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Friday, February 20, 2015

Meet 74, Adv 4, 2/7/15

This was a big LARPing night. Every so often I like to do town adventure stuff. The world isn't a vacuum and the group's actions will have repercussions in it. However, it also helps to adopt a less combative time around the table and that was this night. Those not in the limelight I gave important people to play for me and let them take a stance adversely (in some way) to those adventuring.

We had a terrific time. And with others running the NPC show, sometimes they take the party and game in directions I didn't originally plan.

Write up follows:

Towards the end of breakfast we split up into 2 groups: Tranis, Curufin, Erd, and Encrinus were going to talk to the Sheriff about the evacuation while Flimflam and Marcus were going to meet with Lord Gelus Keyser. Geld was going to stay behind as he…she wasn’t feeling well.

So Flimflam and Marcus came to Lord Keyser’s manor house where they were looking for an audience. They besides seeing the Lord, they had the pleasure of sitting with Vicar Sans, 2nd in command with the Temple of Zeus, Steiner Whoreson, visiting priest of Apollo, and Mathias Stabler of the Northern Stables.

They spoke at length about what had gone on and learned that the Stablers really wanted the undead threat taken care of and the road to be kept open – since it represents the best and strongest possible incentive of trade this town has seen with the northwestern section of the kingdom in 20 years. The Temple of Zeus was a bit more concerned as they have been bankrolling the militia for Heatherfield and the men who have died from these undead need to be replaced and that takes time and coin.

It was here that the party let Lord Keyser know that they needed skilled men to help in the caverns below – and this was not going to be with local talent and militia men. But real mercenary types. Specifically, we wanted to go to the bandits that were currently waiting in Dairymeade and convince them to come back and help us in exchange for a full pardon.

It did not go over easily. There was much discussion before it was hesitantly agreed to. However, Castus and his men (and women!) would have to perform and then after the dwarven Hades priest was taken care of, they would be pardoned. However, the exile from Heatherfield would still stand. There was also the undercurrent that if they happened to die in the dungeon, that would be ok. Flimflam did not reply to this. The priest of Zeus also did NOT like the priest of Apollo – who was going to be joining the group on their adventure.

It was also mentioned that there was the search for a magic item to use against wights…and we had heard of a rich family who supposedly had possession of a sword of some renown called the Daystar of Zeus – owned by the Carayn Mechanthouse. Something we would follow up on.

As for Tranis and company, they spoke with the Sheriff’s men, learning that the evacuation of the 5 surrounding (4, the Thanach Estate was already emptied) homesteads was taking place. Which left it open for the group to go to the check out the Griffanus Estate and see if they could find some sign of where they might be or what might have happened.

As they approached the Estate they noted that the air was still, a haze was in the air, and there was nothing…nothing in the area. No one. It just felt…wrong. They did not want to use the gate, so they climbed over the wall…and also felt uncomfortable. Everything was bothering them, their senses were excited, it was just…ill feeling.

There was no birds. Not a blast of wind. Even distant voices and sounds were muted and faint. The party picked their way carefully towards the house, and each noise they made stood out. The door was partially ajar (3 inches), a wraparound porch 4’ deep was 2 steps up. The windows were unshuttered but the party could not see anything directly inside.

No one wanted to step on the porch so they used a pole to force it open. The hinges were rusty and squealed, but we were able to see inside. Lots of dust, more than we would expect. Curufin gave the front door a check for anything odd, seeing nothing. Everything inside just seemed older, more worn, threadbare.

No one wanted to go in. At all. Erd made the attempt, but hesitated at the door, sword out and NOT going in. The decision was made next to encircle the place, looking in windows for anything. They found nothing else. Back at the front they talked and had the idea of leading a sheep (or something like that) in and the see what happened. Encrinus knew a local shepherd family and we followed the Halfling to go purchase a sheep.

They purchased one with a twisted leg for a fraction of a price and came back to the Griffanus home. The sheep grew quiet once on the property and we led it up to the front door. From here we coaxed it to step inside a few paces where it suddenly grew still and quiescent. Erd couldn’t do it, he turned away, feeling terrible. Tranis used the flat of his sword to spur the sheep into the house. It went in, standing there unmoving just inside the front door. Slowly groaning and standing there. The group asked Curufin to give the sheep a nudge. He did so, using his pole – giving it a poke.

