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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meet 35, Adv 3, 6/15/13

This was the unofficial soft-start of the 3rd adventure I called "All the King's Horses". It was to be a mostly town adventure, much needed from the constant d20 sword rattling and dungeon crawling we had been in as of late.

One of the things that came up was the introduction of the new character Auri, a femal half-orcish fighter - played by the same player who had recently lost Tempi. There was a sort of expected, "hey, welcome," time and intro but during the role-playing, it morphed into a wedding between the dead former character and new character - which was both humorous and morbid at the same time.

Write-up follows:

Following the notes as they appeared on the Hall of Heroes, we went to visit Baron Taugis @ Castle Canastel and were surprised to find the place poorly guarded by a single inebriated guardsman. We had some conversation and learned it was the Baron’s daughter’s 14th birthday 3 days ago and the party was still going on. The guard tottered off to go announce us and we realized that there was no one in the barbican either watching. This was not normal and we were very concerned. Eventually the guard returned and escorted us in, but not until he was tricked into eating a goodberry that Flimflam had prepared earlier to restore sobriety.
Head clear, he escorted us to the banquet hall where we feinted drinking. There were almost a dozen very inebriated people here, a mix of keep staff and guardsmen. From here we went off to the audience hall where the Baron was sitting in various ill fitting clothing and his daughter was making out with two men. Many signs of drunkenness and lewdness were taking place. Fearing something diabolical, Fergus used his abilities and assured us that there was an aura of evil coming from the floor and walls.
We got the Baron sober (more goodberry) and a handful of guards as well as his family (his daughter was chased up to her chambers). There was supposedly only 2 casks of ale for the party put it had been three days and they kept finding more cask of ale in the larder – so the party has been stretching on.
With the party now ending and the drunkenness coming to an end we talk to the Baron about Brandone Broman and the bandits who has suffered from goblinwater and their deaths in the basement. It was maybe 2 weeks ago and the bodies were given last rites by a visiting priest of Hades and then interred in the Potter’s Field in an unmarked grave.
The priest of Hades had been here for 3 days and Father Gavilerin had vouched for him. Did he have something to do with the evil? And what was with the casks of seemingly endless ale? We checked over the basement fully and found that 4 more water casks had some of the ale in it. We were given permission to take one back to our Hall to study and then looked over the rest, deciding that the origin point of the evil might be the dungeons where the two men died and the priest of Hades had done his ritual.
We left the baron’s and split up: Flimflam headed to the Rhyback’s to let them know of Tempi’s passing, Fist’al headed to the Broman Estate to meet with Lirea, and Fergus and Bill went off to the Temple grounds to talk with Gavilerin and see about the Hadesian priest that had visited earlier. Marcus and Geld had stayed at the Hall to work on the aviary noted to Perrin, the artifact seeker who had hired the party some time ago.
Flimflam went to Mamma Rhyback and Derrick and did his best to explain what had happened to Tempi and how he had died. Meanwhile the Rhyback’s had a half-orcish female fighter in the house who had come to marry Tempi (some sort of planned nuptial). There was much tears and blaming of Flimflam of this matter. During the difficult conversation it came around that Tempi SHOULD marry Auri (the half-orcish girl) and Flimflam should do the ceremony. Then afterwards he could be buried without issue.
The gnome was flabbergasted and it didn’t take much (other than SERIOUSLY disappointing the 350 lb 6’9” barely calm and collected Mamma Rhyback) to be convinced to do this. Auri (who had been crying) was thrilled at this and was whirled away to get the planning in place. The wedding would be tomorrow @ noon…with Tempi’s internment to follow.
Fist’al went to the Broman home where Lirea was thrilled to see him. Eden (her sister, 9 years old) was asleep and Lirea’s home had gone under some repairs, but still much was to be done. He shared some Bullywug Wine with her and the two of them became drunk, where they retired to her bedroom and spent the rest of the night enjoying one another carnally.
Lastly Fergus and Bil went to the Temple where the met Gavilerin and learned that the priest was a travelling priest of Hades but one he had met before. The feeling that some sort of evil ritual was performed was bothersome to the venerable Father who agreed that he would go on the morrow @ perform a cleansing on the area, hopefully enough to diminish the evil aura.
On leaving Fergus did visit the shrine of Zeus and made a donation there before the two of them returned to the Hall of Heroes.
The aviary was sent and Flimflam informed the party of the ceremony he would be performing tomorrow on the dead Tempi. They checked over the body – he was in bad shape and smelling and rotting. Fergus worked on a coat stand with extra bracing to hang Tempi on during the ceremony and Flimflam wanted to go in the morning to the Undertaker and get some shrouds and linens.
In the morning Fist’al returned, taking the long way around to check out the new Marshall’s home (construction was going on there), as well as getting an invitation to…Tempi and Auri’s wedding. It was apparently going to be a town-wide event. Flimflam ate fast and went to Nadere the Herbalist to talk with her about the men who had died in the Dungeon and to talk to her about getting some Myrrh to help combat Tempi’s growing fecund stink. She suggested the undertaker and Flimflam went off to Southgate.
There he was stopped by the guards who had been given explicit orders NOT to let him out (Mamma Rhyback had feared he would run). Meanwhile Town Square was being retrofitted for the wedding and most of the townsfolk passed said they would definitely be there. The guards went and got the Undertaker who dickered with Flimflam to the tune of 13 and a half nobles to help prepare Tempi’s body for the wedding and funeral to follow but would need 2 hours to get it to happen.
So they raced back to the Hall and got the body ready. The “tempi-stand” was going to be touch and go to see if it would hold (the party went with “please hold!!!”) and we followed the aisle to the Town Hall where Tempi was wheel barrowed in place and then lifted to the stand…which held for now.
The wedding march began and in the view of over 1,000 townsfolk and visitors, Auri was escorted down the aisle, wearing white, led by Derrick and Mamma Rhyback to meet her husband, marry him, and then proceed to his already prepared gravesite. During Flimflam’s impassioned oratory, the tempi-stand groaned and broke. Only Fergus’ quick thinking stopped the dead half-orc from falling…him and three of the other ushers, the four of them literally holding Tempi aloft and pleading with Flimflam to finish the ceremony.
Eventually it ended and Auri became Auri Rhyback. Gifts were given, we learned that part of the price Flimflam had to pay was to automatically admit Auri into the party as a full member, and then once the papers were notarized, Tempi was placed in a coffin and then led to the graveyard where he was lowered to his final resting place and buried.
During the massive town party afterwards Fist’al snuck back to the Marshall’s house where we posed as a laborer and gave the carpenters a hand. Marshall Westwinter returned and took some note of Fist’al but seemed to dismiss his presence shortly afterwards. Unable to leave now without attracting attention Fist’al worked until 5 and then returned to the Hall after getting a mental layout of the 1st floor of the Marshall’s home.
We began our training the next day and for the next almost 3 weeks worked hard on our skills. During the training Perrin did show and not only paid us for the statue of Zeus, but also bought the Statue of Apollo and the Malachite festooned vase with Hercules on it, giving the party enough money to pay for training as well as have a few extra coins in our pocket. We agreed that if he had other jobs we’d be interested and he said if we found any other religious themed artifacts he’d be happy to buy them.
Training was going to be over on Heatmonth the 24 but there were other things going on in Shakun during this time that was going to keep the group’s free time occupied as they were to learn.

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