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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Meet 124, Adv 7, 10/15/16

Not much to say for this week's meeting. Something's been going on with the undercurrent I've been picking up on that violates Rule # 1: Always Have Fun.

So on the next posting, we'll discuss what went down and how it all played out.

Write up follows:

The group stayed low in the tree line and waited, eventually feeling calmer and more at ease. Weapons were dropped and swapped, healing kits broken out, and Marcus took out his spell book to refresh the spells we spent earlier. While Steiner and Flimflam were attending to the group, Caidius wanted to have eyes on the goblins so started working his way up the hill to observe.

About halfway up the slope, he noted that some of the grasses were moving strangely. His senses alive he suspected we were being watched and made his way back down the hill to the group. Closer he warned the party we were being watched, most likely goblins, up there.

Tranis and Avidius went to go climb the slope but a shot rang out and we were hit! Everyone ran for cover, the ranger and thief circled around the side of the hill and were shot at, shield splintered! We needed to gather ourselves together and make a fast call on what to do.

Back in the valley side, Tranis and Waldo (Lynx) made a bee-line towards where the sniper was shooting at us, Avidius slowed down, Caidius left his hiding and began climbing the hill, Flimflam mounted Whosea and taking Princess left the camp to Steiner with orders for everyone to stay behind trees.

Tranis took a few shots, one of them blasting through one of the shields he was tossing away and scoring a deep gash in his chest. He was getting closer when the Sniper turned and began making his way down the hill. The lynx put on a burst of speed, not following Tranis who detoured to the west a dozen running paces, passed over a tripwire and was hit by some grenade traps the sniper had left.

At the top of the hill Tranis stopped and took aim as the sniper and 4 other goblins were heading away down the hill, bows at their back. He called his shot…and hit the sniper in the head. The goblin sharpshooter pitched forward, arrow in his skull, vomiting and in pain. Return fire shot at Tranis and the Lynx ran fast…hitting one of the goblin bowmen. Meanwhile the distant sniper was helped to his feet, made a ragged shot back…missed, and was then shot in the chest, killed.

Caidius and Avidius slowed at the top of the hill while Flimflam (in fox form) and his two animals ran to help the lynx in the fight. Waldo was shot, and then stabbed, the lynx falling over dead as the three canines hit the group just after another withering fall of arrows hit them from the ranger’s uncanny bow shots.

The last goblin grabbed the sniper’s Windchaser and ran for the woods…but was felled by a 200’+ shot by Avidius and then the entire area was entangled by Flimflam to prevent anyone from taking the weapon. The battle ended and the dogs tore apart the last goblins. We waited for the entangle to end and then took the Windchaser, returning to the group.

It was noted that whoever took it felt ill, like something was wrong. Also, any magic they had or carried seemed to flicker and fade, and only after 10 minutes did the dampening effect from the Luciferian weapons reverse and people and items felt and behaved normally again.

We spent 40 minutes messing with the Windchaser until we felt comfortable on how it worked, if not comfortable with owning it. Then the thought went to do a speak with dead on the goblins to learn if they knew anything about the Windchaser but when we went back up the slope…the bodies were now gone. Shit.

We spent some time healing the party again and Marcus was encouraged to continue studying since we were still here. The interest to reenter the goblin cave and gather Sisspak was being pushed off to do the next day. Instead the decision came to destroy the Windchaser and bury the pieces and its ammunition in the dirt here.

Eventually we ended it with waiting for Marcus to finish and then finding someplace else to camp...returning to the cave tomorrow and them barreling in and through to Sisspak.

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