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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet 25, Adv 4, 4/26/08

This was one of those nights where most of the party was in a really good role-playing mood. With the exception of the combat portion of the tournament, there had been little if any dice rolling the entire meeting. And for my own part, it was the group on their own jelling together and being good role players without my own interference.

One of the things that I did enjoy though, was the prop I had prepared for Dargan's Folley 2. I like to give out things, as it heightens the enjoyment of the game to have an item in your hand to read or review or look at. And for this 9 page tome, I had glued a second page on the back and used very light ink on the printing so it wouldn't show through. Then after the party discovered it, they gave it to the bard and the dwarf who spent 25 minutes in real time deciphering the message for the rest of the party.

Honestly, I was more proud of the group or these two guys than any time in the game before. It's times like this that I enjoy as a DM.

Write up follows:

We spent some time rewinding the clock just long enough for us to see how Smokey was going to do at the dinner hosted by Lord Artis Daernhorse. There was some jocularity and well wishings and then Detheron asked for a few moments to talk to his bear. Tried to lead him away and Lord Artis made a joke about not swapping Smokey for some other bear.

Detheron did Speak with animals and got to talking with his oversized buddy about what was to be expected of him. Smokey did his best to understand and promised to try to use the fork and knife as requested. It took the promise of more honey buns and Detheron willing to take a crap in the woods with the bear to get him to do it (Smokey was complaining about stomach cramps) but they went back to the table. A brief final prayer to Frey to give Smokey a serious bonus to dexterity (Cat's grace) and it was time for the bear to do his thing.

This was to be the first of many "gosh, whenever it's Detheron's turn to have the dice rolled, we can't get anything less than a 17" periods of the night. Smokey did great, not exactly the picture of Miss Manners at the table, but enough food came up on the fork and knife to make it to his mouth. Lord Artis happily paid the reward and even Lord Gunnarson and Magistrate Cottson added to it (as they had taken the wager as well).

That night, Detheron and Smokey went for a midnight walk for the "private time in the woods" – deciding to use the treeline on the outskirts of the Silverbough Demesne as a place to "fertilize the verde". Smokey was cramped up and when both of them finished (yes, Detheron did crap), the druid was surprised to hear metallic clinks in the bear's scatting. Looking at it, and rinsing it off, sort of with water from his skin, he recognized it as thin bars of platinum, raggedly cut in half, stamped with the royal seal of King Daro. Three of them

And it came from his bear's ass.

Furious, he did the Speak with animal thingie again, and got Smokey to tell him about when he started to feel like this and when, and who did it. Smokey said it was one of Detheron's friends when he fed him honey buns a few days ago. Which one? Why…the friendly one who talks funny.

They went back to the house (Detheron feeling that there was more “up” Smokey still to come out) where the druid went in, with the three half platinum bars, and stalked into Zoltan's chamber where he tossed them on the sleeping thief…er…bard, I meant bard's chest and they had some heated words. It didn't go over so well for Zoltan who was caught red handed (or at least with shit on his hands) and promises were made to never do that again and yadda yadda yadda.

Next day, Workmonth the 5th, the group was getting loaded up to go and were talking with Lord Daernhorse about the wagons to be loaded back up and ready to go. Promises were made by the party to come back for Tournament on the 16th ("Battlecry" – to honor Thor and Odin) and Karis made noises about entering. Zoltan took a detour to Ikthandar's Leathers to speak with the frightened man about what it is he wanted from Zoltan for the chance to see his "maps".

Ikthandar had some history with Frau Gail of the Greengrocer coalition in Orihalcus and wanted our gypsy friend to steal Frau's medallion that was copper, shaped like a tree with nine leaves, of which 3 of the leaves were gold and bring it back to him. Zoltan nodded and agreed to think about it.

Detheron meanwhile said goodby to Deidra and her children Gregor and Hani. There were tears and everyone wanted things to be different, but Detheron had to go. Promise was made to come back at tournament and Deidra offered Detheron the possibility to stay here on his return at that time.

