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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Add on - Past Adventure Logs

The party had looked around the Hall of Heroes where they did find a log book of other adventures that had been taken by prior groups. Breadcrumbs for their interest.

Fernius’ Tower roughly 4 miles South and West of Timberton.     Poran Woods.

The Five Swordbrothers. 5 Members, 11 hirelings.     46 days.

Deaths: 0 members, 3 hirelings     144 A-30

Adventure Leader Comments: Fernius Slavemage had preyed on the travelers and traders of Timberton for some time. We were commissioned to achieve entrance to his tower and bring him down. Justice was supposed to come with a spear in his neck. We did, but the problem was cutting through all his charmed slaves which were just normal regular folk that had succumbed to his magics. After being trapped in his tower for some time we did manage to break free of our cells and took the fight to Fernius. Slayed the mage and plundered his treasures. Didn’t touch his library as two of our hirelings were turned to pigs for touching the books.

Devilclaw Caverns roughly 6.5 miles South and East of Shakun.     Forested area.

The Five Swordbrothers. 5 Members, 2 hirelings.     15, 21, 7 days.

Deaths: 3 members, 2 hirelings     147 A-30

Adventure Leader Comments: Discovered by a trapper we followed his directions and entered the caverns. At least 3 levels. First two were no issue, lots of goblins and hobgoblins. Third is where the Devilclaw resided and we were taken down. Barely escaped only because the Devilclaw was gorging on our fallen companions. Would like to mount a campaign eventually to go back and reclaim Brother Bartimarius’s magical flail, “Sunburst”.

Hall of Donnegarten roughly 10 miles South and West of Heatherfield.     Silent Hills.

Terril McLochlan and Company. 3 Members, 3 hirelings.     23, 16 days.

Deaths: 0 members, 0 hirelings     151 A-30

Adventure Leader Comments: Former dwarven stronghold, mostly ruins. Plenty of treasure in silver and old dwarven weaponry. Made two trips. On 2nd trip discovered a side passage on the 4th level that went somewhere else. Quality of tunnels were different and our priest got a bad feeling. We left without exploring and decided to have a 3rd excursion at another time. Still haven’t as of yet.

Tower of the Forest Wizard roughly 45 miles north of Du’uk Tsarith in the Endless Forest.

Baylin Quickfoot and Company. 5 Members, 7 hirelings.     74 days.

Deaths: 1 member, 3 hirelings     154 A-30

Adventure Leader Comments: The trip there was terrible, harried throughout the endless forest by the Greenthorn Tribe of Goblins. Once at the forest shield we had a problem with our ensorcelled items and them a sudden tornado appeared. The aftermath had killed Dragonbreath Emberson and three of our hirelings. We left without resolving either entrance through the shield or getting to the tower.

Brokenleg Ridge 5 miles north of Shakun.

Baylin Quickfoot and Company. 4 Members, 1 hirelings.     13 days.

Deaths: 0 members, 0 hirelings     156 A-30

Adventure Leader Comments: Aptly named since I had broken my leg at the sloping scree of stones when I failed to make a jump over a pit by the entrance, we actually did pretty well here. Was a goblin bolthole for some time that allowed them to raid on Shakun without being found. We routed the gobbo’s, took their spoils, and even returned maybe half of it to Shakun as “found” while I sent Sperius to Ferron to fence the rest. Two levels, suspect there was a minotaur on the 2nd. We didn’t stay to find out.

Pervian Castle roughly 24 miles west, southwest of Shakun.

The Squirrels. 4 Members, 6 hirelings.     29 days.

Deaths: 0 members, 2 hirelings     157 A-30

Adventure Leader Comments: Some story from a traveler who had seen a castle lying at an angle at the base of some hill had us going to check it out. Big, old, strong, it was transplanted from somewhere else but don’t know how. Hard to maneuver around. Some decent haul but the coinage was old. Big fight with some nearly unkillable thing but Zarik was able to drop the balcony on top of it, burying it and allowing us to leave. Plenty of treasure sure to be there still but not interested in going back, not without a few spellcasters and someone with a bow.

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