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Friday, August 7, 2020

PBEM, Episode 109 - Scooby, Dresses, and Hallways

We're back! 



The group decided to have Kovid open the door and as the dwarf went up to do so, Lyra laid a hand on his arm and whispered, “Before we go in this room - maybe we should consider some precautions? Stuffing some wax in our ears might be a good idea. We don’t know if this music is safe or not and honestly... very few things have been safe in this castle thus far.”

The party all looked at one another, Brendon opening his bulging backpack and rooting around for the dried wax candles within. “Good idea, lass.”

Kovid took the candle from Brendon and busted off a piece, sliding the wick out as he worked it between his fingers. “Hmm I am suspicious about this music as well. I fear it conceals danger. Thanks for the wax, Brendon, and for the idea Lady Lyra."

The Magic User held his hand out for the flaking candle as well. “"Yes Lyra, good thinking. I had already thought of it of course, but had yet to vocalize it, so I applaud you on thinking of the suggestion second. Hand me the wax, Brendon, please."

Wyn also broke off a piece of the candle, most of the group was now trying to work the wax softer. “Dis ees good idea, Priestess.”

Abraxas did not take a piece. "Someone should stay alert for dangers amigos. Es muy peligroso for all of us to have no one listen. Señor Lawmess y Señora Leyera, I have seen you freeze pendejos in their tracks. Can you perhaps be at the ready to cast it on me if I am enchanted? I will go in without the waxy ears, and keep my ears y eyes open. I will remain at the back, so can one of you watch me as I enter? Gracias amigos."

The elf nodded, clapping the Fighter once on the shoulder in gratitude. “En tank you Monsieur Salazar for keeping an ear open.” He looked at the party. “I shall keep one ear open, ready to plug it up should need be.”

“Again, having great ideas when I have them,” Lannis said. “I shall do the same but will do it first and Wyn shall do as I would have suggested to do.”

The minutes passed by as the group tried to work the candle softer but all it did was bent and break and flake off and after a few frustrating minutes Kovid tossed his mangled wax pieces to the ground and held his hand out to Brendon. “I have an idea, let’s try a candle that isn’t as dry as Loki’s Itchy Scalp, huh?” As the scout handed over a fresher candle that had taken from the box, the dwarf repeated his gesture with breaking off a piece and this time was able to work it and mold it swiftly to his needs.

The rest of the party did the same, discarding their older pieces in exchange for fresher until most of the group had their ears plugged except for Abraxas, while Wyn and Lannis only plugged one ear, a wax plug ready for the second one. Weapons ready, relying more on hand motions and what not, the all drew together as Kovid grabbed the handle and turned it, pushing the door solidly in and to the left.

And the door stopped before it even opened. He turned the knob a second time and pushed again. And again the door barely moved. “Stuck,” he said enunciating the word. “Barred from the other side.”

Abraxas tilted his head. “Senors?”

“Don’t think I should open it,” Kovid said, pulling one of the plugs out. “It’ll make a hell of a lot of noise. Should move on to the next room.”

“We have ear plugs in, nobody can hear us,” Lannis said.

“Senors,” Abraxas repeated.

“Butcher would hear us making a racket,” Kovid added.

“I’m sure he’s busy,” the Magic User suggested sarcastically. “Open it up.”

“Lannis, why don’t you open it up with your superior intellect,” Brendon scoffed.

“Don’t listen to that coward,” Lannis smirked. “Kick it in.”

“Don’t damage your foot, Kovid,” the Scout added. “Use Lannis’ thick skull.”

“The two of you, knock it off,” Lyra hissed, pulling out an ear plug as well.

“SENORS…” Abraxas whispered again intently.

“Eh?” Wyn asked.

“La arpa.”

“What about it,” Kovid asked.

“She has gone quiet.”

The group all grew silent and listened. Where before we could hear an occasional not being played. At this point, there was none. Nothing. It was silent beyond the door.

“Change of plans,” Lannis said, folding his hands over his chest. “Move on to the next room.”

“Oh. Thor’s Billowing Flatulence,” Kovid swore.

“Can still go in,” Wyn suggested.

“Barred, from the other side. And it’ll make too much noise.”

“Senors, let’s vaminos. Forward, si?”

The group was already moving forward around the corner, Wyn hanging back briefly to listen to the door one last time. “Zee music. I cannot ‘ear it. I wonder iffin dere be any song I remember from me younger days being played in dere..."

"Doubtful Wyn,” Lannis said, motioning the elf to go ahead of him, Abraxas taking up the rear. “That sounded like a harp of some kind playing; not a clay jug and wash board.” He scoffed, “To be fair, it could have been a banjo."

Moving to the corridor and turning east, Brendon resumed his scouting, head shaking with concern. “That is two doors we’ve now gone past and left at our six. We have to be vigilant from this point out, don’t want to be caught with foes behind us and before us.”

The passage had gone east maybe 40’ before opening up to a larger room. A wavering light was in the corner of the chamber. The north wall was crude and unworked cavern stone while the floor, south, and east walls were finished castle stone. There was a DOOR on the far end of the room, the door had been staved in some time ago and had a massive hole in the bottom of it but still worked on functioning hinges.

A raised round stone TABLE and pit 3’ around was in the southeast corner, a single flame was burning in the center, illuminating 3 figures surrounding it. They were in terrible shape, their flesh was mottled, burned, scarred, and missing in some places, showing raw muscle and ligament beneath. In the northeast corner was a wooden TABLE with 4 skulls on it, humanoid, and in each corner. In the middle of the table was a silver STATUE of some lizard looking figure. Two more badly hurt and carved up figures were standing there, one watching the statue, the other was facing the rest of the group, its hand upraised in a ‘stop’ action. (Reaction roll: Red/Black 3, 3 – 6 – neutral and waiting)

“See?” Brendon huffed. “See? What did I just say?”

“Leave,” the figure with its hand upraised said, its voice was raspy and deep, breathy and strange. “We are the Guardians of Corfard.” The other figured in the room all turned to look at the party, their muscles and joints making strange creaking noises as they moved. As one they all intoned, “Leave…We are the Guardians of Corfard.”

“I hate this castle,” Lannis bitched, holding his chest tight between his clenching hands, backing up so he was safely behind Lyra’s armored form.

Time now is 3:00


What’s the plan?

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Hurricane Isaias - Interrupting

Yep - been without power for a few days as well as some of my players

Hopefully we'll be back soon!

Thanks and be safe


Monday, August 3, 2020

PBEM, Episode 109 - Scooby, Dresses, and Hallways


“Hmm,” Brendon rubbed his chin, deep in though. “I wonder if there is copper sulfate beyond that door. Sand and salt are used to in separating the copper.”

Lannis looked the scout up and down incredulously. “Have you SEEN any copper works anywhere so far? And that just seem needlessly complicated to even contemplate.” He shrugged. "Let's avoid the Butcher for now, the music seems far less dangerous. Jowass certainly didn't make his visits here seem all that pleasant, and I'd rather not have my nipples be made to be part of a charcuterie board at the moment.”

The Cleric nodded. “I agree with Lannis. Copper salt and sand though? I don’t really know where the sand would some from…The copper smell could be... I don’t know, blood?”

Meanwhile Abraxas lifted his shield up and motioned down the hall. “To the door, Senor,” turning to Wyn he whispered, "On your mark, amigo."

The elf shook his head. "Monsieur... I dont tink we attack right now. We wait... scout more... knock on door to Butcher later... oui?"