It was a day and a half back to home. During the night, Detheron and Puck had some heated words AWAY from the camp where the druid and sorcerer argued about spell usage, the danger to the party, and the lack of discipline regarding the safety of everyone – human and animal companion alike. It got rather tense and their voices were heard by some of the party members back at the encampment – but the two men came to some sort of an accord and they came back quietly (Although I am sure Puck stayed behind to choke a chipmunk out of frustration – chuckle).

The party arrived on the evening of the 6th where Atring the gate guard stopped us and there was some talk about the 2 ORCS (Amal and Osgar) we were bringing back as well. Sheriff Phozarn was called and we vouched for the orcs and we were led in – not only with the cart and 2 ponies we originally had, but the NEW wagon loaded up and the 8 draft horses we commandeered from the slavers as well.

Some teamstering happened as the goods were off loaded and our stuff was brought home. The three kobold women were thrilled to see us and we were told that Ilva was being very well behaved while we were out. Group was tired and we stowed our stuff away in the small flop house, now even more crowded with Kalarig, Bosvild, Amal, and Osgar to stay with us too.

The next morn we were getting breakfast and getting ready and dressed when a page came to inform us that Kegana Attwalt, Sir Walter Slaine, and a number of others were waiting for us at audience at the courthouse. We all went and discharged our bills to Kegana and got paid for our work. Then we told of the duplicity of Lord Artis Daernhorse's Reeve and the fact that there needed to be better controls on our end as Sir Walter is being robbed. Marzen grew cross at this, saying it was NOT his dwarves and it must be entirely on Lord Artis' side. Kegana was upset as she had suspected this had been going on before. She was going with the next caravan to Ponyboro and would settle the matter first hand.

Karis had not been sleeping well and his wounds have not been healing. Party was wondering, was it a werewolf that scratched him? Was he doomed and damned? What was going on?

Sir Walter was happy with party and mentioned that he would use them again should he need something special delivered or moved in the future. The matter of the numerous horses we've brought back turned to what we were going to do with them. Stabling was going to be at 1 noble/day/horse and the party sold off 4 of the horses here and now to Marzen and the Copperworks for 85 crowns/head.

We spoke for the orcs and then it was time to talk about our living quarters. Sir Walter had nothing really better to offer the party, but told them that the OTHER house next door was abandoned. They could have BOTH of them AND the services of a 4 count of carpenters for six days total, and the cost would be only 4 nobles/day for their services. Group would have to pay any material costs on their own.

We stayed at the Blue and Dancing Minepick Inn for the 6 days (except for Zoltan who stayed at the Rumbling Gut – a bit cheaper, but friendly to his ilk) which cost more money, but we worked with the 4 carpenters, both Karis and Gwyn chipping in their own skills, and added walls between both homes, removed fences, and even added a second floor and had the roof thatched. Now the flop house wasn't so small anymore and we had room to spare for everyone.

Group decided to not hire on Bosvild and Kalarig as teamster and archer – setting both men free and on their way. They agreed to leave slaving behind them. Bosvild went to Kegana Atwalt to sign on for a caravan trip elsewhere. Kalarig was talking with Sheriff Phozarn about getting a job on the Orihalcan Guard. Amal and Osgar were not going to leave and were fanatically loyal to Detheron. Their own deals and rates would have to come up at another meeting.

We also spent our free times when we weren't training, reading up on the three tomes we found. Perton's Cannon on Thanatelix had been written by a skald named Perton and told of the last of the Earl Marron's family, their attempt to flee to safety during the dragon attacks almost 50 years, the last of the Vermillion Guard who swore an oath to protect them all, and the devastating attack by the terrible blue dragon and how it killed almost everyone and most of the attacks didn't do much to it – except for a water bladed sword wielded by the Vermillion Guard Captain named Grimfast. There is thoughts that the Wyrmsteel Discordia that Karis took from the same office is the sword from the story – the only real weapon that seemed to hurt the dragon.

