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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Addon, Adv 4, Aftermath

After I had written the post report, I was getting a number of emails and comments from the party that that was great and Zoltan was wonderful and we should have him rip off lots of towns everytime - which was the entirely wrong message I wanted them to get!

So a few days later, I wrote up a small story that took place at the breakfast table in the morning after the rumor mongers and gossips made their rounds.

Follows here:


Workmonth the 2nd, the party awakens to the smell of tea and cider and some sort of cinnamon porridge cooking as Flora and Inokis are chatting animatedly in the house's main kitchen. "Good morning, sirs," the comely wench offers, curtsying briefly.

Inokis waves, head bowing once as he struggles to work the too large piece of jam slathered bread he had bitten down his throat. "Morphenurn," he manages to get out as he works his jaw.

There is a full basket of vegetables and groceries, testament to Flora's already early morning visit to the market. "Breakfast is ready," she supplies, passing a stack of wooden dishes closer to you as you take a seat at the trestle table.

"I was just telling Inokis here some of the excitement the criers were shouting this morning. The Sheriff is up in arms and there is a mustering of extra patrols by order of Lord Daernhorse and Lord Gunnarson."

She begins skinning the dirt off a handful of carrots as she continues her tale. "According to the criers, there was a daring robbery last night at the Rampant Griffon, during the second act of the performance of The Damsel of Daggerdale. Someone or someones snuck into the Rampant Griffon and made their way to the room of the Dowager Felitharn from Seneshia."

"Seems she was enroute to Cymbarton with her late husband's son, Krellic, who was down in the theatre watching the performance. She was fatigued and retired early but said she awoke shortly after ten when in her dream filled terror, she realized that her wedding band, and other jewelry from the late Lord Felitharn had been stolen from her while she slept."

Flora shoves the carrots to the side and takes out some leeks, cutting the stringy greens off the tops before slicing into the thick body of the vegetables. "Not only that, as if losing your late husband’s gifts from some sneakthief isn't bad enough, her wall safe was opened and their money was taken as well. Including…if you can believe this, royal stamped platinum bars!" She looks up, surprise on her face at her own recanting. "I mean, taking platinum bars is like taking it from the Baron, the Count, or the King!"

"Supposedly they checked over the entire hotel and couldn't find the stolen goods or coinage which has the noble families up in arms over it. Magistrate Cottson has been personally charged with finding out who perpetrated this daring theft and to bring the culprits to justice. I am given to understand that Quilaric, the owner of the Rampant Griffon, is making personal restitution to the Dowager Felitharn for her loss and is at odds over what occurred. Especially since it has been some time since there has been any theft of note at the Griffon."

"There is a one-hundred and twenty-five crown bounty on the thief or thieves if any tips lead to their discovery and capture. According to the crier, the Dowager and her husband's son are leaving Ponyboro this afternoon and are expected to air their complaints directly to Count Cedric Sedaris and his Dragoons when they arrive in Cymbarton."

Inokis nods deeply. "Not surprising, given that there are stamped bars involved. Don't think the Baron Umbaria is going to be able to ignore this one." He takes another bite of his bread, "Any word on how many bars were stolen?"

"No," Flora answers. "The crier didn't say. But even if it's a few – those things sit in the banks, right?"

"That's true. It's a medium of exchange that the credit system between the banks is based upon. It's like…you have 10 apples in the cupboard to eat, right? And you know you need 7 to make a pie – so it's ok, because there are 3 still in there. Banks work like that. But what if 4 of the apples aren't there, but you have to make the pie? There isn't enough apples sitting around to allow you to do it – and at some point, someone is going to want to know – where are the damned apples?!"

Inks laughs, Flora follows, and the rest of the party joins in while the conversation moves on to what you are planning to do today and how soon before you get out the door to visit Thadar's wife, Deidre and her children.

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