Kovid grunted, beard bristling. “We may regret not having dealt with the Butcher first while all was quiet. I don’t like enemies coming up from behind”

Addressing the Dwarf, Wyn replied, "I tink we need to deal with de Butcha at some point... but mayhaps it be better to wait still we know what ees round de corner up dere. Can we walk quietly up to de corner en du Lac en moi scout furdder?"

“It would be best for my nipples. Mine and yours,” Lannis asserted.

"Oui, exactly. Protect de nipples... ok? 'opefully de Butcha do not come out while we gone. If 'e does, just say dat you down 'ere 'cause Jowas gave us a map before 'ee left en we explorin de castle. Den apologize fer disturbin 'im.”

Thinking about it for a bit, the dwarf sighed and nodded once. “I agree with my elf friend. We should see what is around the corner before we take on such a foe.”

"Ok... allons-y..."

The group drew up again to explore, Brendon Wyn and Kovid in the front, Lannis in the middle, Lyra and Abraxas in the rear. With blows, slings, swords, and hammers at the ready, the explorers travelled down the long north hall moving at a slow and measured pace. Brendon was most concerned about the party’s noise as they walked (Br +4, Ly -1, Lan +2, Abr -3, Wyn +1, Kov -3 = Net +0. Move Ambient Noise: Red/Black 10 + 0 = 10). There was the occasional jangle of metal on leather or the scuff of boot on stone, but for the most part the party did their best to travel past the “Butcher’s” Door.

Kovid was looking intently for any splatters or drag marks (none) and the group didn’t see anything else or different that the two scouts had reported 10 minutes earlier.

Eventually they made it safely past the door and continued on to the end of the hall. The door here was closed and Brendon proceeded to check it over intently while Kovid and Wyn went around the corner, relying on their infravision to help out. Wyn (>Wis, Orange 15) had to walk a few feet down the passage to get away from the light, the dwarf had left his lantern with the others to join him in looking. Listening as well, ears cocked (>Hear Noise, Orange 5) he paused letting his senses fill up.

“Stale.” He muttered. “Smells stale, like eet is not fresh. Can’t explain it.” He squinted, whispering to Kovid. “Looks like eet opens up, 25 paces or so into a room, no features, no heat sourzesz.”

“Hmm,” the dwarf murmured (Stonework, Yellow 1). “Stale yes, but I think the walls, north side, they appear to be cruder than the rest of the castle. More hacked into the rock than built out of it.”

“Whats it mean, Monsieur?”

“Don’t know. And not going to check without the others.” He pointed a few feet back to the corner. “Let’s go back.”

Meanwhile Brendon was giving the door a once over (>Find, Red 46) and although he was sure the door was unlocked plus it opened away and to the left, there were no traps or surprises to be found. As for the music noises, everyone could hear the odd harp string being plucked from behind the door. No pattern, no tune, just idly plucked string now and again. Head to the door listening (>Hear Noise, Red 56) Brendon tried to see if he could hear anything else in the chamber but nothing was discernible.

Both Lyra (>Hear Noise, White 18) and Abraxas (>Hear Noise, Blue 13) were carefully looking back down the hall but nothing had come out of the Butcher’s Room and they heard nothing coming their way. With everyone back together we discussed what he learned and tried to make a decision on what to do next.

Time now is 2:45
Door is unlocked, corridor around goes 30/40’ and opens to some sort of larger room. Harp noise, idle strings, from behind this door.

PBEM - Application 3, Lannis/Magic User

This was the 3rd application of the set of interludes I had the group do for homework. I had them to write 2 paragraphs about what they told the Academy of Explorers that made them get hired over other potential applicants. This was the one for Lannis, the Magic User, whose snark and irreverence is both entertaining and cutting. In addition, I had everyone also write the same amount for 1 applicant (not them) that was NOT hired.



~ “Sometimes I forget the pleasure of just sitting in the sun, my child. Let that be a lesson for you, that small things are just as important as grand gestures.”

“As you say, Blessed Corfard.”

~ “Quite. Well, enough of this. Before I get my team together and try to get some loot drops around the Goodyhut, we should look at the next member of the group that has infiltrated the Castle.”

“It there a hut structure we are to look at next, Blessed Corfard?”

~ “No my child. I just hate when we parachute into the Island and I’m looking for a pizzagun and I end up with a loot piñata instead. I mean energy drinks and level 3 backpacks are nice, but at the start of the game it would be nice to have a DP-28.”

“The Blessed Corfard has once again gone to places this Adept is unable to follow.”

~ “Worry not, child. My raid team isn’t for half a glass.”

“They must not be thirsty. So, Blessed Corfard, who shall we be learning about this time?”

~ “The dashing and disreputable Lannis Offop, the party’s Wizard.”

“The Magic User, Great One?”

~ “Indeed, the very same.”

“He has shown some skill and capability, Blessed Corfard, but a lack of bravery as well.”

~ “The Magic User is a dichotomous person, Adept. Weak and at the same time strong. Timid in the beginning and fierce at the end. One should never be surprised by the antics of the Magic User because typically they are thinking of the situation 2 or 3 spaces ahead of those around them.”

“So we anticipate this Lannis Offop to be that person?”

~ “Truly I do not know. We should then clear our minds and prepare ourselves as I tear a void in the space-time continuum and use my divine will to reveal to us the original interview of the Magic User known as Lannis Offop…BEHOLD!”

The roof shook with energy and a crackle of electricity burst from the air before them, steaming up from the stones they stood upon, tearing the air asunder with the stench of burnt paper and ozone. Through the tear, a hole could be seen and in it a well lit room with a half dozen older men and women standing about, the late day sun peeking through the slatted windows.

“Blessed Corfard! I never grow tired of seeing this display of your might and power.”

~ “Thank you, Adept. Should see how I’ve hotkeyed my Battleground Optics and Winkyeye if you want to be impressed.”

“Any place your Blessedness seeks to destroy his foes will be an impressive battleground, Mighty Corfard.”

~ “Nevermind. Let us listen.”

"So, Master Lannis, if you are ready to address us? What makes you the best candidate out of the other choices to be entrusted with this mission? Why you?"

“Blessed Corfard? I do not see anyone else in the room.”

~ “Neither do I. Most strange? Is he invisible?”

“Master Lannis? We await you? Pastor, we only had 2 magic users apply, is that not correct?”
“Yes, Janis.”
“I had such hopes that we could get a Magic User on board for this endeavor. The party will need a competent magister if they hope to return with the Prism Crown.”

“It appears Blessed Corfard that the Magic User Lannis did not even stay around for the interview.”

~ “No it does not. Yet I am concerned as to how he got on this mission then?”

“Master! A person enters the room! Perhaps it shall answer the question for us?”

“Pastor. Sirs and Dames. I have this note left here for your group from the Magic User Lannis Offop”
“Read it at once then.”

~ “This is most strange, Adept. To apply by post and still get on the adventure.”

“He must be a formidable wizard, Blessed Corfard.”

~ “Indeed and that troubles me. Let us listen.”

This paper indicates I should write several paragraphs about what qualifies me for a position within an adventuring group. I will not being doing that. To do so would be an insult to myself and every user of the arcane arts that deigns to contact your agency.

“Blessed Corfard! Such arrogance.”

~ “Indeed, Adept. If he was to be in my employ, I would have him staked out over an Ankheg den and his skin used as a sofa covering. He dares much indeed.”

I expect to be placed in your most capable group immediately, and any further correspondence outside that matter will be taken as a personal insult to both myself and the mages guild.

“Blessed Corfard, is it possible that that this Lannis Offop is a magister of standing with the Mage’s Guild? Perhaps one of the High Masters?”

