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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Addon, Adv 7, Sakath Letter

The party snuck into the chamber the current gnoll leader, Sakath, was using as a place of operations. It was a former dwarven throne room and through a series of fortunate lucks, the place was momentarily abandoned. Amongst what little was still here, the found a scroll case right next to the throne, inside which was a document regarding the gnoll's presence down here and perhaps a clue or two.

The letter they discovered follows (for intents and purposes, the letter is roughly 3 years old by the time the party reads it):

Sakath Slavertongue

The compact has not been met – so return home is denied. This is not a matter for discussion or bargaining anymore.

Frankly your tribe has been long suspected of being deserters during the Greatwar as there was not one report of any successes or battles where the Slavertongue Gnolls we present.

64,235 talons. As we discussed, don’t care if it’s gold, artifacts, raw goods, or anything – you don’t pay, you don’t cross the mountains.

In honor of your odd request, the Ogrelords are willing to help your tribe meet your requirements. Raven’s Perch Demesne is iron poor. If you can supply the goods as requested in the time frame allotted, then we will arrange payment of the Compact with your smith Shengdu’s work.

We have had little contact with Kashtir Bristlestone, finding the Duergar to be pompous, arrogant, and too crazed and chaotic for our liking. But he and his clanmates are willing to act as intermediaries between us and yourselves.

Do not tell him or his clanmates much if anything as we feel and fear that the Duergar’s allegiances and even their minds are captured by forces and beings most foul. Even the long departed dwarves who lived in the mines centuries ago had the foresight to flee the darker places of the world and keep their beards and brows out from whatever menaces lived in the black holes of the earth.

The Ogrelords are willing to open a portal between Raven’s Perch and the hall the Duergar call Wodenvarelse as it has been scryed and pictured many times. Your entire clan will be sent there to that spot for a period of four years. There are some indigenous slave races that infest the ancient dwarven tunnels, you are entitled to either impress them or slay them as you see fit.

We shall visit upon you once every nine months to check on you and your progress and catalog what you have accomplished. You will be responsible for whatever food, clothing, or tools you are going to need so you should make those arrangements first – but make no mistake, you will make good on the Compact or it will spell doom for not only your own clan, but your extended clan still on this side of Raven’s Perch.

Be here at Midsummer’s gathering with your clan and I will see to it that you are portaled to the dwarven mines. Do not dare to not be here.

Kiroc Ravensbane
Airmonth, 172, 30th Age

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