This site is an online accumulation of the Post Reports for my current ongoing D&D Campaign - for anyone who might be interested in reading them.

Monday, June 23, 2008

It Begins

Should have done this sooner - but I didn't. No problem, better late than never.

I like to write, always have - and now that I thought about it, I can post a bit wider on the net the Post reports (after game write-ups) to my current D&D campaign. This campaign was started after about 3 years or so hiatus (don't ask why - just let it roll on) and so far, I've been having a blast.

In addition to a story that I am working on weekly (check out the CivFanatics site and Pax Romana: ), I will be posting (roughly Mondays/Tuesdays) here the details on the campaign and what's been going on for the last week.

It's a home ruled campaign that draws on heavily on 1st and 3.5 with a smattering of other pieces here and there to flesh it out and grind out the kinks.

And I think that's about that! I'll be posting as many of the "older" Post Reports as possible first until we get to the current day (should take a few weeks) - so in the beginning - there should be a number of postings to this blog.

Read on and I hope you enjoy yourself!


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Justin Jones said...

I'm just delving into D&D myself! Really excited to find this and get an idea of a cool campaign. Thanks for sharing!