had been slain, with the others still with us only lightly wounded.
The battle was a crazed melee, the goblins were still chanting, and another lizardman when down in a blast of sword and spear. Tempi beat the hell out of the lizardman that stuck its neck out of the secret door, and the closest goblins finished him off. With the secret passage now clear, Tempi shouted that we needed more help at the front. Flimflam and Whosea made their way forward while Fergus and Marcus took the secret passage to come to the front.
Meanwhile, Fist’al waiting in the Armory with the two hirelings, arrow nocked and set, shot the blue scaled lizardman and killed him finally.
Tempi was wildly swinging during the battle, a danger to everyone around him as he hurled his 6’ sword in crazy arcs. Funtarig was crying a rally to his goblins and the greenskins answered it, filling the next chamber with their surging assault. The gnome on his wardog added their efforts to the battle, cudgel flailing everywhere.
The giant frog swallowed another goblin whole and Fergus critically struck another lizardman in the back, killing it. The tide of battle continued in our direction as Tempi critically hit another one, cleaving its leg off entirely.
The party was badly hurt and we tried to shuffle around, giving the less hurt of us the chance to step forward. And then the battle turned. Funtarig was then hit by spear and arrow, critically hit and he falls over at under 0 hit points. His collapse caused the goblins to fail their morale and they stopped chanting and fled. All ran away except for 1 stalwart goblin and Rattireg Shoemaker and a single giant rat.
We were facing 3 lizardmen and 1 giant frog and the party was badly hurt. But Marcus was finally close enough to hurl his rose petals into the fight and call out the words of a sleep spell, dropping the enemy – every single one of them. The group coup de graced the sleeping lizardmen and the giant frog. Meanwhile Flimflam and Fergus checked the unconscious Funtarig who was at -7 and fading. PLUS he had a bad wound in the chest that would kill him outright – unless he was hit with some magical healing.
There was a brief argument over it and Flimflam said he would not help (neither would he kill him), and Fergus just couldn’t let him die. The druid swore he was going to betray us in the future, and Fergus was arguing that he was an honorable comrade during the fight. The paladin then laid hands on the goblin leader – once to stop the death in “X” time, and again to stabilize him.
The battle was over for now – but the area was not secure. 12 lizardmen and 2 giant frogs were killed in the fight, as well as Funtarig and 6 goblins and 4 giant rats on our side. Hasty healing was dispensed and we were talking about what we were supposed to do next.