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Friday, July 27, 2012

Meet 6, Adv 1, 7/7/12

There was some more skulduggery as the group was learning how to be a group together, and another low level adventure hook dangled at them. It has been difficult to get them to leave the town and the surrounding environs but I think I should get them on the road and to a local adventure very soon. Assuming they stop dividing up into 3's and 4's.

Write up follows:

We returned to Shakun with Lirea in tow, returned the cart and horse to Zarik Ikarsbane, and split up. Again.

Fist’al took Lirea back to his place after stopping for a little food, where he proceeded to enjoy Lirea carnally for the rest of the evening. Multiple times.

As for the dog house @ Flimflam’s, it looked pretty decent. The gnome went to visit Eherego @ Exotic Transportation and paid him for his work and then took Whosea home and chained him up in the backyard.

We were offered another job, this time escorting the stabler and two of his boys on a trip to Ferron. Would be leaving on the 8th. Pay was 2 nobles per day per member who came with a 5 noble bonus for every bandit they encountered that the group would stop and capture for justice. It would be a 4-5 day trip and would be leaving on the 8th. We talked about it and said we would seriously consider it come that time.

Meanwhile Ironboar a few others went back to the Tanners and rooted around the place looking for anything of value that had been there. It took some time but a couple of flensing knives, a poor sloping 5’ drying and stretching rack, and a bloodletting bucket netted out their findings as far as leatherworking gear was concerned. They did also discover a small cask which Ironboar proceeded to pop open and drink from – and he announced, “This is some serious piss-shit beer.” Then he took a swallow and added, “It’s pretty good!” Outside of Tempi, no one else took him up on tasting it.

There was a room with a strange feeling in it, a few skeletal remains on the floor, and some of the items began to shake and the door slammed closed on its own. Ironboar charged the door and burst it open – the wrong way – blowing the door off its hinges. The strange feeling ended and the gnome proceeded to kick all the skeletons apart for good measure.

As an aside he did dig through the vagrant’s abandoned clothing and took a pair of pants and a shirt, put them on, and then hacked off the ends that stuck past his ankles and wrists. Gnome barbarian fitting in. They took their treasures with them back to the Waywocket home where they stored them in the upstairs bedroom. Then they went to the Rhyback home and had a short meal with Tempi’s mom.

Meanwhile Flimflam and Enthir went to the Broman home and went to look at and for the dead dog that Enthir told the leader about – along with the concerns that the dog looked like Whosea and had a number of wounds like Ironboar had done to Brandone. Flimflam wanted to put the dog to rest so they dug a grave near the back of the place by the ruined hedge and then buried it. After that he used his power from Demeter and caused a section of the garden (including the hedge) to grow and thicken, filling in and helping to cover the dog’s grave.

By this time Device had finished at the temple grounds and wasn’t sure where to go so he went to the Waywocket home. It was locked and no one was there. So he went around back to try and get in and while looking he heard a growl. And there was Whosea, in his house, with a chain around his neck and angry. He made to lunge and Device held his ground. He was bit, scratched, chewed and battered before he finally broke and ran, covered in dog bites and limping badly. Hurt, the cleric limped home and figured he would just rest.

He met his father there and Derrick Rhyback wanted to know why he was here and what happened. Device sort of lied to his father about a wild dog attack and yes he did win. No he did not have the carcass (mom had made Cat Stew earlier today). All he wanted was to eat, strip off his clothes, and go to sleep.

The party rested and the next day we had some errands to run and things to do. We sped through it and learned:

  • The herbalist was sure there was rose and galangal and maybe blood in the goblinwater potion and would let us know for sure in the next day or two.
  • We met with the Dormanger family and tried to get Verim and Lirea the change to talk. Orin wanted nothing to do with Lirea and wanted her to stay away. Lirea was going to ask Verim to accompany her to the tower with the party as he was handy, she liked him, and he knew of Brandone and the others. Orin tentatively agreed to it until Ironboar and he got into a verbal altercation and it came close to blows. As Ironboar said, “I’m trying to shut my mouth, but they keep talking to me!”
  • As far as Ironboar was concerned, he only mentioned his time in the field 6 times. He must have been tired.
  • We all agreed to gear up and get good rest and be ready for leaving in the morning – meeting with the Dormangers and a few others around 8 AM. It was 3 hours or so to the tower according to Lirea.

As the meeting ended we had two instances where the 4th wall was shattered – one was Marcus who had already lied to the party about the killing of the dog and refused to come clean about it who uttered, “This party lies so much that I am the most honest one here.”

The other was Ironboar’s controlled, Matt, who upon being lambasted by at least 2 of the party members for another Ironboar-ism and problem making moment, exclaimed, “It’s Ironboar! I can’t control him!”

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