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Friday, August 10, 2012

Meet 8, Adv 1, 7/28/12

The group spent some time looking around the basement of the tower but did NOT want to risk entering it or messing with anything that might be considered outside their skill and comfort level.

As for moving the couch, a lark offer, that is very much BELOW their skill level - but if done right has the chance of providing some decent goodwill with their adventuring name in town.

Write up follows:

We decided to investigate the basement area of Mahr’s Tower, limiting our possible problems to just Fist’al, Ironboar, and one of the bandits that was fairly healthy. The area down there was dark, darker than expected, and it wasn’t until Fist’al made it to the floor that some sort of mystical ambient light emanated from the ceiling.

The basement was the entire size of the tower, just about 120’ diameter, with a number of support columns spaced about the place, supporting the weight 8’ above. A circular iron stairwell was set in the middle of the tower going up to a large trap door in the ceiling. Falag and Thagorek were using a small section of the ground as a place to sleep and work, purloined and mismatched furnishings that had been obviously scavenged elsewhere and brought here. Beds, dressers, foot lockers, desk, chairs, tables. Beyond this were a 5 count of iron and ironbound boxes.

We checked over the area carefully, Flimflam and the rest of the group calling down now and again to ask if it was ok. We discovered a small ring of keys, various papers and paperwork, and even a complete set of torture knives. Eventually it was time to check out the boxes and we had Enthir come down and the mage checked for magic – verifying the ceiling was magical but the boxes were not. Fistal checked for traps and not seeing any unlocked the 1st box and had the bandit with us open the box. A tiny dart flashed out and hit him in the chest. He began to freak out and spasm so Fist’al knocked him to the ground, slashed the wound with his knife, and proceeded to suck and spit out any poison possibly in the bandit’s system.

Shaken but not dead, the bandit was thankful and we checked out the box – it was filled with hundreds of brass and copper coins. Nice. Perturbed that he missed the trap Fist’al had the luxury of looking over the box while open and noticed a release trigger along the top of the box. If it was held down in a certain way after being unlocked and then opened, the dart would not fire.

Armed with this knowledge he checked out the rest of the boxes and opened them without issue – finding hundreds and hundreds of other coins. Most of them brass and copper but eventually some silver and gold as well. Finally while giving the place a final once over we did find a bag of dust spores hidden under the table and from some of the notes found it had something to do with someone named Vingian. We took it carefully.

We left the basement with our treasure and proceeded to hook up the cart in question that was here to one of the nags and roped the other two with leads and harnesses to the cart as well. Small sacks were placed over every bandit’s head and they were all linked to the back of the cart. We had a small issue with Falag where the bandit lieutenant was getting verbally accosted and abused and tortured and the smell of rosewater grew strong and he actually burst his ropes until getting knocked back out again. Flimflam cautioned us against what we had been doing and we grew ready to bring everyone back.

During the trip back we did come across some trappers who we talked a bit to about what we were doing and what they were doing and then moved on.

It was over 3 hours until we came back to the furthest places of Shakun (the homesteads) where we had some angered conversation with Dormanger and some of the other people. They felt slighted that they had been left behind but eventually were overjoyed to see the bandits brought to justice as well as most of the stolen gear. Flimflam assured them it would be settled back and town and the mass of over 30 farmers followed us for another hour back to Shakun.

We eventually met with the Magistrate, Baron Taugis, and Zarik Ikarsbane where we formally gave over the 9 bandits we had brought back to Captain Thragirel and the stolen gear. From there we spoke with Baron Taugis and some of the other council members and were thanked for our part, were paid the gold for completing our 1st charge, gave the Baron 10% of our findings as required, and eventually given the keys to the Hall of Heroes and told we can live/stay there. We were also charged with following up on where this goblinwater was coming from and bring the maker/supplier of it in for trial.

We then checked out the hall of heroes, noted what was there and what was of use. The place needed some fixing and repair so we hired some washer women to clean the place. Some rooms were taken and we divided up the treasures found amongst ourselves. We did find a log book of adventures that the prior inhabitants had maintained and gone on, taking the time to look it over and share it amongst ourselves.

We were going to take the job to escort the stabler to Timberton on the 8th, which would also allow us to take Lirea part of the way to Ferron. Before getting something to eat though the group went to the town square and hunted the stalls, travelers, gypsy tents, tinkerers, and other folk for anything they might need being it was Marketday. We had questionable luck and some of our recently earned coin was spent before going to the Pixie Down Inn and getting a meal.

A round of ale was brought for the townsfolk there and we were certainly popular. Lirea went back with Fist’al and the two of them had more carnal delights. We also commissioned the carpenter to make a number of beds for us, completion and delivery in 5 days or so.

The next day (Plantmonth the 6th) we were eating breakfast and eventually were approached by the Merrik family. They reminded us about the couch that needed to be moved from the upper floor to the lower and we decided to go and take a look. The house was a hoarder house with piles of stuff everywhere, some of it precarious. The couch was an old wooden carved monstrosity on the 2nd floor and was needed to be brought down to the 1st floor. It was made by Merrik’s grandfather and was irreplaceable. No laborer would move it even though they had gone as high as 10 commons.

That was when they had gotten the idea from the Todron family about hiring the “adventuring group” to move it for them. We went over the price for a while eventually settling on 90 commons for moving it correctly without issue or mishap, 20 commons if something goes wrong. We told him to get the carpenter to tighten up the frame of the couch and we would move it for them tomorrow.

That wrapped up this session. As has been the way of things lately, we had two Ironboar-isms and another Marcus-ism. We heard, “I didn’t kill anyone, My flail did,” when asked about the number of bandits that had been slain instead of knocked out and “If I go there, you’ll force me to beat up hobos,” when asked about doing leatherworking somewhere other than our house and why not use the Tannery itself at Tanner’s Way. Finally Marcus had shared with us about the Merrik home and the number of weird items piled up on shelves, boxes, and leaning piles and us moving a couch through the maze and no dropping anything, “I can pretty much guarantee, something WILL break!”

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