~ “I am unsure, Adept. I have but a few contacts in Specularum and never had I head Offop’s name as a High Master. Let us continue to see and perhaps we can learn.”

In future have someone smarter deal with such matters, lest you find yourself the target of the combined ire of all the masters of the mystic weave in the kingdom.
    Yours, without respect
               Lannis Offop

~ “This is unheard of. I cannot fathom that the Academy allowed this to happen.”

“They do appear to be aggrieved, Blessed Corfard.”

“I am most aggrieved, page! The gall on that man. Is there no one else?”
“There was that other one but we decided against him.”
“Ah. Damn it. Perhaps the group can survive without a Magic User on this mission.”
“Wait, Page, there is writing on the back side of that paper. Can you read it?”

“Blessed Corfard, the writing on that missive does not appear to be the same as the writing on the front.”

~ “Good eye, Adept. Remind me to set you up with an account, I have an old console I can lend you ans can use you on our Raid team as a spotter. No it does not. The writing appears to be more ornate and careful. A woman’s writing I would think.”

“Perhaps his apprentice?”

~ “Let us listen.”

This is Mrs. Offop, Lannis's mother.

“Blessed Corfard, did he just say, Lannis’ mother?”

~ “I…I believe he did! His mother?!”

Please don't take what my son wrote to heart. He's a good boy deep down, brave and caring to his friends. The way he speaks is all bluster, I think it started when his father left for his other family, saying at least there he had a real son.

~ “Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, this is rich indeed!”

“It almost seems cruel, Blessed One.”

Lannis is quite the accomplished mage, having spent years studying under High Mage Brooklyr, one of the five great wizards at the Mages Guild.

~ “Brooklyr?! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Blessed One?”

~ “Worry not, Adept. My concerns about Lannis Offop are dropping rapidly.”

He practices his art every day, taking his skills very seriously. He speaks passionately about becoming the greatest mage in the kingdom, so that one day he can use his powers to protect everyone.

“That does sound sweet.”

~ “It sounds like something someone’s mother would write indeed.”

I implore you, please accept Lannis for this position. If he didn't get it he would be devastated and may never leave home. I couldn't bare it if his spirits were crushed and he never left home. Lannis is most qualified for this position, and should he be given the opportunity to leave home and spread his wings, would thrive.

The image froze showing the council mouths agape and a few moist eyes being wiped tear free.

~ “He got the job…*snicker*…because his ‘mommy’ … *chuckle*… wrote a letter for him.”

“It does seem somewhat endearing as well as a bit sad, Blessed One.”

~ “That it does, Adept. I cannot understand why they indeed went with this posturing buffoon?”

“Perhaps we could see about the other Magic User they mentioned?”

~ “Excellent idea, Adept. Let me once again harness the powers beyond that of mortal understanding…and BEHOLD!”

The view changed again to that of the same room but with an older male with a salt and pepper beard, wizard’s hat at an angle with a number of floating stones orbiting his head. A silver and emerald drake the size of a large cat was perched on his shoulder, tail wrapped around his free arm that had a number of decorative fetishes woven into his cloth of gold robes.

“...yeah, so I traveled for a few years finished my training at the Wizard's Tower and specialized in Abjuration and Enchantments - focusing on buffing team mates and defense. I'm just looking to really grow with a party and develop a strong sense of group and community. I have a strong desire to make a positive influence in my party, our adventures and, hopefully, in the world at large.”

~ “Already seems more capable and level headed than the Magic User currently in the party.”

“I actually have been approached by a few squires asking me to meet their Lords and Masters in the hope that I'd be able to protect their knights on their journey. I said I'd be grateful to meet and offer any services. They've been VERY generous with their offers.” He could be seen rubbing his fingers together, stray sparks of light flashing from his numerous rings to dance around the air as colorful motes of light.

“He wields magic without concern, Blessed Corfard.”

~ “Indeed. I am thankful that our people do not have to face this wizard of skill and ability.”

“I understand the Guild doesn’t typically pay out on the scale of the services I provide and have already been offered, but I am curious as to what it is the Guild can offer, and if there is a party that would be more in need of my services. I am really much more interested in the greater good, which starts with the men and women of the earth. I'd rather help out a lesser able group if it was an opportunity to do some real good in the world.”

~ “And he seems to be likeable as well. With his abilities and force of personality, I dare say the party already here causing problems would be much more effective than they already are.”

“Blessed Corfard, I am thankful this Magic User is not here.”

There was some mumbling answers and cross conversation by the Council members of which only some of the words were able to be clearly heard. “mumble mumble... Overqualified for what we're... mumble mumble... don't want...mumble... waste your superior talents....mumble mumble... not world ending... mumble mumble... idiots really... mumble mumble... too good for them... mumble mumble... probably die.. mumble mumble...”

The Magic User stood up and held his hand out, where a black staff festooned with grey and yellow crystals floated away from the wall and settled into his grip easily. Smiling and nodding he bowed low in thanks and said, “Understood, I thank you for your time. Let me know if something changes, I believe I'll be following up with the Lords and Knights. They seem to have pressing matters of world importance they believe I would be of serious help with. Please let me know if you have anything else that comes up.”

With that the image froze and ended and the hole crackled once and sealed itself closed.

~ “All together, excellent my Adept! I am very pleased with what we both ended up with as well as what we avoided getting in regards to the party’s Magic User.”

“So true, Blessed Corfard! Imagine what it would be like the other way?”

~ “I would hate to imagine it, Adept. But it is time for me to logon, so we shall do this again later.”

“Yes Blessed One. Good logging and may the trees work out for you.”

Sunday, August 2, 2020

PBEM, Episode 108 - Scooby, Dresses, and Hallways


“Dresses!” Kovid scoffed nervously. “Just lady garments? Hahaha. Thor’s shorts I almost shat my own!”

"I tought dis may be de case,” Wyn said relieved. “Priestess, I tink we take de pair of dem fer now en see iffin they be magic later. It be weird that dey not be touched by time while everytin' else be a mess.”

“Phew,” the dwarf continued, “Never cared for spirits and the like. Gives me the willies. Oh well not ALL spirits o’course... I love my alcoholic spirits mind you, but you all knew that already, hehe”

Lannis sighed, "Those elves certainly know how to make a blue dress. I wonder what's kept them safe all this time. I wonder if we can use those dummies for some kind of shenanigans. Not much else to see I guess, grab the dresses, if they are magic I'm sure we'll find a use for them,” he glanced at Lyra and then down at himself, “for the both of them."

“Dis may be Wyn gettin' paranoid but Monsieur du Lac, cen you check to see iffin anytin will 'appen iffin we take deez dresses off? Want to be sure dere be no wire or threads.”

“No problem, my friend. But it’s yellow, Magic Man.”

Brendon gave the two dresses a quick look over while Kovid continued his concern. “Phew! That was a close one... Any one else feel warm? I’m sweatin’ in my chainmail, haha.” He squinted closer at the dresses. “Well now that yellow one is a looker. Might look mighty fine on lady Lyra if I might be so bold. Although, dwarves aren’t a fine judge of these sorts of matters of frilly fabric and lace, so what do I know.”

Abraxas had picked up the Pincushion with 50 pins (2) and the 30’ spool of blue ribbon (1) while Brendon was wrapping up his look. "Señor Korvix, the dress is clearly blue. Where do you see yellow? I will carry all these useable items. Perhaps before we rest, Señor Wynx can use his magic eyes to see if anything we have is magic? Especially if this dress obviously changes colors depending who looks at it!"

