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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Interim Email Meet 118, Adv 6, July/August 2016

During the interim months before we come back to the table September 10th, we've been handling the training and town adventuring via email. Normally I despise playing this way since I know that not everyone is actually reading the emails, and even if they are, sometimes something will get lost in the shuffle.

However, there has been over 90 emails back and forth during this time and the party has taken care of much of the training issues they would normally spend around the table doing.

Email Write Ups follow:

Marcus - After reviewing his skills and taking care of a few things, Marcus has achieved enough XP to go up to 5th level Wizard (5th level Fighter is capped). He will be spend a day or two making sure the Tower is in fine shape and then entrust it's care to Geld (who will going up to 4th Warrior/2nd Fighter and training locally) and Fermius (who even with 1 arm shy, will act as Steward and still go up in level to 4th Warrior/1st Expert).

Costs (248 crowns) were already deducted from his coffers to maintain the tower in his absence and cover his training fees. Training time will be 21 Days and he is going to Woodhelven to train. The trip to Woodhelven will be 7 days there and 7 days back - making his entire stretch of time 35 days. However, he will travel with Steiner, Tranis, and Viridia as they continue on their way to Argosility and will wait the 3 days for them to come back to travel home with them. Bringing the entire stretch to 38 days.

Avidius - Avidius has enough XP to go up to 5th level thief and will be training locally. He will help to watch over the Hall of Heroes while here and continue in his duties to the Baron as Seneschal. Fermius will alter his duties from warrior to Steward of the Hall as well as Marcus' Tower and will devote his time to learning what skills he needs.

Costs (178 crowns) were already deducted to cover training fees. Training time will be 14 days and it is assumed that he will spend the down time assisting Fermius is maintaining the Hall and catch up with his wife, Senna and their two children Ria and Gem. There will be additional living costs for the difference in time (24 days)  between his training and the 38 days until the party reconvenes.

Steiner - Father Steiner does not have enough to go up but will be making the trip to Argosility in the company of Tranis to meet with his order as well as take care of the fencing of the treasures we wanted to sell (including the shield). He has some of his own needs while there and will take care of them accordingly.

The trip to Argosility is 9 days each direction. To ease the trip, Steiner, Marcus, Tranis, and Viridia will all travel together. There will be some living costs for travel and time in Argosility.

Tranis - Kingsman Tranis has enough XP to go up to 5th level Ranger and will be travelling to Argosility to take care of his training. Viridia also has enough to go up to 4th level Expert and will be joining Tranis on his trip to Argosility for company and superior facilities to advance her skills.

Costs (240 crowns) were already deducted to cover training fees. Training time will be 20 days and the trip is 9 days in each direction. Tranis and Viridia will travel with Steiner and Marcus back and forth from Argosility. Due to the amount of time Tranis will spend, he only needs to cover living and travel costs for the travel time and nothing else.

Erd - After reviewing his skills and taking care of a few things, Erd has enough XP to go up to 5th level Fighter. Since does not have to travel he can train and live locally.

Total time to train is 17 days and costs (216 crowns) have already been deducted to cover it. The additional living expenses will cover the 21 days before the party reconvenes.

Flimflam - After taking care of a few things, Flimflam will be going up to 6th level Druid. He will be making the trip to the grove of Kaer Konig at the Endless Forest. His animals companions and Taulib will be joining him on this trip, his Valet will be able to advance his skills to 3rd level Commoner while on the journey and at the grove.

Costs (199 crowns) were already deducted to cover training fees. Training time is 16 days and the trip to the grove will be 4 days in each direction. After his return to Shakun, Flimflam will have 14 days remaining to cover living costs between the 24 total days he will be out and the 38 days before the party reconvenes.

Before you leave for Woodhelven, you spend the time with Geld and Fermius going over the needs of the Tower and what is required to keep it in good repair in your absence. It is decided that the 38 days (6 weeks or so) you will be absent will require 42 crowns to maintain and continue the cleaning. You have done what you can to instruct the unseen servants to continue to clean the tower but raw supplies is still needed and required. Fermius is given approval to enter and leave the tower and Geld will be guarding it during the evenings and nights as she will be inhabiting it during her training (Fermius will be staying at the Hall of Heroes).

You did work with Sutor's Forge and Geld and Brother Steiner to remove the Ring of Power. Using the Beholder as an anti-magic cone you kept it over the ring, deadening it. Then having a crucible already in place after commissioning it from the forgemaster, removed the ring safely and had it suspended in the center of the mold as molten lead was poured over and into the crucible, keeping it encased within the leaden cylinder until it cooled. Then it was brought to the tower where it was placed on Workshop level with the beholder's central eye fixed firmly on the lead piece - for now neutralizing the ring until you could find a more permanent solution.

