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Monday, December 17, 2018

Meet 70, Adv 4.2, 12/8/18

This was the wrap up meeting for the adventure where we totaled XP (half the group went up), figured out income, and made some purchases and re-equipping before moving on to Erylond and Bork Keep/Terror Dungeon. Lots of LARPING and bookkeeping during the night and I still have to take care of one guy at the table who wasn't here and the Mage's Test for the player running Avulstein.

Write up follows:

Once back at the Base Camp, we had the chance to share with the Bailiff and the Reeve some of what we had learned and discussed what was going to happen on a going forward. There were just over 20 staff left and most of the important goods have been taken. In 3 days Teamster Trentis was going to come and that was going to be the end of the Base Camp for House Illytch for now. We were going to talk to the 1st Consul @ House Illytch and share with him the information we got on growing Firvin’s Cap on our own, seeing what we could barter for that.

During the wind down of time, we knew we were being watched on some level, kobolds and maybe giants? But 1 day before leaving Dunatis and some of his druids and the orc marauders who had mugged us twice and their people arrived and tried to parley with us to get Barb’s whistle. She refused, held to her grounds and instead gave the orcish barbarian woman there the whistle she had gotten from Damlagast’s Tower and wished her well.

As for the Orcish Druid, he was happy we did not kill off the Third Warren as the kobolds there had learned to live with nature and did not need to be exterminated. He allowed Barb to keep the whistle should she ever need it and we wished him well.

On Earthmonth the 10th House Illytch left the Base Camp finally and we all trecked back to Sorton where we had the chance to rest and relax on Earthmonth the 13th for a bit before sitting with the 1st Consul Landor Illytch. We talked about our job, how it went, and that we hoped to go on to Erylond and then Bork Keep and the Terror Dungeon. We don’t NEED a backer or sponsor, but it is prudent to have one, and a letter of good employment and trustworthiness goes a long way to getting a good group to back us and at non-usurious rates.

So after much conversation and deal trading we settled on trading the information we had on the growing of Firvin’s Caps in a controlled environment (that the kobolds had been teaching and showing us for 6 weeks) in exchange for 247 crowns, training for everyone who was going up, reequipping of normal equipment, and even a stipend of 30 nobles for those who were not going up in level. We also sold off tons of interesting items we had picked up, keeping 3 items in reserve: A Thorian earring that Dizzy wanted to keep (he bought it), Damlagast’s Spellbook (the entire group bought it for multiple people would get the benefit from it), and lastly was Damlagast’s Robes with the Deeppockets that we were holding aside for Avulstein to decide to purchase if he wanted to.

Coupled on top of that our normal pay, the funds we had achieved earlier, the funds now, and all the other benefits – the 13 members of the group had almost 2,000 nobles EACH, that we had House Illytch reduce to crowns for us at no cost, and even sold off some of our healing draughts in exchange for potions.

Our contract was until the end of the month so for the next 17 days, most of us were training while the rest of us wound down from our very long employment and discussed what the road ahead had to offer us.

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