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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meet 39, Adv 3, 7/13/13

This was a short meeting, a few people weren't here this night and there was some RL issues that we chatted about before getting down and actually playing.

And that's the crux that I wanted to mention - in as much as I mention things before the posts - is that RL happens to everyone around the table and sometimes you have to take the time to chat with everyone even if it's just to ask how their week was. They aren't just PC's in the world - they are people, persons, friends, and family as well.

Write up follows:

Heatmonth 28th, 7:45 PM. Auri came back downstairs to the strange quiet of the living area and the party had a frank conversation with the half-orcish girl and her strange ways. Some matters were cleared up and others would be revisited as the days went on. What was discussed in regards to Marshall Westwinter was whether or not we should have some negative propaganda against the deputies and their heavy-handed treatment of us (and Fergus as of late).
We slept well and on the next morning ate breakfast and continued on our way doing investigations on the issues at hand regarding Dreyl Fartree and the other youths in town and their new found disrespect and aggravating behavior. We went to Gerains where we further healed the farmer as well as Fergus before continuing on to Felial’s farm. It was there that we talked to Goodwife Felial and the issues they might be having.
Felial’s daughter had been behaving poorly and ran away some days ago, staying with a friend named Gisette whose family had a homestead a bit further out. Their son was not acting out and didn’t understand why some of the people about town were behaving so poorly. The only thing we could come up with was Felial’s son (19) was not a good looking lad and might be classified as “unpopular”. It was a tenuous link, but all we had.
What was a boon to Flimflam was the naturally growing Mistletoe on Felial’s farmstead as well as the recently bracken-cleared blackberry bushes the family was hoping to coax into a sturdier crop. The druid gave a plant growth to the field and in a single act of decency, adopted the goodwill for Felial’s family almost instantly.
We left and continued on the Gisette’s family homestead, but it was Marketday and no one was home. Fist’al attempted to sneak around the place but the two farm dogs chased him off the property, but not before he was convinced there was someone in the upstairs portion of the house and had seen the party arrive – choosing to ignore them.
We continued our way back to Shakun, stopping once more at Gerains for another healing for Fergus, and then spent some time shopping around for Marketday.
Over the next few days we firmed up our commitment to Nadere that we would help with the caravan to Orland (with dried herbs – a boon for the struggling Shakun) and we did check with Ungoth the Distiller, but found nothing untoward there that made us concerned. The days were marching on and it was Firemonth the 1st, and we would be leaving with the caravan on the morrow, heading towards Orland.

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