“Dis is clearly yellow, Monsieur Salazar,” Wyn chided, “but who to say whedder we see colors da same?”

As Brendon gave them the thumbs up clear, Lyra shook her head, “Blue? They’re clearly white and gold. You all need your eyes checked. Men.” She took them off the dummies and Lannis helped her take the second one down.  “Aw, Lannis. If you want to wear a dress no one here will judge you. Not too harshly at least.”

The Fighter took both dresses folded up neatly and placed them in his backpack for now (2 dresses [4]). Meanwhile Wyn was disturbed at the shadows that were thrown by the dummies. “Hm... what could have cast de shadow? Aren't we de light in dis room? From the wrong side of de screen?” He stepped up and waved his hand behind the screen then the other side. Then he moved the light and tried it again and gasped “Aha!”


“Zee panel curtain! It is one way!” He waved his hand to show that nothing was showing through. “If you are one side, regardless of the light, you cannot see through, and the other side you can.” He then moved one of the panels out and turned it around. “But see? Someone had reversed the panels so it was facin’ th’ wrong way.” (Good job Wyn on catching that – bonus xp later).

“Oh.” Abraxas shrugged. “So you can see a naked person if you are on the wrong side? Sounds like a fiesta to me!”

Pumping his arms and anxiously swinging the lantern, Kovid asked the group, “What’ya say we keep moving west down the hall here. Map needs fillin‘ in.”

"Onward to de ouest 'allway, oui!"

The party relined themselves up and proceeded walking west. They marched slow, Kovid painstakingly mapping as they traveled on. The passage was some 25 paces to the west before it turned it south for a few paces and then continued west again. There was a corner where the passage turned north again. The group was proceeding with care, looking for traps, issues, secret doors, or anything else of concern (no rolls needed).

At the north turn the passage went on at least as far as the lantern light and kept going. There were signs of traffic on the ground, Wyn and Brendon were sure this passage was used lightly but constantly. Distant sounds and echoes came back but nothing the group could identify. They proceeded north from here, time passing along with the slow burn of their oil and the scratching noise of Kovid and his mapping.

It was a good 45 paces until the passage turned to the left (WMC: Red/Black 2) and still luck was with the group. Sneaking up to it they peered around and could see another short 12 pace or so hall that turned north again. Being at an area of the map that Kovid had marked earlier as possible Butcher, Wyn and Brendon went on from here. The elf lit his partial torch and the two scouts traveled on with quieter steps (<Move Silently +10 bonus, Red 15..<Move Silently +1 bonus Orange 1) and faster movement.

At the corner north Wyn looked first, his infravision showing residual heat and nothing else, passage was pretty clear. So the two of them stepped out and scouted ahead. About 25 paces down there was a door on the right hand side and at the limit of the torch light was another door on the right hand side. Listening with care (<Hear Noise, Red 05..>Hear Noise Orange 16) Brendon checked out the local door and Wyn stepped a few paces down the hall to listen further in that direction.

Brendon checked the door out (no traps) and didn’t dare check if it was locked as from under the door he could see a wavering light like torch light from somewhere in the chamber. There was movement but not nearby, but he could hear it. There was also the scent of sand. And salt. And smoke. And a coppery smell. All mixed together. He motioned for Wyn to return to him, the elf coming back nodding his head slightly.

As they travelled back south the elf heard what Brendon had to say about the door and added, “I wasn’t sure, mon ami, but I would guess I ‘eard a few harp strings. Nothin’ clear, but some sorto music notes, I be sure o t’at!” The two of them made it back to the party, extinguished the torch again, and shared with them what they had learned.

Time is now 2:35
Figured I would make life easy for you guys and combine 3 turns (60’ travel) in one. Ok, two doors and a hall turning to the right at the end of the long hall. What’s the plan?

Saturday, August 1, 2020

PBEM, Episode 107 - Scooby, Dresses, and Hallways


“¡Espiritos de Dios! ¡Phantasmas!” Abraxas cried out, silver dagger flashing.

Kovid staggered back, “Thor’s scrote it’s a g-g-ghost! Brendon, go backstab it.”

“First that’s not how it works lil man,” Brendon scoffed. “Second I wouldn’t have ever guessed hanging clothes could startle you mighty heroes”
“Oh my goddess, you’re all a bunch of babies,” Lyra chided. “You challenge a giant ape, but a few shadowy figures? Running for the hills.”

“Um... I don tink dey be ghosts,” Wyn said, drawing his sword and entering the room with care, “but ‘ave yer magic en silva ready just en cases...“

Taking out a dart and looking up and down the hall, Lannis replied, “"I'm sure it’s something simple, but I'll let let you handle it. I'll be out here keeping an eye out for enemies.”

“Wait for me, Wyn,” Lyra said, hand on her holy symbol and frowning as she entered the room with the elf.

“Bravo. Señora Leyara, make them go away por favor."

With weapons out, Lyra and Wyn walked around the screen at opposite sides…to see two dressmaker dummies, each with a fancy elven made dress on it. “Clothes!” Lyra called.

“Told you,” Lannis shrugged.

“Did not.”

“Surely I did,” the Magic User retorted.

“Lissen Velma,” Abraxas answered, “You keep sayin’ that you know everything. But sometime you do not know the things that you say that you think that you know. You know?”

Lannis just looked at Abraxas, mentally unpacking that statement, before asking, “Who the hell is Velma?”

“Never mind,” he said. Turning around to the room, he glanced around muttering, “Jinkies indeed.”

Lyra and Wyn looked over the room. The two dressed were finished, one of them white with green accents, the other orange with yellow accents. They were surprisingly clean and unspoiled although the rest of the room didn’t fare as well. Bolts of cloth look like they had been hacked up and were dirty with countless grubby handprints. A loom had been chopped up and parts taken away, thread had been turned into large snarls binding multiple spools together.

As for useful items, the two dresses counted as well as under other cast off garbage they did also find a pin cushion that was a red ball of fabric sewn tight with a fifty count of 2” pins in it, and a 30’ clean spool of red ribbon. Lyra was looking at the dresses and she did note that either one of them would fit her.

They went back to the front of the room and shared with the group what they had learned and found.

Time now is 2:05

Taking anything? Moving on?
EXPLORE XP: Everyone add 30

Friday, July 31, 2020

PBEM, Episode 106 - Scooby, Dresses, and Hallways


The group split up the oil and candles, Brendon stuffing his already bulging sack with the broken ink vials, cup, and loose paper as well. And then at the end he also snagged the 3 dried wax candles in the candelabras. “Um,” Lannis asked, “What the hell are you doing?”

“It’s alright,” the scout replied, also taking a flask of oil and a few more normal candles. “I have a plan.”

“Sure you do.”

Wyn cleared his throat. “Ah sug’est we goes an’ follow the plan Monsieur Dwarfriend laid out and epy on zee next door.”

The group drew up, slings, swords, and hammer at the ready. Lannis gave the Scriptorium a final forlorn look as the door was closed and we then continued to the end of the north hall and made our way west. The passage here was fairly ordinary, nothing jumped out at us. About half way down was a door on the north way, and at least another 20, 25 paces the passage turned to the south. At the door Wyn and Brendon looked over the doorway (>Hear Noise +10 help, Red 68..>Find Traps +10 help, Red 53) before stepping back with thumps up.

Abraxas swapped his sword to his sheath and shield at the ready, grabbed the handle and turned it. “Uno..Dos..Tres.”

The door opened and a there was a puff of air as the portal swung open. The room was some 30 x 20, and there was a panel divider in the middle of the room. Each panel was 5’ tall and 6’ wide, and they were lightly opaque, changing screens.

