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Monday, May 14, 2012

New Campaign - The Players

When it came time for character creation I had gone back to a more original way of deciding who would be playing what.

They were allowed to roll two sets of 7 numbers derived at 4 D6 dropping the lowest. The order of the rolls was the order of the stats: Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Con, Cha, Com (yes, I play with comeliness). Normally I would have let the players arrange whichever set of 7 they like in whatever order they want. Not this time.

We ended with with people at the table playing things that are a bit outside their baliwick but I think in the long run will result in a better game for everyone.

Our group looks like:

Gnomish Barbarian
Gnomish Druid to Demeter (actually the father of the above barbarian)
Half Orc Cleric to Athena
Half Orc Fighter (actually the younger brother of the above cleric)
Grey Elven Wizard (with a strength of 4 and a constitution of 6!)
High Elven Fighter/Wizard (with a mighty 5 hit points)
Wood Elven Thief.

The druid is ostensibly the party leader for now but the group knows that this is temporary and can change should they find the need or want to.

Also, we got rid of personal initiative and went back to the roots - Roll D6, highest group reacts first. The initiative round is broken down into: Flee, Missile Fire (and positioning), Long/2 Handed Weapons (and positioning), Melee Weapons/Spells (and positioning). This also meant I went back to what I had used for years - if you're a wizard or cleric, make sure no one has a bead on you or you will not be casting any spells.

Cash rolled was sort of light and some of the party members had to balance what they could buy, a few of them settling on a single weapon or downgrading armor where need be.

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Matt Celis said...

4d6 seems like a big enough break without letting scores be assigned per taste, so who could complain?