The trip to Woodhelven is cold but without issue as you, Tranis, Steiner, and Viridia share the road with at first a hayswain heading towards Timberton (you have your own wagon and oxen, merely sharing the road with the haymaker and his 2 sons for safety purposes) and then you joined a larger merchants caravan heading back to Argosility. You bid your companions farewell at Woodhelven and make your way to the Tower of the Moon.

The Council of 4 was pleased to have you back for training and you spent the next 3 plus weeks undergoing some of the most grueling efforts they could force you to take. During your time at Woodhelven, you transcribed most of the spells the Feks Eyber's book into your rune protected spellbook - taking careful note that the Fireball spell was flawlessly moved and inked.

1) The Council of 4 wants you to bring an apprentice back. you can choose: 1) High Elven female 146 y/o (roughly 18) - family is on the Council of 13 (she is aloof and cold, and from your observation has some magical skill already), 2) Grey Elven male 205 y/o (roughly 20) - no indication of his family or upbringing (bichromatic eyes and metallic cast to his hair color, seems too eager to learn and shows surprising aptitude) or 3) High Elven male 115 y/o (roughly 14) - family is on the Council of 13 and the Council of 4 (he is always writing in his journal, takes copious notes, is gregarious and anxious). Or you can opt to not take one at this time. You suspect that you can continue to NOT take a apprentice for a bit longer before the Council of 4 starts to take offense - it's up to you.

2) Will you be looking to buy more inks? You have 20 L1, 10 L2, and 38 L3 back at the Tower.

3) Do you want to get the Vibrodagger +1 repaired here? It is in Poor condition. Inquiries show that there are enough skilled artisans that can work on the ensorcelled metal. To get it to Fair would cost 40 crowns. To get it to Good would cost an additional 80 crowns. Let me know.

Marcus, look this over and answer the questions at the bottom. Also, if there is ANYTHING you want to buy, commission, or get in your time out - now is the time to think about it. You have 338 Crowns remaining on you AFTER all training costs and travel costs have been accounted for. In addition, you have 730 Crowns still at the Tower PLUS a single Garnet worth 100 crowns

The night before leaving for Argosility, there was some discussion on the sale of the "object treasures" we had gathered and the decision was left to your and Tranis' best opinions on the pricing we could get. So besides your normal equipment and belongings you are also bringing the 24 remaining greater size and quality figurines, the 13 lesser size and quality figurines, the case with the 35 bottles of Varohelmian vintage wine, and Horace's +2 shield. Some will be sold, others will be traded.

You spoke with Father Gavilarin for a bit before leaving and also bespoke about clothing and giving the poor of Tanner's Way some work.

The trip to Argosility is cold but without issue as you, Marcus, Steiner, and Viridia share the road with at first a hayswain heading towards Timberton (you have your own wagon and oxen, merely sharing the road with the haymaker and his 2 sons for safety purposes) and then you joined a larger merchants caravan heading back to Argosility. You bid Marcus farewell at Woodhelven and then finished your journey two days later at the glimmering walls of Argosility.

The city is teeming with life, the streets overflowing with people and refugees. Beggary and disease is more prevalent than you remember it being before and the wagon is brought right to Temple Grounds as all three stableries were full and the mock ones that had sprung up outside the walls did not appear to be safe or trustworthy. Many of the King's Dragoons were seen patrolling and there were stocks and chaingangs down Broad Street and Victory Circle.

The Temple was thrilled to have you and you made yourself welcome. A cell was made available and you took it since the city had little rooms for rent and the prices were much higher than you remember. The fallout from the flood and the Kraken was still being felt. River's Edge was a mess and over 4,000 citizens had made their way here for succor and support. The Temples of Zeus had been sent reeling with all 17 of the touched priests unable to muster anything more than the most minor of their god's miracles. But the worst of it was the entire stock of healing potions from the apothecary all the way to the temples seems to have been made inert. ONLY those crafted by the House of Black (Hades) and the Chapel of the Crescent Moon (Hecate) still have any potency - but that represent the barest fraction of the total available.

So obviously, prices are soaring. The House and Chapel at this time are NOT upping any production of elixirs or potions for two reasons (as explained publicly): 1) they do not have the facilities to do so, and 2) they do not have the time to do so. According to the chatter about the Temple of Apollo though, the thought is that Hades and his daughter Hecate have let their priests know to not do this and are looking for the power of Zeus to possibly fade in the minds and eyes of the populace - making it more likely that both these other deities will have the opportunity to garner more worshippers and control.

