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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Meet 1, Adv 1, 9/15/07

Our first game was a week later and I took it slow on them, lots of descriptions and lots of explanations. This first write-up is not very long but it was filled with a decent origination for a low leveled group.

Write up follows:

After being enslaved by mysterious personages 8 days ago, beaten, broken, and dragged overland and across country to places you have no idea for reasons unknown, weather and change (and a bout of good luck!) stepped in when your slave wagon slipped over the side of a narrow ancient dwarven trade road and slid down the side of a ravine. You awoke slowly and with difficulty, finding the wagon in shambles but the 6 slaves alive.

The driver had died during the fall, but the 3 other slavers had escaped alive (it seemed) after taking what supplies they could from the wagon. Your party had scavenged what they could, finding keys to unlock your manacles as well as a scrap of parchment from someone named Djohrgahd who had seemingly commissioned the slavers to bring your party to him. A standard of a wolf in a triangle was on it, as well some reference to the K'Tharkians (whoever they are).

With the water rising in the ravine below, you had to make your way to higher ground and discovered a natural cave entrance. Shuttling what gear you could up there you explored a bit until you arrived at what appeared to be a garbage heap. Some checking out netted you party a lantern, a helmet, and a sledge. Past there you decided to rest for a bit and then pressed on.

Came up a natural cistern that was fed from above, and found a dead slaver on the water's edge. Rooting through his stuff found more keys, some belongings which you needed, a spell book, and a journal which gave more clues as to who it was that captured you. While looking him over, the small reptilian humanoids came in (kobolds) and your party took out 2 of them, one ran off to warn the others of your approach.

Following the fleeing kobold (and killing him), you came to a tall chamber with an ancient yet still standing wood and stone scaffolding system - 4 kobolds up top and 3 around half way - ready and willing to fight your party. Zoltan took out the bow user with a couple of well placed stones while some of you attempted to storm the scaffold. Gwyn and Karis took some abuse as javelins were thrown and Hedonim shot one kobold cleanly - and then in the excitement of battle shot Karis in the back for 10 points of damage. To add insult to injury, the kobolds sent a barrel rolling into the party that burst against Karis releasing a cloud of brown mold spores, blinding the Half ogre.

Puck thought to run under the scaffolding and fire a spell up into the kobolds above, but a large spider emerged from the gloom and attacked him, forcing the druid to run to his aid after healing Karis and flushing his eyes clean. The fighter, cavalier, and ranger had a furious battle with the kobolds and eventually took the defenders down, capturing the last one who surrendered. We chained him up and decided to follow the slope to the left and what we assume to be the way out of the cave.

Had a face off with another 6 K'Tharkian kobolds in the next room - one of them killed and prevented from warning the next room full (we assume) - where we learned that no one speaks the kobold language - but we assumed they wanted us to put down out scavenged weapons. A battle ensued and spells were flung, arrows fired, weapons used, and We took out the defenders and went through their belongings, further adding to our own meager yet still swelling pile of gear. Detheron let us know that some of the kobold gear belonged to the slavers that had imprisoned us, further proof that we are on the right track.

We awoke hungry and thirsty and Zoltan returned to the cistern below to refill our skins (taking out a kobold in the process) and our druid and sorcerer announced they were ready to face what perils await us ahead. We gathered what we could and walked on.

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Amityville Mike said...

And so began the adventure that shall be recorded in The Nemedian Chronicles as "The Quest for Shoes"...