Behind the screens could be seen 2 shadowy figures, arms moving lightly and no legs as they floated there, the room had a chill to it a cold that the group could feel on the air currents. (>Surprised 2/6: Pink/White 3)

“What the?” Abraxas stepped back, seeing the figures behind the screens also had no heads. “Aiee!” he hissed.

(Half Wisdom Check: Lannis: >Pink 20 [failed], Abraxas: >Blue 12 [failed], Kovid: >Yellow 10 [failed], Wyn: >Orange 14 [failed].
Brendon: <Red 2 [success], Lyra: <White 7 [success])

“Ghost?” “Ghost!” “Fucking spirit!” “Magic weapon?” “Silver weapon!” “We should leave, now!”

Only the Cleric and the Scout seemed to be unfazed by the apparitions behind the panels and had cooler heads.

Time now is 1:55
Panel Room. 2 ghostly figures behind the panels, arms waving, no heads! 4 of you are a bit freaked out, Brendon and Lyra, you are not. What’s the plan?

Thursday, July 30, 2020

PBEM, Episode 105 - Class, Oil, Scriptorium


“Told you guys there’d be some monster crab thing,” Lyra quipped. “Wait, actually.”

Kovid laughed, “Nice shot bolt master, bolt blaster... Master blaster! Ah haha.”

Stretching out the aches in his arms and checking out his wounded leg, Wyn said, "Well, dat was weird... tank you fer de potion, Monsieur Salazar.”

“De nada, Senor!”

“I returned de empty potion vial and stopper to your bag in case we need it fer later.”

“Gracias,” the Fighter replied.

Once he felt better, Wyn continued, "So we still need to check de fireplace, de table, en de candélabre. Mayhaps Offop swap out fer du Lac?"

“Oh yeah,” Lannis agreed. “I’m done in there.”

"Du Lac cen check de table en de candélabre, while I go to actually look at de fireplace en look over de dead ting more closely. Be sure to leave yer pack in de 'all du Lac. Lighten de loud, oui?"

Stripping off his gear, Brendon said, “My pack is off, Only weapons I have with me are the dagger & sword"

“Wyn,” Lyra said, “Toss that spider thing to the door if you don’t mind, I’d like to give it a once over please.”

"Will do, Priestess,” Turning to Lannis who was getting untied of his harness by Abraxas, “Monsieur Offop, do ye want to 'old all de scrolls en books? Or de you want me to 'old de read magic scroll en one book for now till you 'ave time to read it?"

“Great idea,” the Magic User agreed. “Yes, yes, take the read magic for now, I still haven't decided what the best way to handle the other right now is. If you wouldn't mind taking one of the books I would appreciate it. This one about Prince Ellis would be great." (Swap 1 Scroll [1] and 1 Scriptorium Book [25] between Inventory)

Treading with care, Brendon and Wyn reentered the room while Lyra waited by the door and Kovid kept his vigil in the hall. Wyn went to the fireplace where he poked the Crab Spider one more time, satisfied it was dead, and then grabbed its back legs and dragged it toward the doorway. “Por vu, Lyra.”

“Thanks,” the cleric got down on her haunches and with care, started to look the creature over while Wyn went back to the Fireplace. Still watching the centerline of the room, he stayed on the west side while he went over the flagstones, poking the wall with his sword now and again at anything that looked even vaguely out of place.

After a few minutes of looking, Wyn was sure that he startled half a dozen very small, the size of a finger nail, baby crab spiders able to crush half of them but the others escaped up the flue. There were no loose stones, no hidden areas, and it looked like from the choking webs and dust above that the fireplace hadn’t been lit in decades. “Bah,” he muttered dusting his hands off and turned back to the doorway.

Brendon on the other hand looked over the table which was also on both sides of the room, staying as much as possible on the west side of the Scriptorium. Most of the loose papers on the table were yellow with age and covered with smears and practice scrawls as if some long ago student was practicing his or her letters. The blotter for the ink was dry and cracked, the two ink vials were empty and had been knocked over spiderweb cracks running through the bases. There was a wooden cup that had some strange stalks in it until the Scout realized they were quills, with none of the feather parts remaining on them.

It was under the table that he got lucky and there was a closed wooden box down there with a loose rope cover. He dragged it out and it was filled with candles and oil (Poor quality box with 12 Candles [12] and 3 Flasks of Oil [3]) under a layer of folded cloth. The candles had been protected from the passage of time and unlike the ones in the candelabras, they were not dried out and cracked and would be usable to the party. “Got it!” he said, bringing it to the front door where the group was happy for more light source material and were going to divide it up.

Meanwhile Lyra had been looking over the Crab Spider, anticipating finding a number or a “L” on it somewhere, but there was neither. She was pretty sure though that the Crab Spider for all its size and frightening demeanor, was NOT 30 years old or even close. “If I was to guess, maybe a few years old at most.”

The group now out of the room and Kovid reporting that there was still nothing to worry about, and Lannis turning the pages of the Mother of Monster tome slowly ad he devoured the words, all discussed what was to happen next. “The north door in the hall seems like the next logical location to explore,” Kovid said pointing behind him and then waving his map at the group. “I’ve marked it on the map. If it’s locked or a small room without more doors, we should continue west... Butcher, ice, and elven music. Hmm.”

Time now is 1:45
Divide up who gets a candles and oils (each weighs 1 coinweight) and this adds 30 hours of light to the party’s stores. Good job! Do we continue west or something else?

PBEM - Application 2, Brendon/Thief

This was the second application of the 3rd set of interludes I had the group do for homework. I had them to write 2 paragraphs about what they told the Academy of Explorers that made them get hired over other potential applicants. This was the one for Brendon, the thief (Scout). In addition, I had everyone also write the same amount for 1 applicant (not them) that was NOT hired.

There is a lot of tongue in cheek in these Interview reviews regarding Corfard (the BBEG) and his thoughts and actions. Is he me? Is he an aspect of me? Who knows! Read on!



“Blessed Corfard? A moment of your time?”

~ “Ah, my child. So good to see you Give me a second to save this.”

“Save what, my lord?”

~ “This.”

“Um,. Blessed Corfard. I don’t see…”

~ “Done! So Adept, how are things after our last meeting?”

“I am still a bit undone after seeing the Elf up close and hearing his words.”

~ “I understand, but in order for us to better deal with these interlopers, we need to know about them and from whence they came.”

“I agree, Blessed Corfard. I have searched my courage and find I am ready to learn more.”

~ “Excellent my child. For I am already thought on which one I would learn about next.”

“Do not leave this low worm in suspense, Blessed Corfard. Who?”

~ “We shall be seeking out the origin and interviews ripped from the very heart of space-time itself, of the militant and exacting personage that is Brendon Lake!”

“Blessed Corfard! He is the one who braves the halls first!”

~ “Exactly. His courage must be exemplary for him to dare the dark halls of the Murderer’s Castle so far ahead of his companions.”

“What shall we learn, Blessed Corfard?”

~ “Let us see! Through the sands of time, past the heart of a dying star, across the broken backs of stagnant eternity, let my gaze befall upon that which I wish to know…BEHOLD!”

The room crackled with energy and a bolt of lightning tore from the sky and slammed down on the ground before the Adept, tearing the air asunder with the stench of burnt paper and ozone. Through the tear, a hole could be seen and in it a well lit room with a half dozen older men and women standing by a curtained area where a shadowy figure in leather armor could be glimpsed.

“Blessed Corfard! Such wonders! But, isn’t this the same room that we saw earlier when we first spied upon the bloodthirsty elf?”

