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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Addon, Adv 6, Odin Clue

The party uncovered a clue written in dwarven runes in the Temple to Odin - which the druid and mage then spent some time deciphering.

It was some sort of poem and from what the party understood - talked about the 11' tall golden hammer in the Thaneroom that guarded the Runekey.

Discovered Poem follows:

Hammers fall and forges thrum
Our tireless work is gladly done
Anvils sing to every clan
Our hearts rejoice to join the band

Every father, sister, brother,
Cousin, nephew, niece and mother
Holds true the bond without complain
To Hearth, Family, Clan, and Thane.

The final doors we seal behind
Until the Norns decide that we in time
Shall return to our ancestral halls
And live once more within these walls.

Barriers bound with Dethek runes
Shall keep hallowed the untouched rooms.
The Thane himself shall seal the portals
Warded strong by the immortals.

A guard upon the key to door
Manifested gift and will of Thor
Only the symbol that gave it power
Can sooth the hammer in this hour.

The final act of Father’s will
He lay in repose with symbol still.
On his breast there simply be
The single lock to get the key.

Not Odin’s will not Heimdall’s fury
Can change this edict or slow or hurry
The last locks that we leave behind
For our unborn kith and kine.

Prelate Garthan Hammerhand
Priest of Odin

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