And the sheep fell over and died.

We were stunned, looking at the dead sheep.

Erd wrote on the porch in chalk, “warning, do not enter,” and then the group left, returning to the Mane and Tail Tavern in Heatherfield.

We all met up together with Flimflam and Marcus where we shared what we learned and they did the same.

We wanted some people to stay behind and talk to Liscinia, as well as people to go to the Carayn Merchanthouse and try to borrow the sword if they have it. The others in the group would be going to Dairymeade to convince the bandits to come back. Tranis, Steiner, and Encrinus were staying – Flim, Marcus, Erd, Geld, and Curufin were tripping to Dairymeade.

The set off just after lunch and travelled all day, evening, and most of the night, arriving at the village just past the midnight hour. The gate guard informed the party that indeed the bandit group were here (not identified as bandits of course) and at the Laughing Cow Inn. They have been spending money like crazy as well as eating tons of cheese.

We went to the inn and made our way to the bandit leader, Castus Woodwalker and shared a beer and laugh with him. We then went with them to a quiet corner and talked about why we were here. Long and short of it? They didn’t like the deal. There was talk or just going to Gul or Argosility, or Sarscaty and just blending in and never being seen again. They felt that that might be a deadly thing. However, we did talk for a while and convinced them that we needed their help and ultimately, it would be good for them and us.

Castus agreed to helping out – but not all of his men would be going into the “dungeon”, the archers and lesser fighters would be waiting outside to support and watch for Castus and his people to get out. And they get a share of the treasure, and first 4 choices of anything “interesting” found. We agreed and after settling the deal with a handshake, went to turn in, knowing we would be leaving after we awoke tomorrow.

Meanwhile Tranis and his group went to talk to the Carayn family to see if the sword was available for “borrow”. The Carayn family are an old and noble family with landholdings and business interests everywhere. They have tons of money so cannot be bought. Devout followers of Zeus, they cannot be swayed either. The family has been here for 7 generations. The Patriarch Julian has a number of children and grandchild, however his eldest son, Roscoe, is next in line. The two of them have a loving relationship, but it is no mystery that the Patriarch was in failing health and would be dying soon.

They kept the party waiting for a bit until they met with them. We tried to explain why we were there but the Carayn’s didn’t understand. Tranis tried to explain about the demon monkeys but all they got from it was that they would not be upstaged and would get demon gorillas for their party next time. We then tried to explain faster but it was dwarf and necromancer and “McCallister! Get this pipe out of here it’s affecting my father’s emphysema”.

We eventually got around to the silvered sword and the Carayn’s were cagey as to its existence. It took some back and forth and got to the point that it’s a legacy. Everyone had heard of the story of the dead vampire some generations back – but the Carayn family hasn’t had anything like that except for money recently. That then led to possibly getting something in town named for the Carayn family. The group made it his business to let the Carayn’s valet, guardsmen, and help learn about the “undead horde” and that they would need the Daystar of Zeus. Just enough to cause some dissent as they left.

We then left to sit with Lord Keyser to ask about getting his help in this matter. Lord Gelus Kayser was loathe to help but agreed to having the name of the marketplace renamed the Carayn Marketplace. However, while drawing up the contract, he made it very verbose and purposely misspelled the Carayn name to Carrion, his scribe laughing as they did it.

They then returned to the Carayn family where Julian Carayn was pleased to hear about this (Roscoe not so much, threatening to burn the pages at one point). His scribes went to read the contract but they either missed or ignored the section where it was misspelled in regards to the family name. It was only when Julian himself gave it a look over that he noted the mistake. He corrected it quietly, silently pissed at Lord Keyser and his own scribes. Roscoe went to get the sword.

The deal was done, sword in Tranis’ hand (he felt it was a “good” fit to his hand) and we left, heading back to the tavern for now and then going to go talk to Liscinia about wooing her back into helping us.

Ok – all caught up! We are on tomorrow the 21st, so see you all then.

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