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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meet 47, Adv 3, 10/5/13

This marked the "resting" point for this adventure and although it was likely the party would reach here, it was not a given that it would happen. The group had learned before of the Sperthik Homestead and some of the strange youths that had been staying there. They could have disturbed the gathering there before this time and altered the plan.
As it was, they did get some wind, and made some changes so that the adventure, as written, was inexoriably changed since the youths did not “do their damage” and leave as expected, but were stopped in town and at the gates – meaning the rest of this adventure is going to be dramatically different since there are less youths around to partake in mischief.
Write up follows:
We rested well and awoke early on Firemonth the 13th, with the intentions of going to maybe visit Mahr’s Tower as it was a location that the destructive youths had used before. However, @ 7:30 Lirea came to visit with some news. It seems that a number of Brandone’s former friends and acquaintances had been gathering @ the Sperthik Homestead and were planning something big in town today, against not only the Marshal and his deputies, but also the watch, and the Adventuring group. She only just managed to escape them and came back here immediately to let us know what was going on.
We sent her home immediately and then separated to inform and warn the people of Shakun. Geld was sent to fill up water barrels and buckets from the main well in Town Square. Mummus went to Captain Thragrial, Fist’al went to Marshall Westwinter, and Marcus to Baron Taugis. Once everyone was given a heads up we reconvened @ the Hall of Heroes to prepare.
Unfortunately, some things had been occurring. A few youths were found near Northgate with some pots of oil. A number of citizenry were growing concerned with Geld’s water gathering and a large number of them were crowding the well, also hoping to get some what seemed to be much needed water.
Flimflam, Auri, and Mummus were @ the well with Geld, trying to calm the people down and get our own buckets back to the Hall. Marcus, Fergus, and Fist’al were at the Hall, battening down the windows and fortifying the place.
And then what seemed to be a hay cart was wheeled in front of the Hall’s front door and torched. Other youths tried to bust in the shutters, but Fergus’ locks were holding and no one could get in. In the streets, we could hear some smashing and breaking sounds to the south and east of us, and a large number of youths were charging the crowd around the well with clubs and truncheons, trying to scatter them. Our party tried to push their way west ward, to the side of the crowd and hoped to circle back to the Hall.
Fergus pulled one of the windows open and got into a conflict with a few of the youth’s there, shield up and ready trident flashing. A lit pot was tossed in to the house but Fist’al was able to smother it. Meanwhile @ the front door, Marcus climbed to the 2nd floor and peered out the shuttered window. He could see the hay cart and there were 4 youth standing around it, pitchforks showing the flaming hay back up into the cart when it threatened to spill out. He concentrated on the cart and cast Affect Normal Fires, shrinking the fire down in size – and after the youths got closer, he then doubled it past its original dimension – engulfing the 4 of them and burning 3 of them almost to death, the 4th terribly wounded. He concentrated on the cart after that, keeping the fire low to prevent damage to the Hall.
The rest of the party had managed to escape the press of bodies and was picking their way around the gallows, making it to the Militia. It was here that they were able to get a 5 count of the militia men to join them and they raced across Main Street, hoping to move the buring cart out of the way. A few youths broke away from the main pack to intercept, but angry 17 year old wild-eyed farmers were no match for armored and prepared militia men, and one by one, the youths were neutralized.
Fergus was holding the window against the rioters outside and Fist’al was able to finally help out with some well place bow use. Outside the hall, the militia men and party regrouped and charged towards the Hall to shove the burning cart out of the way. Down the block a couple of more youths arrived, these with bows and they proceeded to pepper the area with arrows. Somewhere else in town we heard more crashing and smoke was rising into the sky north as well as east of us.
Fergus leapt out the window once the last local youth was neutralized and charged the two men with bows, laying into them until the battle was over.
At the end of the day, the damages were calculated. 8 townsfolk dead, over 60 wounded, militia forces reduced by 17. 92 youths had taken part in the riots, 5 of which had died during the conflict and another 26 wounded. The Hall of Heroes was lightly burned along the north way, Ungoth’s Distillery was ransacked, the Four Rings Brothel was compromised, Town Hall had some fire and glass damage, Sern’s General Store was trashed, Maltok’s Bowyer and Fletchery was in bad shape. It was going to take over 2 weeks to fix the damage and over 300 crows to repair just the torn up cobbles, roves, doors, windows, walls, and other structural problems. This doesn’t count the thousands and thousands of crowns of damaged, burned, or broken wares that were lost during the day.
A meeting was held @ the end of the day with all the movers and shakers in Shakun, the party was invited, where a curfew was established of 6:30 to anyone under the age of 21. There was talk of going after the families of the youths for recompense to the town but it was not ratified. We then talked about having 20 of the Royal Dragoons come out here from Argos to help patrol and keep the peace, but learned that it would cost Shakun well over 1,000 crows for this – money the town just does not have.
We need a windfall and a way to “end this perversion once and for all and bring those who glorify it to justice @ the end of the rope.”
Finally it was decided that the party would be commissioned to “seek out any treasures and long forgotten dungeons that litter the countryside” and bring back the fortunes they find. Baron Taugis would handle the party’s training for this go ‘round and they would be responsible to return 50% of the found bounty back to Shakun in the interests of repairing and replacing the needed infrastructure about the city.

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