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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Meet 98, Adv 5, 10/24/15

This wrapped up the last meeting of the 5th adventure with these characters. It was a shorter meeting, we all hung out and ate steak before hand, shot the shit, and generally just hung out. The meeting was a lot of larping and the big part of it was Marcus' mage test. In my mind it's a big deal. 4th level is the last level you can be before taking the test and committing yourself to the guild and the further advancement of magic. You can fail or opt not to take the test - but that means you are capped at level 4 unless you can find a Heretic-Mage willing to train you (and they are out there - but VERY few and far between - plus they are typically all douchebags).

At that point you also pick a school and your spells from that point on are usually in that school. I used to use the 8 schools but instead boiled them down to the 4 elements - each element houses two schools. 1st and 2nd level mage spells, you can use without limit - 3rd and above - if they are IN your school - your DC save is 1 higher. You cannot use spells 3rd and above that are opposite your school (ie - Fire mage can't use Water mage spell). It's elegant, simple, and neat.

Write up follows:

The next few days had the group discuss the situations as they stood with Baron Taugis and his council. They briefly brought up Kalt and the First Sons of Shakun and then left the matter in the Council’s hands to resolve. One of the things that did come up in a private meeting between Baron Taugis and Marcus was the fact that historically the Tower Master was a member of the Council and Marcus was invited to sit on it. Which he accepted. And then he was knighted, formally adopting the title of Sir to his name.

We talked with Horace, Viridia, and Fermius after the fact, with Avidius and Tranis offering to contract and accept the vassalship of Fermius and Viridia respectively. With the two of them on board they became henchmen of our Scout and Ranger and there was much rejoicing. Flimflam was going to spend some brief time with Eherego regarding the wounding and disfigurement of Whosea and was then talking about taking a trip to see Kaer Kohnig for his own purposes.

The party was then separating for training purposes. A number of the members were able to stay here in Shakun (Erd, Geld, Avidius), while others decided to take longer tips to other towns for the sure to be longer training (Marcus heading to Woodhelven, Tranis to Gul, and Steiner taking the longest trip to Argosility). Marcus left Geld in charge of his tower while he was gone, along with a large stipend to help pay for the slow reacquisition and restocking of the place.

While Tranis was in Geld, he was able to broker with some locals to see about swapping out some of the magic items we had to get something for Flimflam who had lost a number of enchanted items during the time in the Tower.

If was Marcus’ time in Woodhelven that was most interesting. The Mage’s Guild representatives there were shocked to learn that a Neophyte was a Tower Master and a Wizard by the name of Danklage was most perturbed – since he was the next in line for the tower here in Woodhelven. Marcus finished his training as a fighter and committed himself to the study of the Weave from this point on.

Part of his commitment was to engage in the Mage’s Test – knowing that if he failed, it could actually mean his death. Suffice it to say, Marcus did wonderfully, scoring 17 out of 18 possible and getting the begrudging respect of Master Danklage for his efforts. He opted for the Rune of Preservation for his main spellbook, knowing that it would now be resistant to water, dirt, fire, and even casual tearing.

As the days were winding along, the weather was growing colder and winter was most definitely settling in.

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