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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet 17, Adv 4, 2/16/08

This next meeting was a utility meeting where the party took care of all the loose ends that the had floating around. I normally like these sort of meetings as it breathes life into the world the character's inhabit - but there are 6 people around the table and there is usually little reason for a group of 5 dissimilar adventurers to go to the same shop and places as all the other characters all the time.

So I try to keep these shorter with this group, but I know in my heart that I am doing the players a disservice by NOT allowing these sort of meetings to take longer.

Write up follows:

Well, well, well. As had been brought up, this was the Meeting between "Things to do".

We were back in town and going through the long pile of things we had to do while we had some time to spend after our stint to Fulgore Keep. And it was a sizeable listing.

Our characters trained while in town at our various mentors. Detheron worked with Solkissa, becoming welcomed as an Initiate of the Second Circle, Puck resumed active magical tutelage under Adeptus Bjorn acquiring the title of Master Neophyte, Zoltan continued his work with Keohn and is approaching the skill of Lyricist, Gwyn spent his days with Marzen and was now considered a Veteran, and our own Karis' training was now being attended to by Sheriff Yolanda Skeerous from Ponyboro who made the trip here at the behest and payment of Sir Walter as Esquire Nailorgen although still capable, no longer had the raw skills and talents to properly train our budding Scutifer and Cavalier.

With our pockets full of coins and our days busy, we spend much time over the next 22 days going back and forth to the various mercantile locations throughout Orihalcus to take care of purchases, repairs, and needs.

At Jarlian's Forge we had Karis' shield restored, a heavy war lance was commissioned, sling bullets purchased, armor repaired, helms fixed, brooches made, and other work done besides conversation about the ballistaes the party donated to Orihalcus.

At Gorg's Hides we had a set of full leather barding made for Karis' steed, as well as protective gear for both Smokey and Fodder.

At Malcath's Traders the talkative gnome sold the party much oil, hand axes, backpacks, torches, tindertwigs (for Gwyn), wooden chests, manacles, locks, and other sundry goods.

At some point later we went to One Eared Quint at the temple grounds, purchased a healers kit for Karis, and spoke long with the connected cleric about potion purchases. The city still lacks a true apothecist/alchemist to make potions, but the priest was able to have a number of them from Cymbarton commissioned and delivered out here. The party bought a number of healing draughts, resuscitation, healing potions, extra healing, and similar wares as our money stores and the small but potent inventory would allow us.

We learned something of lay lines and places of raw natural magic in the world. Bit of the tree Yggdrassil and how items that have been drained of dweomers might be recharged in these potent places. But where they are we do not know, nor do we know per se how to find them – but it is enough to know that they exist. And that's a start.

Puck and Detheron spent time looking over the full set of tomes we purloined from Fulgore Keep and boned up on what they could, when they could for Herbalism and Poisonry.

Gwynhywver had a birthday bash, Happy 52nd birthday you old dwarf you, making him around 22ish maybe, give or take, and his friends had done what they could to get him drunk including one mugful of Tindalic Dwarven Spirits mixed 50/50 with the local kvass – and then TWO mugfuls of Etherbarl's Drinkable Grain alcohol – yes – the mug gets set on fire. At last look, the dwarf was doing fine and his friends were a bit tired.

The 3 Kobold women Hrundi, Bara, and Ilva had been staying with us – and treated well for the entire time. We've learned that they have some natural skills in Cooking, Leatherworking, and Farming – and we made plans to allow Sir Walter to let at least one of them out (Ilva) and work with the Greengrocer Coalition. If she accords herself well, he would consider allowing the others to be escorted around the town for work. Obviously there is grave distrust amongst the populace regarding kobolds.

Karis met with Subaltern Arnax and Flarg, and asked the two bugbears to please leave the miners alone – as well as not be seen to close to town. They didn't exactly say yes, but they were willing to be somewhat according. They informed us that dwarves (mountain dwarves) were poking around where their former encampment was as well as trying to hunt out their new home. The bugbears want to work for Orihalcus and make money – so they can pay off their Compact as soon as possible. Currently it is under consideration.