~ “Yes, Adept. It is the same room since the interviews the Academy performed were all done the same day at the same location. It makes it easier for us as well since all I have to do is cut and paste the description to save precious minutes.”

“Blessed Corfard, I saw neither knife for cutting nor pitch pot for pasting.”

~ “Trust me, Adept. Control see and control vee were done.”

“If you insist, Blessed One.”

~ “I do. Let us listen.”

"So, Master Brendon, if you are ready to address us? What makes you the best candidate out of the other choices to be entrusted with this mission? Why you?"

“Blessed Corfard? Brendon is behind the curtain? Is he disfigured?”

~ “No Adept. No more so than any other human. He has a thematic background and is looking to maximize his presence. Ah, here he comes!”

Stepping out from behind the shadowy curtain near the entrance of the room, Brendon Lake bowed low, doffing a battered feathered cap before straightening up, his quiver of arrows rattling lightly from the motion.

~ “Ah, bowman. Yes. Going for the DPS.”

“Blessed Corfard, I do not understand.”

~ “Standard Thief/Rogue build involves missile weapons for maximized DPS in any well rounded party. I wonder how his cool downs specs are? Most likely basic since it doesn’t seem to come from his off the rack gear.”

“I am… I don’t…”

~ “It’s ok, noob. The Thief speaks.”

"Good afternoon esteemed lords and ladies of the Board of Academy of Explorers. I hope this day finds you all doing well. I have heard whispers amongst the townsfolk that you need finely trained personnel to assist in a task of the highest importance. If you have a few moments, I would like to submit myself as one of the individuals you consider."

“He seems to be well spoke, Blessed Corfard.”

~ “Indeed. I am used to thieves being more of the fugettabout type and wiseguy variety. Plus there is the knife you in the back sort who feign friendship and take you out with a distraction.”

“Well, this Brendon is not that type it seems.”

~ “No. Let us watch.”

"I am extensively trained in the arts of manipulation. I know what you may be thinking. He’s not dressed like a caster and you’d be right. I cannot cast spells wearing this."

~ “I thought so, standard issue Leather Armor. He hasn’t any raid gear yet.”


~ ”Shh.”

"I speak of body manipulation. I have mastered the arts of moving myself so much so that I do not leave any sounds when I walk, my fingers that I may open the secured, and my ears to hear even the slightest of sounds."

~ “We should concentrate on nullifying the group with his removal.”

"I have a varied set of skills that makes me unique in virtually any group on land and sea. I had spent several years with the Silvermeadow Rangers as a scout. I have been a fletcher and I am at home in all surroundings. I’m sure I’m not the only person you have seen or will see and I’m sure we all boast about our skills."

~ “See what he did there? I believe he just negged himself.”

“In public? Has he no shame?”

~ “No Adept…Nevermind, I’ll explain it later.”

"I may not be a man of strength or grit, but I am fiercely loyal and protective. Many of my counterparts cannot make the same claims. Thank you for your time and consideration."

The image froze with Brendon in mid bow, hat doffed and held to the side.

~ “I can see why the Academy chose this Thief to send here. Precise, young, earnest, some skills, forward thinker. In short, a danger to us.”

“So true, Blessed Corfard.”

~ “Let us see the thief that was second choice. Ok…Back to main menu. Special…Got it…BEHOLD!!”

The view changed within the torn bit of space, showing a tall swarthy human with slick backed hair, a garish ring on his pinky, his shirt open and laces undone revealing a hairy chest with a few gold chains dangling there. He was sitting at a chair in front of the other men and women, glancing around with casual interest.

"So I saw a flyer the youz was hiring thieves right? That’s great, I get most of my work from flyers! All the best thief work comes from flyers dontcha know. I didn't read the whole thing honestly, just the word Thief at the top. What kind of job is this again? Smash and grab? Knife in the back? Frame job? I'm real good at frame jobs.”

“A frame job, Blessed Corfard?”

~ “When displaying a picture, Adept. It seems this thief has some carpentry skills as well. Most likely good at rabbiting and dovetails.”

“They are good to eat, Blessed Corfard!”

~ “Eh? No…let us listen.”

“What? Adventure? Crown? Even better, adventurers make loads of easy cash, and I always make twice as much as everyone else. I'm real good at it too, only failed to find two traps in me whole life, that’s why they call me 'ol Eight Fingers!”

“Blessed Corfard, I can count and he is only holding up Seven fingers.”

~ “It seems he is not as good of a thief as he imagines himself to be.”

“I've been thiefing for as long as I can remember, learned from the best, 'ol Five Fingers.”

“Um…he is holding up only two fingers on each hand.”

~ “I am learning why the Academy skipped this personage.”

“So, we get some kind of advance so I can buy gear? Oh hey, I got some buddies who would be perfect for this kind of work, if you give me their advances too I'll go get 'em. So a crown huh? Never tried to knock off the King before but how hard could it be?”

“Blessed Corfard, it would appear he did not read exactly what this mission was for.”

~ “No, Adept. Some Humans live such short lives that they find it easier to skip all the boring parts and look only for the exciting nuggets.”

“You know I like you, you really get me, you get the kind of work people around here should be doing. You know, walking in here I saw some faggy looking pirate guy in the next room over. I could tell from here that guys not half the thief I am. Bet he calls himself a scout. Hey, I'll do you guys a favor, free of charge. You hire me, right here, right now, plus my advance, and I'll pin six or seven rejection letters to that guys back for you. Saving you guys time is one of the many services I offer. So, do we have a deal? By the way, has anyone ever told you that you've got some real nice stuff in here? Real expensive looking.”

There was a muffled question coming from the table.

“What was that? My name? You sure do ask a lot of questions, huh?"

The image came to a stop and the hole sealed itself closed.

“Blessed Corfard. I would imagine that is the example of the kind of thief you would normally find, correct?”

~ “Yes Adept. But instead, we have a different type. More professional and hence, more dangerous.”

“But we can defeat him?”

~ “Of that I have no doubt, Adept. No doubt at all.”

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

PBEM, Episode 104 - Class, Oil, Scriptorium


Wyn drew his sword, cursing, “Putain de merde! You 'ave to buy me dinna first, you meunier de crustacé sale!" He lunged forward (>+3 to hit, Orange 14) short sword skittering across the crab spider’s carapace (1d6+1 Damage, Orange 1 – 2 Damage!) scoring a deep line but failing to run the beast through. "Rod it, Offop! Rod it 'ard"

 "Señor Wynds,”Abraxas called still holding the rope, “get behind my shield! There is a potion in my bag, make some crab cakes or get out of the room. Rapido amigo!"

Lannis yanked the Ishtari Rod out of his robe, yelling, “Wyn, get out of the way!” and waiting just long enough for the elf to leap back from the reaching arms of the Crab Spider before swinging it forward and firing (1d3+1 Bolts: Pink 5: 4 Bolts) the magic forward. Long bolts tore from the front of the Rod (+5 to hit, >Pink 12, >Pink 9, >Green 19, <Teal 6). The spider skittered forward giving chase to the elf when the first bolt ripped into its rear section (1d6 Damage, Pink 3), slammed through its thorax (1d6 Damage, White 4 and Killed!!) and the third ripped two of its rear legs off (1d6 Damage, Red 1 and Extra Damage!!), the fourth bolt missing and slamming into the fireplace but the Crab Spider was already rolling to a stop unmoving.

“I am OWNING this place!” Lannis held the Rod aloft with a flourish before putting it back into his belt.