This does not fit with the cosmology as is and the Temple feels that supporting Zeus and the status quo is the best bet. The Oracle has been consulted many times and the feeling is that the Kraken needs to be captured once again - once that occurs Zeus will be able to devote his attention back to the world at hand. Right now it is taking most of Zeus and Poseidon's time and attention and anything else is just a distraction.

During your time in Argosility you arranged to purchase as many rags, blanket,s shoes, and other clothing that you cold from various poor houses and charities in order to bring back to the downtrodden that inhabit Tanner's Way. It came to 15 crowns and the Temple matched your investment. At this time you have 3 large crates of donations to return with you to Shakun.

You also told them about the Sky Chariot and this garnered LOTS of interest from the Temple. Under the right guidance of any priest or holy knight to Apollo or Poseidon, they can not only fly and soar great distances, but also can be used to visit Olympus if one knows the way. All the old scrolls and texts dictate that you would be best served with 2 fast horses.

As for the figurines - the Temple and it's various fences inform you that they can help you sell them now as they are but you MIGHT get a better price if you sell them at an auction. You need to decide. Right now the sell price is roughly 115 crowns for the better figurines and 30 crowns for the lesser. But YOU need to decide, sell or Auction - and you can't reverse it after a decision is made.

Gems will currently get you: 60 for the Aquamarines (you have 10), 25 for the Citrines (you have 14) and 85 crowns for the garnets (you have 11).

The Shield is shown to a number of possible interested parties and the best trades are as follows: Enchanted Breastplate +1, Battle Axe +1, Ring of Feather Falling, Boots of Dancing. OR, there is at least one family willing to pay 2,250 crowns. You decide.

1) Do you shop HERE for Two fast horses for the Chariot or do you want to want and purchase them at Heatherfield?

2) Sell the figurines one at a time or Auction?

3) What is the final choice on the Shield?

4) Are you going to sell the gems?

The afternoon before leaving for Argosility you and Viridia joined Flimflam for a tour of the Dryad groves and to specifically see the one that he had dedicated to you. The three of you were surprised at the number of trees that had already sprung up around each of the nexus points, to the tune of 40 or so. Also, there were saplings that were situated in such a way that they were at an axis in parallel with the next closest dryad nexus loci. The thought is that if left alone and given enough time, there might very well be a ring of trees encircling Shakun.

The Dryad herself was shy and difficult to coax out, emerging just long enough to give you a glance and stir your loins before she giggled and danced away.

Viridia was far from amused. A green haired lithesome 17 year old looking forest sprite is enough of a threat to anyone.

You then spent some time at the Marshall's office and shared a pint or two with Westwinter and his adjunct Caladis, discussing various crimes and theft that have occurred during the winter, the state of the populace, and his hopes for what the next year will bring. Enough gentle questions and a steady flow of ale had him open up enough that you learned a few things: 1) He felt that he was given this post because he earned it after the horrors of the Goblin War that he faced and his bravery shown during the battles. 2) He has little respect for Captain Thragrial and refers to his militia as "thugs with tabards" - evidenced that the Marshal would not even be needed out here if the Captain was capable of doing his job, 3) and finally he believes that his presence out here is a sign that the Council of Lords is finally going to take seriously the needs of the western frontier and establish more trade routes, guild halls, libraries, and ranging stations. It is part of the reason why the Marshall is keen to learn how your time in Argosility goes during your training as you will most likely learn more about this possibility while there.

The trip to Argosility is cold but without issue as you, Marcus, Steiner, and Viridia share the road with at first a hayswain heading towards Timberton (you have your own wagon and oxen, merely sharing the road with the haymaker and his 2 sons for safety purposes) and then you joined a larger merchants caravan heading back to Argosility. You bid Marcus farewell at Woodhelven and then finished your journey two days later at the glimmering walls of Argosility.

The city is teeming with life, the streets overflowing with people and refugees. Beggary and disease is more prevalent than you remember it being before and the wagon is brought right to Temple Grounds as all three stableries were full and the mock ones that had sprung up outside the walls did not appear to be safe or trustworthy. Many of the King's Dragoons were seen patrolling and there were stocks and chaingangs down Broad Street and Victory Circle.

You bid Steiner farewell while you and Virida went to the Ranging Hall to check in and get your berth for your time to come here. Viridia was allowed to share a room with you as she is ostensibly your henchman and she was heading off to the Street of Silver to find a locksmith and/or keymaker she could spend the 3+ weeks working with.

