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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meet 56, Adv 3.5, 2/8/14


In this meeting, our group fell victim to it. Through a series of mysterious strange rolls and random happenstance, we had one character have the benefit of finding a set of Elven Chainmail +2, Bracers of Defense +2, and a Ring of Protection +1. Coupled with the party's dismissal and often-times disdain - there was little interest in sharing and what happened was a "you vs me" mentality after some period of time.

And then it came down to role-playing. It was a terrific role-playing period at the table - but a shitty friends around the table moment.

One character brutally murdered another character in his sleep and then absconded with his found magical gear after leaving a false trail for the group to follow.

It literally brought the game to a stop and almost 2 hours of discussion followed. @ the time of this writing 3 weeks later in real time - it's still not fully resolved and put to bed for the players in question. We've had some shake-up at the table and new characters are flowing fast and furious. Stay tuned to follow along!

Write up follows:

Fist’al expressed his unhappiness with the group over being left for dead and the party countered with that they could not find him and they sacrificed some of their magic to get him back. It was a tense night, with most of the pointed glares running between Fist’al and Fergus.

Later that night, Fist’al had an opportunity to talk with Flimflam and express to him the concerns he has on turning over/mentioning the elven chainmail to the Baron. It is a singular piece that if turned over to Baron Taugis, would be worth such funds that we could not ever have the opportunity to claim for ourselves. Fist’al tried to get Flimflam to understand this point and even if we don’t “keep it”, at least don’t mention it for a few days so he could write to his family and attempt to get them to purchase it.

The two of them talked at length until Fist’al seemed comfortable that Flimflam would be seriously contemplating his request, even going so far as to add, “and don’t let the paladin sway you otherwise.” After this, past 11 PM, the group settled to sleep.

During the night a herd of wild horses came within range of the camp, but Marcus who was on watch, let them go and the rest of night passed without issue. We awoke the following day, bandages were changed, splints removed, and healing dispensed. We ate and then saddled up and moved on. It was obvious to us now that Mahr’s Tower had moved during our stay there as the hills we were in were not the same we had ridden in earlier. In fact it took us over 6 hours to get back to an area that we recognized and then the remainder of the day to come to Shakun.

We were surprised and blessed to come upon a small scattering of shaggy short horn wild cattle and with some effort, gathered the 10 cattle together and were able to bring them to Shakun as well. It was Workmonth the 4th, 9:30 PM when we finally came through the gates. We went to Exotic Transportation and set about a deal with Eherego on stabling the cattle for a few days until we could arrange sale/turn over to the town. The agreed upon price was 1 cow to stable the other 9 for 4 or 5 days, and said cow would be used to offset his spiraling food costs on the griffons he had and was training.

We then went to the Pixie Down Inn and drank, ate, and relaxed until almost midnight where we went back to the Hall of Heores and rested.

We awoke on the 5th of Workmonth @ 9 AM and broke our fast before going about our possible missions of the day, knowing the 1st was going to be taking a trip to see the Baron and filling him in on what we’ve found and possible abatement of our loan and spiraling costs. Fist’al was going to the Aviary and would be back in a few after sending out letter to his parents about the armor and after he was gone, the group talked intently about what was going to happen, settling on telling the Baron everything – even though we knew it would seriously upset Fist’al.

Fist’al took a long time to return which concerned the group and two of them took a trip to the aviary and eventually Pelis the Rugmerchant’s, always seemingly a few steps behind Fist’al – who had come back to the Hall with some skewered lamb on a stick and knowledge that some merchant family was going to invest in Sern’s General store and take it over.

And then, once the two other members had returned, we filled Fist’al in on our plan to come clean and complete to Baron Taugis which drove the elf absolutely furious. He was incensed and upset and incredulous – at one point flat out asking Flimflam if it was Fergus who had ultimately changed his mind. When no one denied or gainsayed it, he grew wroth and clammed up – following the group to Castle Canastal and the Baron.

We told Baron Taugis of everything found, which pleased the Baron who announced he would send for a tower mage/appraiser from Gul or Argosility to come and give us a true value for some of the treasures found. Then sale (or purchase) would follow and eventually funds would be dispensed. Appraised wouldn’t be here for at least 4 days or so – which placated Fist’al (seemingly) that he would have enough time to get an answer from his family on the missive he sent.

From here we spent the remainder of the day cleaning up, taking care of what items we would hope to sell/trade, and talking about or next step. Going back to Mahr’s Tower was seen as dangerous (the mage was awake, and appeared to be more powerful than we were willing to chance) so we were going to take a few days off, talk to the appraiser, and decide then what would be next. Fergus worked on a birdhouse, and Flimflam went out, finding a wild raven he could charm and befriend – adding it to his menagerie.

Not trusting Fist’al’s reticence and silence, Marcus attempted to cast an ESP spell on the thief, but his thoughts were almost entirely about how he disliked Fergus and derided him constantly in his thoughts. The group went to sleep, our angry elven scout going first, and we would see what the morrow would bring.

And unknowing to them at this time – it was going to bring blood, betrayal, and death.

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