(WMC: Red/Black 5) The group waited a few moments for the sounds of combat to fade until they were sure that none of the local denizens heard the fight and were coming to investigate. They all released a collective breath and then relaxed.

Abraxas took out his Healing Potion and handed it to Wyn who took with a fast “Merci” and then popped the wax seal and rank it down (Heal 1d6, White/Pink 3 – Heal 3), visibly relaxing as his wounds scabbed over and faded to red and yellow blotches.

“Ok!” Lannis released his shuddering breath. “So, back to the books!”

“Really?” Lyra asked. “Are we sure?”

“Come on,” he replied. “That can’t happen twice.” He pointed into the room. “It’s right over there. I’ll be fast and careful.”

Wyn smiled. “Go, Monsieur. I’ll wait here.”

“I have your rope, Senor.”

Going back to the shelf, Lannis proceeded to dig through the shelves while the oil burned and the party watched and waited. Eventually Lannis had grabbed 3 books and two scroll from the almost 100 that were still there. “What did you find, Manling?”

“Well, given the sheer amount here to look through I kept my search parameter two the 4 instances I said earlier: Castle, Keys, Goddesses, or Magic. And I have the following items. A book about a Prince Ellis, Knight of the Goddesses. A tome that detailed something about the Mother of Monsters and her Progeny. A book that talks about Rowena of Havenwood, Ishtari Magister. And there were 2 scrolls as well, one that had Read Magic in it, and the other that had a more difficult spell, Detect Invisibility.”

“Ooo,” Wyn said, “Zat might come in ‘andy.”

Holding the 3 books and 2 scrolls, Lannis nodded in agreement, “Hell yeah.” (Add 3 Scriptorium Book [25 each] to Inventory and Scrolls of Read Magic and Detect Invisibility [1 each] to Inventory)

Time now is 1:35
Explore XP: 30 each
Bonus XP Lannis Search: 10 XP
COMBAT XP: Crab Spider – 60 XP (divided)
Lannis add: 15 xp
Everyone else add 10 xp.
What now?

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

PBEM, Episode 103 - Class, Oil, Scriptorium

There is something very nice about using B/X and all the at that time wonky creatures in there. Crab Spiders - never perfectly described but always neat to toss at the group.



Wyn took off his pack, bow, and quiver, leaving them just outside the door. “I look around de fireplace to see iffin anytin ta find. I tink Offop cen check de scrolls on ‘is own... don’t want ta be close to ‘im iffin he ‘az an epiphanie all ova de place...“

“Lannis, leave your pack by the door and tie a rope around you and something dense, in case the trap actives,” Brendon helped the Magic User remove his gear while Wyn handed his better rope to the Scout.

"Good thinking Brendon, mind tying me on?” Lannis seemed almost jumpy with his desire to enter the Scriptorium. “You're a man of the sea, I assume you're a master of knots. Not sure what to tie myself down to, unless Abraxas wouldn't mind holding the rope for me.”

"Este... no me gusta amigos,” Abraxas shrugged but took the back end of the rope, wrapping it around his forearm. “Knowingly walking into a trap, es loco. But I am here for you Señor Lanneis, be careful. Good luck Señor Wyun. I'll hold down el Bastille out in the hallway. Señor Koivad, ayuda me, por favor. I dont think we should have too many people in there."

 “Aye, Abraxas I can hold the rope and be an additional anchor WHEN the trap goes off.” Kovid leaned over to the Fighter, whispering, “I think we might be the... how would you say it? 'Cabeza grandes' in this outfit... hahaha.” He laughed and then sighed deeply. “Thor’s shit I could really go for a cerveza grande right now!”

While Brendon was typing the rope across Lannis’ shoulders and through the back to make a catch point for the Magic User, the group’s wizard continued, “I'm going to be honest, there's a lot of books in here, and potentially a lot to gain from searching, but it will take longer than some of you may be comfortable with. I implore you to let me conduct as thorough a search as I can, or allow me to come back later to finish it. Please, this could be very important."

“How long?” Lyra asked.

“If I just do a cursory search, like flip it open, read an excerpt or unroll a bit to see what’s written, it’s still gonna take me a good half hour.”

“Lannis…” Lyra said, drawing out his name.

“I’ll prioritize, I promise. Castle, the Keys, 4 Goddesses, or anything Magical. I swear, that’s it.”

Brendon slapped Lannis on the back. “It looks and feels silly I’m sure, but it’ll keep you alive.”

Lyra and Kovid moved north down the hall towards the corner, the Dwarf holding on to the tail end of the rope. Brendon moved south down the hall to keep post in that place to watch for issues and intruders. Abraxas was at the door, the bulk of the rope around his forearm and leg braced at the corner of the door, controlling the slack as Lannis walked across the floor. And Wyn watched the center line of the room as he approached the dormant fireplace to search it around.

Lannis reverently took the first tome off the shelf and smiled, the heavy book weighing in his hand. Holding it with care he cracked the cover and read the first paragraph or two before sighing and closing it, putting it back on the shelf. “Should be allowed to spend a long more than 20, 30 seconds per book. Maybe later we can come back again,” he muttered as he took a second book and repeated his search.

The group was waiting and watching Lannis carefully, the mage on the far end of the room in the area that “could” be a trap under the wrong circumstances. Wyn as well had his attention divided between poking around flagstones and the back of the hearth and seeing what Lannis was up to (Surprise Check 4/6: Red/Black 2 – Surprised! Thanks Kelly!).

Hidden in the back of the fireplace and camouflaged to look like the stones, something skittered and LUNGED for the elf, its chameleon like powers ending. It was an almost 3’ tall spider with a pair of crab like pincers in place of its front two legs.

“Sacre blu!” Wyn gasped as the Crab Spider hit the elf hard, its claws gripping him on the thigh and wrist and squeezed as it PULLED itself into the elf and its fangs buried themselves in the soft place under his armpit (>+2 to hit +4 Surprise, Red/Black 17), tracing fire in his blood and a pair of deep holes there as well as lacerated wrist and badly bruised thigh (1d8 Damage, Red/Black 5 – Take 5 Damage!). “MERDE!” he cursed.

He could feel its poison running through his body (>Save vs Poison +2 bonus, Orange 18) but the elf was made of sterner stuff and was able to fight through the fire in his blood. Lannis was standing there with a book in his hand, Wyn had a Crab Spider in front of him and the elf was already woozy from the first pass (Down to 4 hp), and Abraxas was in the doorway holding the rope connected to Lannis and the rest of the group were in the hall.

(Initiative: Spider Red/Black 1, Party Steel 2). And it was our turn.

Time is now 1:04


Crab Spider! Ah!

With the door open and a fight going on, if the party makes noise I will make a WMC with a 2/6 chance of success. So quick and quiet if possible. What’s the plan? Run in the possibly trapped room? Attack? Not? Wyn is down to 4 hp, spider does 1-8 when it hits plus poison. Remember where everyone is and time to get there. Chameleon power ends after it attacks, has to flee and get away to pull that trick again.

Monday, July 27, 2020

PBEM, Episode 102 - Class, Oil, Scriptorium


“Kitchen,” Brendon offered, “Let’s swing into the kitchen to grab some bowels. I can use the frayed rope and the bowls to make a few censers for the middle and rear to carry.”

Abraxas grit his teeth. “We are not getting any bowels.”

“Bowls, Abraxas.” Brendon snapped, “Slip of the tongue. With all the wrong things…”

He started to raise his finger accusingly when Wyn stepped in front of him and placed his hand over the Scout’s, shaking it slowly. “Non.”