Your training was long and went well, both you and Ringer were put through many grueling paces but the process has toughened you both and sharpened your skills. The conversation did turn to hunting cats and their abilities as well as feasibility in the wild and possibly dungeon environments. A few were tossed out as possible prospects but eventually most of the great cats were discarded as useful choices due to their size, temperament, need for outdoor. However, the best choice provided was that of the Lynx and it was possible to purchase a partially trained one at an Estate outside of town. It's up to you if you wanted to do it. Word is that the breeder/trapper would be willing to let one go for 75+ crowns.

Being 5th level you are now classified as a Master Scout and your quality of badge is upgraded from and Iron Encircled Star to a Brass one. A reminder of the code of the Kingsmen is given that you represent the will of the sovereign lords of the lands in the spaces between the towns, and you have a charge to keep the king's peace at all times should you ever see injustice, tyranny, or criminality on the roads or in the wild. Your purview, a reminder, does NOT stretch into the established Demesnes of any city, thorp, town, or village - that is the business of the local Reeve, Sheriff, Constable, or Marshall.

As for Marshal Ippsilas Westwinter's thoughts on the Council of Lords and expanding possible ranging stations West of Ferron - the Ranging Hall and Knights there do not commit to it. The current issue with the recent flooding of the Black Water River, the Kraken assault, and the interruption of shipping up and down the coast line coupled with the blow of ineffectiveness the Church of Zeus has been dealt has placed most of these sorts of plans on temporary hold for now and will be revisited possibly in the year 184.

1) Finding/trapping a cat on the road did not pan out, but there is a possibility to garner a Lynx in town. Do you want to pursue this or not? You have over 400 crowns on you now.

2) You need to choose another class of weapons. You have Slashing Swords, Standard Bows, Hammers, and Throwing Spears.

3) Hit Points need to be rolled when I see you next.

4) You need to choose a 2nd favored enemy - you have Goblinoids right now. Can pick: Animals, Golems, Dragons, Elementals, Giants, Orcs, Monstrous Humanoids, Undead, or Vermin

5) You have 8 skill points to apply - let me know what and where.

Keeping with your duties as the Baron's Seneschal as well as wanting to spend some time with your wife and children, you were pleased to be able to perform your duties and training here at Shakun - spending some of your time with Zarik Ikarsbane and the rest of it honing your skills with Pelis the Rug Merchant. Most of the training was fairly simple and you found it easy to share stories and jibes with just about everyone, your easy going nature making the men and women you work with comfortable and easy to trust you.

You have grown close with Fermius, Erd, and Geld in these last weeks - many a night was spent around the hearth at the Hall keeping warm, telling tales, entertaining your children and Erd's live-in maid Jilain. A few visitors have come, some on behalf of the Baron Taugis, some on the interest of the new patrons of the soon to be opened Shakun Tannery, but most have just been friends.

Fermius has taken to his duties as Castellan for both the Tower and the Hall, and even though his left arm never healed correctly, he still holds himself with a warrior's bearing and stoic expression to the pain his twisted bones surely cause him.

As for Senna, she has heard your stories and knows that you have downplayed the danger you had faced. She keeps her council for now but at night there is sometimes a desperation to the way she holds you while sleeping.

It is the sheer amount of treasure you brought back, even after paying for all the training you had and have to go through, you still have well over 400 crowns and the same amount of silver. This brings you to 16+ pounds of coin and treasure. AND - you know that Brother Steiner and three other members of the group were headed to farflung Argosility to sell more of the treasure the party returned with and that will net you more of a share.

So you have all these riches, and besides the Hall that the family lives in, there is a Homestead in the name of the Adventuring Group that can be worked and lived on.

You know your wife wants you to be home, but the winter will end and the snows will melt, and that call in your blood will ring out and you are sure the road will beckon again. But for now, you hold her and your children at night and laugh merrily with those who come to visit.

Until Adventure calls you again.

You went back to you "studio" expecting either it to be filled with god knows what, burned down, or no idea. What you found was Jilain Sheepsheerer hard at work in one of the downstairs rooms on the loom where a new/used spinning wheel was now located, and a number of racks set up. She had a variety of simple garments in various states of repair and you noticed that there was now also an ironing board and a hot iron here along with a copper brazier and a 20# bucket of coals.

She's been busy. Through conversation you gathered that she borrowed another 7 crowns from the "safe" under the stairs and has been doing repairs, laundering, ironing, and other clothier duties to help supplement the income and to make herself useful to and for you. She shows you the iron box filled with copper and silver (167 and 34 respectively) and assures you that she has been working hard to make you proud.