Then there was Dargan's Folley 1, the Dungeon of Sir Dargan Cooperson, written by Sir Dargan's bondsman named Cyric Mulholland. Told of an ancient dwarven warrens and city found by an adventuring party. Sir Dargan buying it and not going north during the 3rd crusade. Turning it into a keep to repel the orcish brigades should they get that far. How expensive and large it was. Sir Dargan's fascination with some books he found in the warrens. Almost bankrupted the Cooperson family but at the end of it, Sir Dargan took two ponies INTO the caves and came out a day later, both of them laden down with smooth faced silver and golden coins that he paid off everyone and everything with. The party has found a number of the same sort of coins as described in this tome, which took place 50 years ago. Karis wants us to find it and go there.

Finally there was Dargan's Folley 2. Supposedly there are 4 books, we have 2 of them. Tale continued about going deeper to the dwarven city and what they saw. Some of the difficulties. The march of the war and its effect. The approaching orcs. Sir Dargan getting strange and short tempered, spending a lot of time in his books. Morale issues amongst the people.

It was at the end of the tome that Detheron and Puck noticed the back page of the journal seemed thick. They peeled at it slowly until, they discovered a secret page with strange dwarven styled runes on it. Both Zoltan and Gwyn then spent some time deciphering the runes painstakingly at the table one after one, translating the note which read:

Druid volunteered to cap the Folly.
Duped Circle into helping.
They don't know the treasures beneath their feet.
Trapped a valkyrie as warden, that should keep it closed.
Good job guys – I know it was difficult. Very proud and happy.

Karis was getting pretty bad off until after a week, had a horrible night's dream and felt the presence in his room/mind. Some conversation and he realized that his prayers for healing and rest were being answered by his god Tyr, who charged the budding knight to do justice and exemplify his name and works. And Karis took the next step towards becoming a holy knight, a templar, to Try – god of justice, courage, and the sword.

Sir Walter agreed to let us go to tournament and the group made the trip to Ponyboro where we joined in the merriment and fun. We took a room at the Rampant Griffon except for Zoltan who went to the Twisted Forelock (thiefy inn) and Detheron who went to Deidra and her kids. Deidra was thrilled to see him and her house was being boxed up. She was moving to Orihalcus to open a chapterhouse of the Blessed Children of the Wilted Leaf Orphanage there under the protectorate of the Church of Frey. Detheron was very happy and he and her and her family had a nice night.

Karis signed up for the Mounted Sword and the Joust – Gwyn signed up for the Spear on foot and the Sword on foot. Detheron signed up Smokey for the animal fights. And then it was the 16th of Workmonth – “Battlecry” - tournament day.

We had lots of fun and then it was combat time and betting ensued and then the fights went down. Gwyn did well enough, making it to the 3rd round before getting eliminated. Then it was the joust and Karis made it to the 4th round where he went the full 5 tilts against his opponent and didn't get unseated. Good man!!

And then we ended it here.

Was a full night. We are roughly half way through our training (for Karis, Zoltan, and Detheron) and took a "break" to go to the tournament. We'll wrap up our fun there and then go back to Orihalcus to finish our training and mull over what's been going on and what we've learned.

Questions remain. Lycos Suns as an organization are scattered and done. Vanir is nowhere to be found. There was talk from Iohanas about they were to link up with Druids? What druids? If it was that Circle of Thorns as mentioned in Vanir's office notes – where are they? How to find? And the wolf/werewolf – was it a druidic totem or a servant of Vanir? Strong, powerful, dangerous.

The bronze wolf head medallions? Where else can they be used? It was hinted at but where?

And finally Djohrgahd. He is still out there. He has had his ritual spoiled and can no longer use the circle of stones at Wolverton Estate – but he is somewhere and he will want to further whatever it is he is doing. And that means at some point, some children are going to be assaulted and enslaved whether Vanir is going to be a part of it, who can tell. After fighting Vanir, you have learned that as a group you are not as powerful as you hope to be – and it is glaringly obvious that you are lacking. The party should and will do things to remedy this shortcoming soon.

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