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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Meet 13, Adv 1, 10/6/12

I have always loved Owlbears. As a monster - it is pretty stupid - I mean a bear - but with owl parts. But when you take a big assed bear and throw it at the group and make no pretense that it s a god damned monster and you better be either running of missile firing at it because the bastard is TOUGH. Plus, I use the ubiquitous "HROOO-HAAA" noise for the owlbear's cry (cribbed very much from the Goblins! comic) and in my mind, there are a terrible danger.

The group is still floundering a bit, but this wraps up the bandit piece for now. I need to guide them more on where to go and what to do next. I tried the sandbox - tons of stuff to do and go to idea but the party does not respond well to it. My bad, I tried it out. The only piece left for now (before a long rest/training time) is a short raid into a goblin cave nearby and get some info on the goblin water.

Adventure 2 (electric boogaloo) will have more rails and guide posts along the way to keep them in place and feel like they are getting something done.

Write up follows:

It was 12:15 on Plantmonth the 17th and the group was trudging their way back through the forest westward to where they had originally crossed as well as to pick up Flimflam’s pony that had been left there. During the walk we talked about our charges (4 camp women and the 6 bandits that we had captured) and what our next course should be.
It was agreed upon that since we had momentum, we should direct it at the leader and 2nd (Marganith and Betelmis the druid). We knew they were headed to Shakun to meet us and attempt to arrange a transfer of funds for the prisoners. We had learned they had horses and did some quick math. If they left shortly after our failed original attempt on the bandit camp, got to Shakun, stayed overnight, and left the next day – they would be back at the bandit camp around midday on the 18th.
We opted to intercept them before they got back and use our overwhelming numbers and surprise to take them down. What we couldn’t do was achieve this while towing 6 tied up bandits and the 4 camp women with us. We would need to go someplace first.
The party decided to split up: Fergus and Chase would head to the Roaring Treant where they would rest the night and watch the comings and goings of the people there and try to get a bead on the bandit leaders first. The rest of the party would head to Timberton where they would bring the bandits to the local magistrate for incarceration, drop off the women at the Hospice, and then turn back around immediately. We agreed to meet up at the woodcutters cottage that we had stayed at some days ago assuming it was still not being used.
We crossed the ravine and split up, the majority of the party heading east-southeast through the trees, the line of roped together bandits taking up the rearmost position in the group. We were chatting and not paying much mind until we heard, “WHHRRROOO-HAAAA!” in the nearby distance. What the hell? We all looked at Flimflam who assured us that although it sounded like it, it was not a normal animal and we should move with haste. Now.
We picked up the pace and ran on as we noticed in the distance to the north shadows moving about. They parted to reveal not one, but two 9’ tall bristling brown feathered monstrous ursine apparitions. “Owlbears!”was the cry and we ran on faster. The owlbears swiftly kept pace and then began to overtake us. The bandits were yelling for help but we did not stop. Eventually they fell upon the bandits and killed 2 of them. The ropes had been split, one bandit was running free, two were tied together still, and the last was still tied to the 2 dead ones.
But the owlbears ran on again! Flimflam called out to Demeter and the forest squirmed around the ursines, slowing them both down as it entangled them and eventually stopping one. The 2nd though was furious, made more so when Marcus and Fist’al sent a few arrows its way. It charged and we ran some more as the ursine tackled the two bound bandits and took them down.
The owlbears no longer seemingly following us the lone bandit then jogged to the left and tried to lose himself in the woods! Again arrows flew and he was hit hard and fell before more than 2 dozen paces. We bound him again and angry eventually made the road. We now had 4 terrified women with us, 1 very wounded bandit, Tempi and Enthir both barely alive, and the rest of us winded. We walked long on our dwindling supplies until we reached Timberton before the 9 PM curfew and gate closing.
We went to the magistrate and turned over the bandit and were then directed to the Hospice where we tended to some of our hurts and arranged some potions of rejuvenation for Tempi and Enthir. From there we went to the stablery, haggled for a bit on the price of a cart and horse, and then mounted up and road out of Timberton BACK towards the road and eventually the woodcutters cottage some 6 hours away.
Meanwhile Chase and Fergus arrived back at the road with no issue and then at the Roaring Treant by 2:30 PM. From there they procured sleeping arrangements at the Common Room and sat down for a good meal. Some walking about the grounds, visited the stabler and farrier, and took a good view of who was there rounded out the rest of the day. The two men took turns sitting outside and watching the road, hoping to catch sight of anyone who might be passing through and not stopping. About the only people of interest were a trio of travelers who came in about 11. The ate swiftly and two went to sleep in the Common Room while one was sitting up and reading.
Through conversation it was learned that his name was Glaris and he and his two friends were from Waterdale and looking for hireling work. Hoping to hook up with the Shakun Adventuring group they were dismayed to seem them not there. With little coin in their pouches they decided to head on to Timberton to get on a spring logging crew as it was something they all new well, and then eventually get back to the adventuring group in the fall and try again.
As for the other party members, there was a moment of terror on the road when they came up a wild boar but other than that they trundled along until arriving at the woodcutters hut at 3:30 in the morning where the elves took over watch and the rest of the party went to sleep.
Fergus and Chase awoke by 6, ate a fast meal of sausage and warm bread and were on the road, eventually finding the woodcutter’s cottage by 7:30 where the party all rejoined and we shared stories with what had occurred to date.
By 10:30 we had all rested well and a plan was devised. Chase and Fist’al would brace the 40’ wide road on opposite sides and well hidden. With arrows at the ready they would provide the initial attack which would be followed by a concentrated assault of Marcus and Enthir using Sleep spells, Flimflam and a his druidic powers , and finally Whosea, Tempi, and Fergus providing the needed melee assault should need arise.
Fist’al arranged a blind on the roof of the cottage, the thatch more than supportive enough for him. Meanwhile Chase used the cover of logs and vines to arrange a place for himself across the road. And then we waited. Other travelers did pass through now and again, some on horseback, but it wasn’t until sometime closer to 3 PM that we spied our probable targets.
Two men, riding swiftly from the west, clad in leather armor and showing some signs of long travel. Their descriptions matched what we had learned of Margarith and Betelmis and it was al some 30 paces or so that Chase fired at them, actually striking one of the riding men. He was pissed and Chase made believe that he was a bandit. The leader was chastising him for his stupidity as they rode closer.
Flimflam tried an entangle spell but they were too far from the actual side of the road. It alarmed them and then the two sleep spells went off – dropping the two men, their horses, and even the 45# very terrifying possum that as accompanying the druid. The group them went across and captured the two sleeping men. Gags and fingerlocks and binding ropes were the norm. The possum was slain. We took their gear, bags, belongings, and then marched them towards Timberton.
We arrived at 8:30 that evening, turned them over to the magistrate, got paid and some thanks, and then went off to the Flying Pegasus Inn to get some rest.

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