For now, you have decided to let her continue her impromptu clothing service and assured her that she was not in trouble. Her heavy-breasted hugs once again made you uncomfortable but you did your best to placate and congratulate her on her duties.

As for your training, it's gone easy and well. Zarik was more than capable to further your skills and you shared the training with Geld which earned you a few harder than normal throws in the practice ring and at one point, a full on wooden sparring sword contact with your right hand after a purely accidental brushing of her back side.

What has been the best of your time though has been the quiet nights with your friends still here, sitting around the Hearth at the Hall of Heroes and sharing an ale with those there as well as the many visitors who have made their visits an almost regular thing. The winter months continue to plod on, and in time it'll be back out there to better the world and search for treasure. Until then, the ale is cold and the company is just fine.


1) You have 2 points to devote to Skills and crafts.

2) I am assuming you are continuing to keep Jilain at bay. If you feel otherwise, let me know and the 15 year old impressionable young woman will bee-line to your bed in a hot second.

You and Taulib spent the next day gathering all the material you might possibly need for your overland trip to find Kaer Konig, borrowing Sassypants from the stabler for your manservant to ride upon. The weather held for the most part, a slight warming trend made your travel through the grasslands a muddy experience but not unduly difficult. After four hard days of travel seeing many signs of game but little sign of anything else (even the goblins seemed to be hunkering down under the 18" of snow) the heavy green line of the Endless Forest filled the horizon and you found yourselves camped @ it's borders that night.

The next day the two of you were met by a rabbit the size of Whoza who led you through the briars and deadfalls to Kaer Konig's groves. The elder druid seemed grimfaced and disturbed. He had been contact by the Greater Circle and Druidic Leader two weeks earlier about the problem with the natural balance thrown out of whack by the release of the Kraken. The followers of Gaia, Demeter, and Artemis have all agreed to band their efforts together and support their King (Zeus) in the recapture and whatever resources are needed to ensnare the Kraken once more.

The long and short of it, Kaer Konig informs you from the powers that be that Hades is planning on using this shakeup here to snag some more powers since Zeus and Poseidon (to a lesser extent) are sidetracked at this time. And since they are sidetracked, the suspicion is that other monsters from the titans will somehow find their way here up from Hades or down from Olympus at the Lord of Dead and Riches behest. So all druids have been charged to keep their eyes peeled for any monstrous beings who are seeking to expand their environs or seem to be maraudering around - and either capture, neutralize, or banish them.

Your training has been intense and rewarding, and you've come to respect the master of the 8th circle in his dealings. During your training you learned how to better control your shifting to animal form, allowing you to cast spells in that shape as long as a holy symbol is present. There is thought to possibly getting a tattoo permanently affixed of Demeter so that even if you shift form, a symbol would be available. However, it would diminish your ability to blend in as a normal animal since you would have a symbol emblazoned on you in animal form. Something to think about. Plus it would mark you as a follower of the religion and those who are against Demeter would target you because of it.

Taulib and you have also come to the realization that you are pretty weighed down. Even after allowing for training, you are sporting over 100 lbs of gear and personal belongings - it might be time to trim your personal stash and maybe see the moneylender and get your coin changed over to a higher denomination.

You Hammer of Malacite has been behaving strangely during your training and Kaer informs you that the longer you have it, the greater it's magic will grow for you. It is true that you lost a permanent plus from the spellwraith assault, but there are ways to repower it back up. A ceremony spell at the right time after using the weapon to help defeat a magical monstrous being and then bathe the hammer in the fallen's blood can reenchant the weapon - at a permanent loss to yourself. The essence that makes you up would be weakened but it is a way to restore your weapon to full power if you wish. (Charisma -1 permanent)

As it is now, at the completion of your training, your Cudgel has increased it's power up one full level (now +1, would have been +2) and now has it's first purpose revealed - the wielder is tasked as Animal Warden - meaning the owner will feel a want to protect animals more but will also get a +2 to their Empathy with said animals. According to Kaer, there is probably another increase to the cudgel in the future after you've amassed some more power, but he doesn't know what it might be.

At the end of your training you bid Kaer a fond farewell and return back to Shakun with Taulib and your companions who also (except for Hugan) seem a bit more impressive and larger. Upon returning to Shakun you will still have 14 days to yourself so if there is something else you want to do, now is the time to tell me.

FLIMFLAM needs to decide:
1) Tattoo or not? Kaer can do it - the choice is yours. No cost.

2) Anything in particular you want to buy or do while waiting for the rest of the group to reconvene?