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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meet 8, Adv 2, 11/17/07

The kobolds just had their leader slain, their shaman maimed (lost an arm) and a band of adenturers burst from the center of their encampment and raced out. They were a bit shaken and decided (based upon the now 3rd in command) to pull up tent stakes and bolt. Based upon how long it would take the party to come back would decide if any and how many kobolds would still be there for them to face. They took too long - no one was left.

There was lots of good role playing and the party had to handle the difficulty of explaining their actions, bringing back Thadar, encounters with him, convincing the bugbears to help, convincing the dwarves to help, getting all them to work together, talking to the greengrocers (farmers) and getting them to NOT risk sending people - and all the other good little nuggets that go into role playing - and the party did pretty good - especially since this was their 8th meeting and they were getting better at playing some of these scenes out.

Write up follows:

We staggered away from the K'Tharkian Homewarren and followed Asgirda's winding trail that would throw off pursuers before leading us to Drywood. Karis grew weaker and was forced to be dragged along, the women were terrified, and Thadar was exhausted. In due time we made it to the bugbear encampment and Altern Lamatous was pleased to not only see us return, but to have his two trusted warriors in tow still alive.

We talked with him for a bit, Karis needed rest, then Zoltan got Flarg to help break Thadar's arm and bind the slaver in Puck's manacles. Thadar admitted he was wrong and didn't want to do this anymore. Zoltan didn't care and had the slaver taken away.

Long story short, we convinced the bugbear's that there was much treasure remaining at the K'Tharkian encampment and we would need sledges, travois, and wagons to bring them back. But most importantly, we would need warriors. Lamatous agreed to send 16 total bugbears to help - for either one half of the treasure (assuming we find it AND it's just the bugbears and our party) - or one third (if the manlings have the balls to send anyone). The bugbears will happily take in the freed bugbear woman and her half breed off spring - we would bring the other "good" humanoids back with us to Orihalcus - and the three ex-slave woman kobolds and their two children were unwanted in both places but would be outfitted with clothing, food, and equipment and set free to find their way in the world in THREE days time (long after our group would try to go back to get the remaining goodies).

We gave the Drywood clan their 25% of the take we had gotten so far and was still left with a sizable pile of goods and treasures. We left the next morning and told Lamatous that we would be back within the next 1-2 days with some Orihalcans - and to meet them by the standing stone that was close to their encampment (bringing armed Orihalcans to the bugbear home was thought to be - stupid ;) )

It took 3 hours to get home, towing 6 women and 11 children with us. Once at the gate a runner was sent ahead and within moments Sir Walter and a number of his retinue came to attend to us. The women were sent to the courthouse where healers and apothecists came to attend to them - while our group and Thadar followed Sir Walter, Marzen, and Frau Gail to his manor. We told him of what we had uncovered, settled up, spoke of the riches still there - commented that we still hadn't found the seed, oxen, or farming tools, and finally told them of the bugbears and their offer to help.

Marzen was rude, surly, and barely cooperative - promising to send 60 of his miners with crossbow skills to aid - while the Greengrocer Coalition could commit 16 bowmen and 7 "stout fellows with clubs". Frau and Marzen had barely civil communication with one another and eventually they left.

Zoltan threatened to kill Thadar who admitted he was very wrong and just prayed to Odin to not die in the K'Tharkian camp - but the bard didn't care. Zoltan left in an angry huff and Karis informed the slaver that he had to tell the party some info: The organization was Lycos Suns and they were to take the group to Fulgore Keep which is somewhere in the Dusty Mountains between Orihalcus and Ponyboro.

Sir Walter informed us that a representative from the Slavers guild was going to be here tomorrow, a Representative Carmon - a good man working in a bad industry. Sir Walter informed the group that he could be trusted and would do the right thing. Thadar would have a trial and it would NOT happen unless the party was back and ready and able.

We went around and had some conversations afterwards: Gwen tried to dispel some of Marzen's bigotry towards bugbears but had dubious results at best, Detheron spoke to Solkissa about the needs of the Coalition and the lacking material - giving the druid the strange egg and learning that the horn was from a female unicorn (if a unicorn's horn is removed - the normally immortal creatures can be killed and their potent magical blood harvested), and Karis spoke to Sir Walter about his aggressive nature towards Clothier Dellia and came clean with his actions (seemingly exonerated).

We rested then and Zoltan left early to meet up with Asgirda to scout the K'Tharkian Homewarren - dismayed to see it was quiet and no activity was seen. The Greengrocer Coalition opted not to send anyone on Detheron/Solkissa's recommendation so it was the party, 60 dwarves, Thistle the one eyed elf to Thor who we had met up with, and Altern Lamatous and his 15 bugbears. It was not all hugs and happiness on the dwarves part and Karis was able to keep the peace but not through diplomacy - only threats. The bugbears were much nicer about it and had no special animosity towards the Orihalcans.

Party went to the Homewarren and we looked. It was closed down and pretty well stripped. The chamber to the secret room WAS open, but 4 of the clay pots had been upended and puddles of slime were on the floor - letting the party know it was still unlooted (as they discovered a moment later) so there was still tons of tradegoods there. The dwarves were happy as there was now an iron mine at their disposal only 2 hours away from Orihalcus which would bring much needed raw goods and eventual riches to the border city.

There was a locked cabinet which had some more gem stones in it as well as a 9 lb hunk of quarried raw silvery iron material which Gwyn informed us was most likely Adamantine - the densest steel known to mortals.

And that's where we left it off. We had a good time and like Mike said - this was sort of a Maintenance Meeting - where we had to get things DONE and resolved as opposed to clattering 20's and stabbing bad guys. :)

To make life a bit easier for everyone - here is what we've uncovered just now on our return visit to the K'Tharkian Homewarren:
36 Tourmalines
23 quartz
Statues: 3 copper, 7 bronze, 4 brass, 6 wood, 7 stone – (Dogs, horses, people, dragons, faces, etc…)
5180 copper commons
316 bronze disks
461 brass bits
4 sacks of duck and goose feathers
59 Rabbit fur pelts
26 Wolf Fur pelts
11 Beaver fur pelts
18 Fox Fur pelts
7 bolts Wool Cloth (bolt is 100 sq feet – weighs 25 lb each)
4 bolts Linen Cloth
7 bolts Cotton Cloth
1 bolt Silk Cloth
1 bolt Velvet Cloth
70 lb Raw Lead
80 lb Raw Zinc
60 lb Raw Nickel
50 lb Raw Tin

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