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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meet 156, Adv 13, 1/21/12

This was the party's first encounter with a giant - something which I think is just to the north of their ability to handle. It was a singular frost giant and he had a 4 count of archers with him to help him out. Plus the battle started with very few of us in melee range. As expected the conflict did not go well for the group - the giant able to dish out tremendous damage.

He did turn a retreat at half damage and stayed behind his walls while the group debated their next action.

Write up follows:

When it came time to leave, the party had some concerns and before you knew it, the decision was made to stay in Caroon with the Dritka for the next unforeseen number of days. During that time we had Mebali work on a sled for us to drag as well as a number of travois for us to drag behind us. The weather stayed cold with little new snow, but the wind was an almost constant.

A small expedition of us went back towards the original battle site, dismayed to find only bloody snow and no sign of the Grylians that we had fought there. We were very close to Njor citadel and decided to leave the area for now to avoid alerting them to our presence.

As for wood, we had made many trips to the Dritka Woods with the locals where we found not only more than enough wood for our needs, but a curious situation regarding the local animals. We thought about hunting and a few rabbits just came up to us – and stayed there as we killed them. This happened well over a dozen times until even a deer or two showed up. Very odd!

At that point Norris went venturing deeper into the wood where he had the sudden desire to drop to his knees and become food for a tiger. What the hell? He shook himself free of the effect and ran back to us where we all gathered what we could and headed back to Caroon.

It wasn’t until Detheron and Smokey had chanced into the woods later that the same thing happened – except with a Speak with Animal spell going, Detheron was able to hear all the deer and rabbit talk about “How it’s just my time to die, you know? I should just go to this bear here and let him kill me.” After the bear had gorged himself on the local we gathered up the bodies and headed back to the stone township.

Mebali worked on the sled while Draugmore and Norris made a decent fire pit and smoke house – smoking as much of the meat as he could on drying racks so we would have meat to last us for a while. Detheron did chance a trip into the wood where he was able to use his spells to find the tiger and befriend it.

We continued to avoid trading for sex with the more than willing Dritka.

It was after 3 days or so that we considered us ready and left Caroon, sled behind us being pulled by Smokey. It took about 5 hours to return to the spot and from there we marched onward to the woods and crept closer to the citadel.

Decisions were made and we left the sled and traveled as a group towards the citadel. There was a snow falling and Detheron called to Frey for a call lightning spell, tacking them on one after another in readiness for when we arrived there.

There were 4 Grylians manning the giant walls of the citadel and at about 150’ away, a 15’ tall frost giant strode out. He identified himself as Njor, and wanted to remind the group to back to the Dritka area. Ne noted who we were and our belongings and quickly surmised we were to ones who killed the Grylians. We were told that this was going to be passed on or had been passed on to other Grylians who took their anger out on Dritka in some nearby city.

Conversation broke down fast and the frost giant made the snow under Gwyn shake, lift him up, and like a wave, bring the dwarf towards him in a rippling mountain of snow. The Grylians on the wall fired their uncanny long bows at us and Aleron returned fire. Guyus mounted up on his horse and chased after the flying Gwyn. And then Detheron made the lightning bolts crash down from the sky, one after another. Grylians on the wall were charred and burned while the rest of the party ran forward.

Spells flared and the giant’s mighty axe was devastating as it hew both Guyus and Gwyn. The two fighters returned as best they could. Norris and Thurin both called upon some magic missile spells and stood over Detheron with all their doubles to protect the druid as he stroked the citadel with Frey borne bolts of lightning.

It was dicey for Gwyn and Guyus until Smokey the 12’ tall grizzly finally arrived at the battle line. The bear and the giant hit each other like titans the giant getting the lesser end of the exchange. Eventually the frost giant turned and ran back towards the citadel where the last Grylian on the wall released the portcullis and the rough bars crashed down.

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