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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Meet 29, Adv 2, 4/13/13

The party was getting picked and nickled throughout the trek across the lizardman area when the decision was made to not follow the breadcrumbs the lizardmen were sowing for us and instead plunge ahead. It turned out to be a better decision because they missed 4 out possible ambush/encounter areas and found themselves well placed @ Korlok's lair.

The battle with the giant lizardman was terrible and filled with much damage dealing  - the goblin archers really making the most of the combat by continuing to supply a constant and withering concentration of arrow fire which is what made Korlok's death a foregone conclusion.

I hope they remember this lesson in other places of the dungeon as it it beyond required in order to defeat some of the other foes here in Candlewick.

Write up follows:

At the base of the stairs we drew up as best we could into marching order. The problem was the narrow confines of the passage meant having 2 abreast was going to hamper our fighting ability (except for the goblins it seemed). The air was cooler and there was a moistness to the air that was cloying and faintly reeking of algae. The passage stretched on for another 15 or so paces from the base of the steps and then ended at “T” intersection.

Mentally we drew up our map of Candlewick Keep. We knew we were along the southern wall of the keep proper, so a right turn at the “T” would lead to the Courtyard and eventually the outer wall, and a left turn would lead us further under keep itself. If the lizardmen were down here (and they were since they had shot and killed the conjured hobgoblin a few minutes earlier), they would most likely then have retreated to the left.

Fergus took off his helm, put it on his trident, and stuck it out into the hall slowly. WHOOSH! And arrow flashed from the left and passed just under the helm, going down the corridor where it ended with a “crack”. Ok – left indeed. The party began discussing many option of what to do and where to go and how to do it which only made Bill grow bored. So the Halfling rooted around in his bag and drew out an apple pie. Yes – an apple pie. It had pack gunk on it and the crust was a bit nackered, but it looked good and soon the smell of cinnamon and apple and sugar was filling the corridor while the Halfling was busy eating the pie.

Which made about half the party interrupt their important decision making moments and ask him for a piece. So Bill handed out handfuls of pie and the party noisily ate it while Flimflam looked on with wonder at the groups actions.

Eventually it was eaten and we got back to making out way in. We need a distraction and that is where Bill came in again. He wove his hands and summoned another monster – this time a kobold, armed with a light crossbow. He pointed left and told it to charge and shoot and shoot some more. It went with a reptilian bark and skipped ahead, crossbow flashing – and sure as hell it hit a lizardman and knocked him down!

We filled the hall and followed while the lizardman still standing shot the kobold dead. But the summoned monster did its job by taking one out (briefly) and distracting the other, allowing us the race down and engage. The fallen lizardman struggled to his feet while the other one stepped back and continued firing. The two lizardmen were at the corner of a left passage, with the main passage continuing back another half dozen paces and turning left as well.

The battle was halted due to the lack of force we could present at once and the fear of hitting the rest of the party with arrows. It was Fergus and Ben in the front, with one of the goblins and his giant rat up as support. It was some decidedly back and forth combat while the lizardmen slowly retreated and held their own. And then from the left side a blast of pink and the rat was gone. Giant Frog!

The group decided to split their assault, a few of them going left to the frog, while the rest stayed on the lizardmen and the hallway cleared would allow the goblins in the center of the group to bring their bows to play. Hit point frittered on all sides as we plied bow, spear, and sword on the scaled foes. The giant frog swallowed one of the goblins whole. One of the lizardmen went down under fang and claw.

In place now, the goblins along the back of the party fired, arrows flashing. A few of them were too low and hit other goblins in the back. In fact, Fist’al shot one of the goblins with a very poor arrow shot! This in turned angered another goblin who turned and shot Fist’al who in turn was hit. Then Marcus and Fist’al filled one of the goblins with arrows and killed him while the 2nd one looked on. Marcus asked the goblin, “Is there a problem?” and seeing the situation, the goblin shrugged and agreed that there was no issue and returned to the greater melee.

The last lizardman finally backed up around the corner and was gone and we decided NOT to follow him. Instead the combat with the Giant Frog was coming to a close as Ben was now in the frog’s mouth getting bit while he and Fergus stabbed it repeatedly until it fell over and finally died. We tended our wounds and gathered arrows, spreading out the ones we had gotten from the lizardmen. Throughout it all, Fist’al was convinced we were being watched and even Fergus’ paladinial abilities was detecting a faint aura of sibilant evil at the limit of his range. Sisspak? Maybe. But, still the snake-man was not daring to come forward.

Of the two choices, we voted to go down where the giant frog came from first. It was only after 20 or so paces that we noted the increase of water and eventually the hall was filled ankle deep. Not confident, we decided to turn around and go the other way where the lizardman had gone. We drew ourselves up and went down to the more northern corridor. A glance showed it clear.

