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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meet 34, Adv 2, 5/25/13

And this ends adventure two. The party did what they expected and had a nice wilderness treck back (lots of chatting at the table, hence the lack of "getting things done"). There are some bookkeeping that have to take place next meeting and then it's roll roll roll into adventure 3.

Write up follows:

We trucked out of Candlewick, walking south in effort to reach the clearing beyond the Endless Forest. Fergus and Urthar were pulling our laden cart, forcing it both around and over the large tree roots that made up the floor of the forest. As we approached the border though, the old growth was replaced with new growth, which also meant underbrush and other flora to slow us down. Ben added his weight to the cart, pushing along with the two men pulling.

By 11:30 we were out and we pressed on, following the border as we went. Fergus and Flimflam were being very cognizant of the forest, trying to find the huntsman cottage once again. By 2:30 we arrived there and let ourselves in. It was the same as the last time we were here, nothing new having happened in our absence.

We rested and thought about trying to find Kair Konig again, talking about our options and what we could try, when Kair himself arrived, alerted to our presence by the number of strange figures in the woods as well as what his animal companions advised of him.

We traded him some of Korlok’s blood and talked about our options. He knew about the dryad acorns Flimflam was carrying and spoke to the gnome in depth about what his options were, eventually the two druids coming to a solution that (spoken in Sylvan), was in the best interests of druids, no necessarily the party or general civilization at large.

We rested the night and left the next day on the 27th, heading the long way to home. We ran across a troupe of 13 halflings and a single gnome travelling to the oracle at Titestory to find out why the gnomish young man was having terrible dreams and a seemingly bout of bad luck dogging his steps. They went with us to the Roaring Treant Inn on the traderoads where we rested for the night after much drinking and carousing.

On the morn of the 29th when we attempted to leave we were pressured to buy a sway-backed nag from a travelling dyer who we thanked but moved on (after Fist’al stole his sample pouch because the guy was being a douchebag). And it was in the evening of the 29th that we arrived finally in Shakun.

We made our way to the Hall of Heroes where we had a note to 1) contact Ms. Rhyback who wanted to have Tempi meet someone (awkward!!), 2) contact Baron Taugis on our return for something regarding the Waywocket home, and 3) Meet with Centurion Westwinter, the new Marshall, when we were able to.

We split treasure, paid off Link, Urthar, and Ben (actually giving Ben the magic shield we found). From here we wanted to rest and then begin the process of training and re-equipping ourselves over the next few weeks.

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