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Friday, July 26, 2013

Meet 38, Adv 3, 7/6/13

This was a light night for playing - we had some player/character issues which would need to be cleaned up before the next game, coupled with the fact that we were down 2 people. Pretty much though was a serious continuation of the town adventure with more exposition and some directions for the party to take.

Write up follows:

While the rest of us went back to the Hall to catch up on our tired sleep, Fist’al stayed behind to chat with some of the denizens of the Four Rings Brothel. From his questioning he was able to deduce that they had come in fairly intoxicated and only grew more belligerent and condescending as time went on, up to the actual striking of the girls and then the eventual street brawl.
He looked around and saw nothing, eventually returning home to the Hall where he stopped just past the charcoalers. His elven hearing picked up the sound of something nearby. He stopped, ears straining, and dared to look down the alley, infravision flaring – seeing faintly at the other end a humanoid figure staring back at him.
He backed away and played some cat and mouse with the figure, but it had eventually moved on, heading towards Tanner’s Way and then lost. Chalking it up to more of the same issues with the evening so far, he returned to the Hall and slept.
We woke up @ 7 and the party went to Town Hall to plead their case for Fergus against Marshall Westwinter. Most of charges were dropped and the paladin agreed to being placed in the stocks in lieu of being locked up (to avoid having a record of his crime). But even that was altered as the farmer, Gerain, who had been stabbed, agreed to having Fergus work on his homestead as his indentured man for 4 days.
Meanwhile Auri, who had been left at the Hall, was paid a visit by Nadere, the herbalist, who was looking for Flimflam – assured that he would be home soon and would contact her then.
The party returned to the Hall, got the message, and Fergus left most of his belongings here before going to the Temple to meet with Gerain. While there some healing was dispensed and we even noticed that Deputy Sterkis was here, not feeling well and having an odd wound from the fight last night. Meanwhile Fist’al went to see Pelis and found out he was not kicked from the guild but was demoted back to 18th (out of 18) for his attempt at swindling an already paying and protected customer. As was reminded – “We do not rob from our own people.”
Flimflam met with Nadere and learned about the upcoming trip to Orland with herbs, netting Shakun with over 300 crowns split amongst 16 families – and assuring 2 more caravans (with expecting 500 and 800 crown earnings each). She wanted to know if we would guard it.
We then went to the jail to talk to Drayl Fartree (the leader of the youths arrested last night) and the feeling was that they were under the effects of something very similar to Goblinwater (but without the seemingly same over dependency as well as healing). While splitting them up one of them made a break for it and we had a struggle to keep him from escaping before getting him down and trussed up.
Our questioning assured us that it was not the ale they had drunk that made them aggressive, it might be some other alcohol. We also assumed that there were others about town (or on homesteads) and took note of some names to follow up on.
The day passed in its total until that night where the party had a face-off with Auri – where Flimflam was going to have her removed from the party and Auri was being unapproachable and standoffish. Mamma Rhyback was asked to intervene but it had little effect and eventually Auri retreated to her room crying and upset with the rest of the group.

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