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Monday, June 29, 2015

Meet 85, Adv 5, 6/20/15


The party was associated with the death of what to all intents and purposes appears to be a elven woman in town AND the death of another elven companion - with ties to one of the 13 ruling families of Woodhelven. Elves have a longer worldview on things so they are not going to run people out to to Bumfuck Podunk Shakun and rough up the party for getting their scion kilt...but this is going to shake things up "next year" in game time/terms and I will enjoy doing it.

There are also 3 "threads" for endgame floating around this campaign - I am officially dropping one of them as unnecessary and superfluous - too many spices in the soup so to speak.

Write up follows:

Avidius and Erd ran ahead of the rest of the group to get to the gates before the rest of the party. The idea was one of them would take over Westgate and the other would go to Southgate, inform the guards of Scarene’s presence and description, and help out by staying there until we could guarantee she was in the town and not going to make her way out the doors.

The rest of the party was 20 minutes or so behind and Steiner did his duty by watching Northgate. Geld took Marcus to the Hospice for rest and recuperation. This left Curufin to go to Pelis, Flimflam to go to Baron Taugis, and Tranis to go and report to Captain Thragriel as well as Marshall Westwinter.

Pelis was informed and at Curufin’s prompting, sent out his birds to gather information on Scarene and where she might be. They played chess in the meantime. Flimflam gave the copper common piece story to the Baron as well as reporting about the goblin drums and the possibility of Goblinwater. The Baron reminded Flimflam about “we’ll get to it” problems and how they can snowball – ie: what the Duuk Tsarith problem eventually turned into.

Captain Thragriel and his people were instructed and happy to get the information. There is a system now (there have 8 or 9 “goblin” blamed thefts so far this month) where distant Homesteads use bells to report a goblin attack – 2 long rings, 2 short rings. As for Marshall Westwinter, Tranis spoke to Caladis (his assistant) and was then shunted to one of other deputies, Belamy, where the info was reported and thanked for.

As for Avidius’ gate (Southgate), no issue, no problem. Steiner was also no issue. Erd had a different series of interesting facts. The blond woman with the grey eyes was last seen going into the Helax home, next to the Brandone’s. Master Helax’ wife had passed away a month ago. Guards thought it was a hoot and that she must be a gold digger since Helax was over 60. When we all got back together, we noted the situation but did not want to go there now in our scattered and weakened state.

Lastly, Scarene, information was that she had been staying near the granary on the south side of town (near the millhouse and Southgate). We had the guards there on extra duty and then the group went to sleep.

We went first to Master Helax’ home and he was happy to see us. Remembering us an our efforts 7 months with the strange sleeping hex as well the moving of his couch downstairs that his wife wanted he was easy to talk to. His health has been declining and her elder manservant, Bradwell, did his best to keep us from knocking over the hoarder mess the house had turned into as well as to keep us from fucking the place up.

He did mention the girl and that she was happy to come to his house and sleep with him last night. She was gone when he woke up. The upstairs grandfather clock had stopped working so Avidius and Curufin volunteered to go up there and check it out. There were some strange crystals inside the clock, like quartz, but they weren’t doing anything. Suspicion was that the clock was drained of magic.

We eventually left Helax and made our way towards the granary – where the guards at Southgate had already been detaining Scarene and looking for us. What we were doing wasn’t illegal, but it was pretty close to it. So we got Captain Thragriel involved and he brought two of his deputies. So then it was, where do we do this? Goin to cells wasn’t going to happen and we couldn’t lure her someplace like that – but what we could do is take her to the Town Hall – which had only 3 ways out, and two of them would be locked – the guards watching the front door.

Questioning did not reveal anything at first and she was firm in her story and tale. It was only after Marcus was gotten and a charm spell was cast that we got more information – primarily that she knew WAY too much about drum patterns and communication over distances. The cover was blown.

We lunged for her and she managed to draw two arrows (makeshift daggers? Maybe) and was in combat with Curufin  - but before it could go any further Tranis took aim and fired – and she whirled Curufin in line with the arrows – hitting him in the chest and killing the elven thief! A hold person spell followed and then it was knife across the throat.

So, we are in the Town Hall, Captain Thragriel and two of his men are there, Scarene has been killed (murdered after being ensorcelled into submission), Curufin has been killed in the crossfire, and Marcus is still woozy and pretty bad off.

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