Kalt is still in town, he doesn't work, train, or add anything of value it seems to the Slaine name or Orihalcus. Sir Walter did not seem happy about him.

About 7 families have emigrated to Orihalcus, bringing about 50 odd people to the fold. Some of them seemed to be stonemasons, all were human. There has been good talk about the city and those who live here and keep it safe. It's nice to be in a town with an adventuring party.

And there were other things that happened as well – but as you can see, we had a full day role playing – and I STILL tried to keep things moving at a good clip. Sorry for those who had little to do, and cograts to those who had much to do.

On the 28th of Firemonth, we were invited to talk to Sir Walter and some of his advisory committee. He knows that the party has made noises about going to Ponyboro – to go to the Wolverton Estate/Demesne there as it was mentioned in the slaver documents – as well as to visit Thadar's family and return his necklace (bronze wolf's head pendant) to the wife and/or kids. We promised (er…Karis and the others – NOT Zoltan) to do this as well as to avoid telling the family the details of Thadar's actions and his death.

To facilitate this, Sir Walter has offered the party a job – going above the head of his advisor Kegana Attwalt, leader of the Teamster's Guild. It is time for the 6 week caravan trip of finished copper products to be sent to Cymbarton via Ponyboro. And even with the additional drain of having Ironmine opened and taking manpower (dwarfpower) and resources from the city proper – there was a sizeable surplus of finished goods completed.

This overage is going to equate to extra funds for the city of Orihalcus. And it sounded like there would extra every 6 weeks the caravans went out. It seemed that the extra funds would be given to the city as: one-eighth of that overage invested in the Greeengrocer Coalition, two-eighths are going to be applied to former K'Tharkian Mine, three-eighths are going to be devoted to city upkeep and public works projects, and the final two-eights are going to be counted against next seasons tax responsibility for the populace – which means that all the people will have extra coin and lighter costs for the harvest and winter months

So, 21 chests fill with a hundred pounds each of copper ingot bars and copper blank slug coins, stamped and sealed are to make the journey to Ponyboro where it will be given to Lord Artis Daernhorse (note I said Lord, not Sir) – one of the high ruling heads of Ponyboro. Then the party would wait in Ponyboro until the caravan coming back from Cymbarton arrives and they can go back to Orihalcus with the goods going that way.

A sturdy caravan wagon and a 4-team of horses would be leased to the group, as well as food, water, feed, and other necessities to make the trip. The space of time between the delivery of the goods to Lord Daernhorse's Reeve and the acceptance of goods to go back to Orihalcus is the party's to do what they want with. Supposedly it could be as little as one day, or as many as seven.

We would be paid standard rate for the trip: 4 nobles for the trip per person plus 2 nobles/day. We would have to leave tomorrow morning – or the following one at the latest.

At this point there were some faces and snide remarks and grumblings at the table and Sir Walter's offer was dimunized and on the verge of being rebuffed as the group was commenting that they didn't want to be tied down with a caravan wagon and responsible for this. It bothered Sir Walter to hear this. He said that it was an opportunity for the party to do what they needed to do and go to Ponyboro as hoped for. If they didn't want to do this now, they could wait four months (till the 3rd month of autumn) for him to spare them from their actions and activities here at Orihalcus. They could go right back to road repair, harvesting grain, hauling stone, and other manual labor that the city needs if they didn't want to go. But they can't just go when they want, as they want, and how they want as they owe a bondsman debt to him and Orihalcus until Plantmonth 175 next year.

Kegana was pissed as it was obvious that she was given word from Sir Walter that the party would be doing this and it seemed she had passed over her own people who would make this trip. So the party was asked point blank – do you want to make the trip to Ponyboro and bring the goods as requested or not and go back to laboring around town for 4 months?

The group seemed contrite and took the job.

And the next morning we loaded up, took possession of the wagon and boxes, and started off on our next adventure: For Honor and Family.

We ended it here. I hope everyone had a nice time.

Reminder – next adventure is not going to be a constant combat check – role playing, investigation, and some fighting will be in equal parts.

You are all 4th level, so the kid's gloves are off. Don't do anything stupid to kill yourself or your friends.

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