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Monday, April 29, 2013

Adventure 2 Roster

Only because it's been asked - here's the layout of who's who in the party.

Accurate as of 9/10/16

Active Members
Sir "Flimflam" Warwick Gaboikya Murkor Zull Waywocket - Male Gnomish 6th Level Druid of Demeter
Sir Wizard-Lord Marcus of Woodhelven - Male High Elven 5th Level Fighter (retired)/5th Level Wizard
Tranis Fistlorn - Male Human 5th Level Ranger of Artemis
Steiner Sidaerius Tyson Whoreson - Male Human 5th Level Cleric to Apollo
Casius Avidius "The Fox" Gratidanus - Male Human 5th Level Thief
Caidius - Male Human 4th Level Thief/3rd Level Fighter

Geld - Female Human 4th Level Warrior/2nd level Fighter (Teamster), Follower of Hestia. Formerly charmed by Marcus. Changed into a woman during a Hestian ritual.
Viridia - Female Human 4thLevel Expert, Employed by Tranis, Formerly a member of the First Sons of Shakun. Skilled in crowd working and locks.
Taulib - Male Human 15 y/o 3rd Level Commoner/0 Level Druid, follower of Demeter. Employed as Valet by Flimflam. Former stablehand at the Roaring Treant Inn. 
Fermius - Male Human 4th Level Warrior/1st Commoner, Employed by the party. Formerly a member of the First Sons of Shakun. Used to be in the Shakun Militia. Crippled left arm has his duties reduced to inactive/Castellan for Tower and Hall.

Benievre "Ben" - Mid-20's Human 3rd Level Warrior - Shieldbearer
Urthar - Mid 30's Human 2nd Level Expert- Porter
Etterig "Link" - 14 year old Human 3rd Level Commoner - Linkboy/Torchbearer
Encrinus - Late 30's Male Halfling 3rd Level Warrior - Slinger
Vestanus - Mid 30's Human Male 3rd Level Expert - Porter
Funis - Mid 40's Human Male 3rd Level Warrior - Light Footman
Liscinia - 20 year old (appearing) Female Half Elven 3rd Level Warrior - Shieldbearer
Caeticcius - Late 20's Male Human 2nd Level Warrior - Heavy Footman

Device Rhyback - Half Orcish 1st Level Cleric of Athena - Fell 90' to death.
"Ironboar" Turkor Avery Ghildry Waywocket - Gnomish 1st Level Barbarian - Fell 90' to death
Chase of Gul - Human 1st Level Ranger of Artemis - Killed by goblin arrows.
Tempi Rhyback - Half-Orcish 2nd Level Fighter - Killed by Kronig, Ogre. Posthumously married to Auri
Fergus Bryan Shelby O'Kain - Male Human 4th Level Paladin to Poseidon - Murdered by Fist'al.
Fist'al Daenir - Male Wood Elven 4th Level Thief - Vengeance/Killed by party after murdering Fergus.
Auri Rhyback - Female Half-Orcish 4th Level Fighter - Died during a raid on a dwarven bolthole by a wight.
Quintus Typhon Helms - Male Human 3rd Level Sorcerer - Died during a raid on a dwarven bolthole.
Zeta Chi "Kai" Stardust - Male Half-Elven 1st Level Fighter/2nd Level Thief - Died during a raid on a dwarven bolthole - poisoned.
Maehdros Curufin - Male Wood Elven 4th Level Thief - Died during fight with Scarene as a victim of friendly fire.

Enthir - Grey Elven 1st Level Wizard - Doing scribe work in Shakun
Bildad "Bill" Brandybuck - Male Hairfoot Halfling 2nd Level Sorcerer - Doing research in Shakun
Sanric - Male Human 3rd Level Ranger of Artemis - Helped hunt down Fist'al. Established group in Ferron.
Mummus O'Donnell - Male Half-Orcish 3rd Level Fighter - Joined Sanric's Group based in Ferron.
"Boomsprocket" Taren Fitzpatrick Udofire Doubleluck - Male Gnomish 4th Level Cleric of Heaphestus - Joined Sanric's Group based in Ferron.
Bull Bowl - Male Half-Ogre 3rd Level Barbarian - Not a good fit for the party, wandered back home.
Kilven - Male Human 4th Level Barbarian - Retired from adventuring, happy to work on a local Homestead.
Erdan Nailo "Nightbreeze" - Male High Elven 5th Level Fighter. After losing a finger and seeing the Kraken, is taking time off from adventuring for now.


Matt said...

Thanks a bunch :)

Matt said...

Hey, I was just wondering how you handle leveling. I see most of the party is 4th level but Mummus is only 2nd level (then again he is a new addition) while Marcus is 6th. What rationale is used to determine who levels when and what level new or replacement characters are rolled as?

Vanadorn said...

I use a rough outline of level advancement based upon 1st edition (thieves go up fast, fighters less so, mages the slowest). That means that Fist'al goes up the fastest (he actually has enough xp after the last meeting (10/26) to be 5th).

Mummus is new, so I started him at half way through 1st level.

Marcus is 3rd and 3rd - his xp is cut is half and applied to each class - fighter and mage. He's not "6th" in the scheme of things, more like 4th and a half (highest class plus half the 2nd class) - again a 1st edition mentality/work around.

If someone dies, I start them lower than their original character up to 3rd level. After 3rd level, it's a 2 level hit (assuming a 6th level fighter dies, they can come in with a 4th level character.)

Hope this helps!

Matt said...

Thanks a bunch, I am much more used to 3rd edition leveling, and had assumed this was a 3rd edition game, so I was very confused. This makes much more sense now, thanks again.

Vanadorn said...

Not a problem. My game is a mix of 1st and 3.5 so if you've played in anything between the 2, you would be at home at the table.


Matt said...

Given the fistal/fergus events of late what does the party look like now?

Scott Dippel said...

Mike, Avidius is listed as a 3rd level fighter. Just a reminder that he's a thief.

Vanadorn said...

Noted and fixed! Thanks Scott