We traveled slowly down until we noticed that here too was water on the floor, also eventually ankle deep. We proceeded with Care, Ben and Fergus testing the floor with the spears as we travelled. Eventually we noted a side passage to the right as well as a continuation straight ahead to the west. Moving slow we expected more lizardmen, but were instead surprised by what seemed to be two flying compy’s (small lizards, about the size of a cat) hitting the two fighters.

Both were trying to shove the fluttering flying menaces back, while avoiding their foul claws and fetid breath. Scratches ensued and Ben was bleeding pretty badly from the chin before he got a grip on his compy and body slammed it into the wall, effectively shattering the fragile lizard. We heard a whistle from around the corner but Fergus did not let go as the compy tried to escape, instead also managing to smash his into the wall, killing it.

Ben was cut pretty bad and Flimflam was worried that the filthy creatures were probably carrying some sort of disease. What to do now? Go north towards where the compy came from along with the possible retreating lizardmen, or go west? The water was at our ankles and we were getting tired. Bit by bit we were losing hit points and our strength was frittering away.

The party decided to NOT follow where the lizardmen were leading us, and instead went west. And it paid off for in a few minutes we were outside a sturdy door. Fist’al checked it out and convinced us it was both untrapped and unlocked. Was this Korlok? We hoped so. A detection of evil resulted in many targets inside. A battle plan was devised and we shuffled around the corridor, getting ready.

The door was thrown open and we beheld Korlok. He was 9’ tall, plate spines running from his skull down to his tail, weighing in at 1100 lbs. There were two other lizardmen as well as two of the flying lizards. Marcus hurled his hand forward, rose petals flying, and shouted out the final arcanic syllables of his sleep spell…

And everything in the room EXCEPT for Korlok fell over, unconscious. The party pushed forward, Ben a bit surprised. Fergus charged close enough and finished off one of the sleeping lizardmen. A few of the goblins filed in, taking position on the back wall, bows at the ready. Due to the confines of the hall and the sheer number of us, we were all not going to be able to get in. Bill shouted, “There is another door in here!” and our fear was we had to shut it somehow. Tempi had the spikes, but he was not here. How to stop the door?

Fergus volunteered his shovel but was not going anywhere except in front of Korlok who had its massive axe up and ready. Urthar, the porter, volunteered to jam the shovel under the door and hammer it into place, spiking it shut.

Fist’al was convinced that Sisspak was still back behind us somewhere and Bill and Rattireg were bringing up the rear as we tried to fill the room. Arrows flew, stabbing into Korlok, but not doing nearly the same damage that we expected. Flimflam started to cast a spell. Korlok charged, Fergus set to receive with his trident, but failed to get through. The huge axe swung, just missing. It hit the floor with a tremendous crash, another one also passed over his head. The group realized that Korlok was a VERY dangerous foe.

Ben stepped into place, spear stabbing out. Hit! Korlok snarled and drove the party back a fast step. Urthar managed to block the door with the shovel. Fist’al tried to sneak across the battle. Flimflam snaked off Whozea. Whozea and Sanford ran across the room to coup de graced the fallen lizardman and compy from the sleep spell. And then Flimflam faerie fired Korlok, outlining him in purple flames, reducing his armor class.

Arrows flew, frittering away more hit points from Korlok. Spears were flying, none of them hit. Korlok again threw his axe all over, concentrating on Fergus and hitting him. He shrunk behind his shield and the mighty shield burst asunder. Dropping to his knees, he rose up as another blow came across, and Korlok hit Fergus, crumpling the paladin to half damage immediately. Korlok then scanned the foes around him and focused on Fist’al, pointing his axe, and snarled in toothy common, “You’re Next!”

Rats and goblins were at his feet, biting and drawing blood. Fist’al charged Korlok and tumbled through his legs, stabbing up and out – and unable to complete his backstab. Urthar tossed a shield into the battle, Fergus grabbing it and getting it ready. Bill shouted out a call and summoned a demonic mane into the fight! In slavered and raced forward biting and scratching at Korlok.

Goodberries and lay on hands were plied as arrows filled the air again. Korlok was wavering, with over 15 foes arranged about him, he was unable to stay focused on any single figure and was staggering back and forth. The goblins were chanting their battle cry, suddenly filing the air with their voices, giving them bonuses during the battle. Korlok smashed his axe to the side, flattening Sanford the fox.

Spears flashed, none hit. It was now that Fergus was shouting to Korlok about his dead son, Nalifess, which irritated the hell out of him, causing the lizard man to blindly ply axe again and again on the paladin. Hit points continued to fade as the battle pressed on.

Bill shot a ray of frost, frosting the side on Korlok. And then one of the goblins shot Korlok in the head, arrow quivering as he fell over and finally died. The party slowed and drew many ragged breaths as they took stock of the situation with the leader of the lizardmen dead and the party still standing.


Matt said...

Hey I really like reading these but I find myself a bit confused as to who is who. Im trying to make sense of the number of characters who have died, pooffed, or joined. Could you provide a quick list of the current characters with some info like race/class/religion?

Vanadorn said...

Thanks Matt

And Done!!