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Monday, October 17, 2016

Meet 123, Adv 7, 10/8/16

The group is deep in the goblin warrens and I have some goblin priest's scrying on the group, watching their movements and capabilities. So when the group spends 10 minutes in one place, I hit them again. Admittedly it's with diminishing returns and lesser troops, but it's another hit and they are running out of spells, shields, and healing.

I had to send two of the priests to the 2nd level to snag one of the wizards down there and a handful of bugbears to bolster this attack, but it was enough to shock the group and sent them on the retreat.

Write-up follows:

Avidius slammed his sword out at the “sniper” goblin with the Windchaser, catching the veteran greenskin deep in the back, nicking his lung. He slumped forward, hitting the wall, but didn’t fall! Meanwhile the rest of the party was gathering around Steiner, supporting the priest from the ground and switching positions to bring the battle to the few axe and spear goblins remaining.

Meanwhile from the 2nd closed door the portal opened and a some of the goblin priests within dispelled the spike growth while the other one raised the two dead goblins, animating them as zombies. And two more dead goblins came from the room and headed for the party.

The two priests then left the room, shut the door, and headed down the corridor and into the gloom of the room with the steps going further down.

Avidius then heard other goblins down the hall screaming and some greenskins charged him while another crossbow twanged. So the thief used his “darkblade” for the 3rd and final time, portaling away FURTHER into the cave, behind the crossbow guy, and into the goblin rec room. Once here he moved as quietly and quickly as he could until he was able to hide behind one of the gaming tables, arranging the table skirt just in front of his form.

With the Sniper badly hurt and the tide of battle changing, the goblins in the barracks withdrew while the undead zombie-goblins approached the party. We made way, shield bearers to the front, and made sure that Steiner was close enough to turn the two closest ones. Sent back away, we only had to worry about the two new ones and we took them undead monsters down with little difficulty but with more precious hp being whittled away.

Meanwhile Avidius saw the retreating goblins, with the wounded Sniper, who met up with MORE goblins coming in along with Sisspak! A conversation ensued and the all turned to leave, with one of the goblins making his way to a secret door which he opened and was seen faintly through the portal with a spear. Meanwhile after everyone else left Sisspak remained in one spot, looking around as if he could sense Avidius for some reason, but didn’t see or find the thief so left.

The rest of the group was dispensing some healing and cleaning up while Avidius waited a minute to verify he was lone (except for the goblin in the secret room), then snuck out, over to the door, and with the sword of quickness – STAB – one dead goblin. He took the spear and shut the door, noting where it was and how to open it and headed back to the group.

We all rejoined one another and touched base, shared what we learned, and then discussed what to do next. The priest rooms were high on our list so we listened to the doors again – hearing faint noises but little else. We suspected they might be barred from within and were discussing how to open them when from down the hall there was a cry of “In Vas Electricus Arwe!” followed by a blast of sparks – and then an 80’ stroke of lightning coursed down the hall and struck the party. Half the party was hurt, shields were splintered, the group was stunned. And then we heard voices roaring and pounding feet.

Time to go.

We ran BACK into the barracks, crossed the room and filled the hall while Flimflam sent forth another spike growth spell which filled the room and the far hall – stopping a handful of bugbears (7’ tall, 300# shaggy furred goblinoids) who were them leaping about and backing up. The decision was made – don’t stay – run for the exit.

And when we formed up and ran on, hoping they couldn’t dispel the magic again, we turned the corner to the rec room and stopped – 9 goblins and Sisspak. Slingstones shot out and slammed into Caidius, Tranis, and Steiner who filled the front ranks while spearmen stepped up to hold us at bay. And Sisspak was hissing gleefully as he slithered forward.

Tranis had been holding a magic arrow which Marcus had treated with Gorgon poison long ago, and circled the wall, firing! And missed! The damned magic arrow missed!!! We were caught between two forces that were going to bottle us up, and Marcus managed to get close enough to fire off a sleep spell.

And all 9 goblins dropped to the ground. Sisspak was all alone. We charged at him and he managed to get a bite on Caidius, poisoning our fighter who tried to get an anti-venom going. Then the damned yuan-ti filled the area with a darkness spell and we were fucked.

Using his own magic sword, Steiner concentrated on it, sending a ball of light to flow out, banishing part of the darkness, and getting the group to harry the yuan-ti some more until he turned and fled again. The bugbears and other goblins (priests? Mages?) were clamoring back behind us and we pushed forward. Running for the exit – there were 5 goblin menials – with mops and brooms, cleaning the main entrance!

As we were running and the menials were yelling, Tranis shot two of them in a fit of pique, felling the goblins with a single arrow each before following the rest of the party up the stairs, the slope, into the woods, into the valley, and up the southern hill, jogging to the safety of the trees in that valley to check behind us for any chase (there wasn’t any) and a chance to catch our breath and assess our hit points, direction, and plan.

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