Lannis filled the silence. "We should check the Scriptorum next, look for candles or sealing wax. After that when we continue on. We should fill our flasks soon, we should fill the lantern out of a flask then refill the flask, much safer than trying to fill it from the bucket.” He snapped his fingers. “Now to the real treasure, the books!"

"Good idea large-headed man!" Kovid beamed, looking at his battered map. “After magic-man gets his paper and wax, let's explore the halls west of there. I've marked points of interest on the map, but keep an eye and ear open to our east."

Untying the rope from the bucket, Brendon glanced at the Fighter before handing the bucket to Lannis, “Mind carrying this, I’m a bit over loaded? Besides flasks let’s grab a few bowls from other the kitchen or dining hall on the way back.”

Eyes flashing, Abraxas whirled back around and shoved the bucket back to Brendon and out of Lannis’ hands, “Brindoan... you must carry your own burdens. Cumbersome as they may be. As must I!”

The group got quiet and Wyn observed the interaction between Brendon and Abraxas with weary exhaustion. “Sigh. I take de bucket for now Monsieur du Lac. I push us out ‘ere, so I cen carry it.”

“Well,” Kovid looked around and bristled his beard. “Ok, We have a bucket, there are 2 discarded oil flasks in the Barracks Room. We can detour there, grab them, head off to the Classroom, get the oil, and then fill the lantern and replace the backboard again and then go to the…”

“Scriptorium!” Lannis burst. “Got it! Let’s go! Go! Go! Go people.”

As the group was heading back to the castle, Brendon working on unraveling the rope, Lyra said, “Once there, if we have a few minutes I would like to take a quick look at the books if there’s any good ones left. Looking for religious texts.”

“Oh ho!” Lannis grinned, “If I have my way, we’ll be there for quite a bit.”

“Manling,” Kovid admonished, “we’ll be there as long as we need to be and no longer.”

“Sure, sure, sure.”

The party reentered the Ispan’s Castle, shutting the door behind them, and worked their way with lantern lit to the East Corridor and eventually the passage down near the Barracks (WMC: Red/Black 3). Once there they listened, opened the door, and Kovid went to the back of the room and then up to the Upper Barracks where he grabbed the two empty flasks and covers and returned to the party.

“Seals are shot, but if we get some wax, it should be easy to reseal them.”

“Scriptorium!” Lannis hissed.

“Senor Dwarvid,” Abraxas offered, holding his hand out to take one of the flasks. “I can carve my soap into a stopper if need be and then jam it in.”

“Hmm. Not a bad idea in a pinch. Will have to use a dagger to open it later, but let’s do that.”

The party shut the doors behind them and then took the passage north to the main central hall. From there they went west, listening with care until they arrived at the Classroom door again. Brendon gave it a once over while Kovid walked a bit further ahead to look west. “What you doing dwarf?” Lyra asked.

“Getting out of the light.” He squinted and then grunted satisfied. “Door at the end of the hall with the statues that lead to where Grilljax was is shut.”

“No more kobolds,” Brendon muttered under his breath, only Wyn was close enough to head, the elf smiling sadly.

The door open again, the party entered the classroom and shut it. Once again the blackboard was removed and Brendon went back to unraveling the rope. Wyn, using his own rope tied it to the bucket handle and turned to the scout to say, “Monsieur du Lac, I tink we be needed to retrieve de oil first. We ‘ave de Dex-tare-ity required to ‘andle de bucketin’. En de fumes from de oil might be too much for just one of us to do it reliably multiple times.”

“Sounds good, Wyn.”

The party watched as the elf lowered the bucket to the oil, allowing it to swing a few times before letting the rope go slack (Dex >12, no roll) and the bucket fell into the oil on its side, the handle and rope still out of the sludge. “Nice!” He waited a moment and then proceeded to pull it up slowly hand over hand, backing away often to get fresh breaths until finally the bucket came out.

“Hmm,” Kovid looked in. “Refined. Some impurities on top. Should be easy enough to skim away. You have enough here to fill both flask and refill the lantern.” He proceeded to pour some of the oil back into the hole where it dripped down into the darkness and then placed the first and then the second flask under the stream to fill them to the top.

Then, he transferred one of them to the lantern until it was full, and had Wyn pour the oil again so he can fill the flask another time. Abraxas used his soap to make 2 stoppers (Remove Elven soap) which he pressed into the mouths and rubbed it a bit to smooth out the rough ends of the soap and fill the gaps. “Perfecto!” (Kovid, add 2 flasks of oil [2] to inventory, Lantern back to 6 hours full).

Looking at the bucket, Wyn handed it to Abraxas and asked, “Monsieur Salazar, do you tink you cen carry dis bucket for de time being? I tink ‘avin’ too much load will affect Wyn’s normal speediness... We could leave eet in de room, too, but I don’t want to give any hints to what we found. Com-pren-dey, mon ami?”

Shaking his head, the Fighter answered, “Señor Wyndel, while I appreciate your trust in mis manos, I do not think carrying an open bucket of oil around the Castle is our best course of action. Usamos el bucket to gather oil, fill up our flasks and lantern. Either we hide the bucket here, behind the chalkboard or bring it with us empty. I do not dare walk around with it sloshing all over as we walk."

Wyn frowned at first, “Oil in de... Oh... no dat would be a very bad idea, Monsieur,” he chuckled. “ I just meant carry de bucket. Dat it after we use it, we cen wipe it off wit one of de towels we have and you cen carry de bucket. Dat is what I meant, Monsieur.”

He paused and added “Dough... soaking an towel in de oil might be good way to make a torch... hm I tink about did more... meanwhile hold de empty bucket or we cen leave it here somewheres... smart.”

Kovid pointed to the hole. “Scaffolding peg. Right there. Hang it on the peg by the handle.” He reached over and placed the bucket inside the hole in place. “There! As long as no one slams into the wall again and again, bucket should be fine.” He pointed to the blackboard. “Ok everyone, let’s hang this bad boy one more time.”

The party once again hung the blackboard in place and smoothed out the room to hide the presence again. Once ready, they amassed at the door where a listen in the hall again (WMC: Red/Black 3) showed we were still alone. So the party crept out, shut the door behind them, and proceeded westward to the first northern turnoff.

They approached the door on the right that lead to the Scriptorium, Lannis almost bouncing with glee. Giving it one more look over, Brendon opened the door and we had a chance to look in. There are SHELVES covering most of the EAST WALL, filled with BOOKS and SCROLLS from about 4’ up to the top of the shelves, the bottom has been emptied. An OVAL WOODEN TABLE sits along the north wall with a variety of books and papers scattered across it, two battered chairs near it. A pair of candelabras flank the door, only 3 candles though are present. The CANDLES are old and are not of the same quality as the slowburn candle that had been in the Hobgoblin Barracks. There is a large FIREPLACE along the SOUTH WALL.

Brendon entered with care and searched along the east wall (>Find Traps +25 bonus, Red 75) and Kovid entered and did the same (<Find Secret Stone Doors +1 bonus, Yellow 1). After a few minutes the Scout said, “I know there is a opening behind this wall, and I can see a seam in the floor here about 10’ out from the wall where it would drop away, but if there is a trigger for it, I can’t find it.”

“I agree, Manling,” Kovid said. “The wall opens here and here,” He pointed to the middle 10’ section of the east wall, “Can make out the faint cracks in the stone. And close to the wall, I can smell the oil.”

“Ok, ok! Can we come in now?!” Lannis asked excitedly.

“Who’s going to look at what?” Brendon asked.

Time now is 12:54
What’s the plan?